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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Shawn Rants on Saggin Pants

I was doing some shopping in my neighborhood when I saw a young kid with sagging pants not just any ordinary sagging pants, the waistband of these pants were almost on his knees. And on top of it he had his red boxer briefs showing.

The pants were so low I could see the fly of his underwear.

This wasn’t a fashion statement. It was just disturbing.

Now sagging isn’t a new thing. I’ve seen guys wearing pants like this way back when I was in Park West High School back in 1988. Back then it was the drug dealers and the wanna be bad boys (simps) who had their pants hanging off their butts with no belt. Trying to be cool, trying to get the attention of some girl.

I thought they were lame then, and I still think guys who wear their pants like this are lame now.

But lately dudes are taking it to an extreme. Young men exposing their entire buttocks to the world. Or like the young man, I saw waiting for a bus, showing his butt and the print of his penis for all to see.

Like the guys in my day, these guys think they’re cool. They think they’re impressing the ladies.

All they’re doing is embarrassing themselves. Sacrificing their dignity in a vain attempt to get the attention of people who could give less than a crap about them. Giving their power away.

What these poor boys don’t understand is that the Sagging pant is not rooted in hip-hop. It’s not rooted in Thug culture.

It’s rooted in prison.

In fact, it’s a statement to other prisoners that a man is gay.

And that he’s available for sex. Those sagging pants mean there’s easy access to his anus. That they can get a quick buttfuck in a hall or a corner of the prison. That he’s on one of the lowest rungs in the prison food chain. A weak dude passed around from man to man.

But Madison Avenue and Hollywood tell young Black males who don’t know any better that saggin pants down to their thighs and showing their underwear is stylish. That it’s cool. They dress up all the rappers and sports stars like this. They tell these poor boys that it’s the in thing to do.

It’s all part of an insidious plan to brainwash young Black men into adopting effeminate behavior. To strip a Black man of his maleness and his manhood. To take away his dignity and self-respect. To heterosexualize homosexual behavior.

Brothers don’t fall for the game.

Saggin pants doesn’t make you look cool. It doesn’t attract the attention of the ladies.

Most females I hear from on my trips on the train or walking down the block say they’re turned off by guys in sagging pants. Most say they look GAY. Others say that guys who sag their pants look like a CLOWN. To many ladies a guy in sagging pants is a JOKE.

Seriously, what Real Man shows his ass to everyone? And what woman would find a man’s exposed ass cheeks attractive? What’s so sexy about seeing some man’s underwear and his dick hairs? What’s so cool about having the waistband of a pair of pants on the lower part of the thigh?

I’m sorry, but there’s nothing cool looking about sagging pants. They make a man look like a BITCH. Especially when they’re worn with effeminate stuff like low cut Pink T-shirts, beaded braids, baby blue sneakers and big hoop earrings like I’ve seen guys accessorize them with.

Are these guys trying to tell the other homosexual men out there something we don’t know? Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but are they sending a message to all the other homosexual men with these sagging pants?

Or are they a bunch of misguided boys just following a fashion trend not understanding the sexual connotation behind them?

I’m hoping it’s the latter and not the former. Because if it is the former we’re going to have some screwed up men in the future.

Fashion wise Saggin pants are lame. It leaves a bad first impression on people. It says a man is sloppy. That he doesn’t care about himself. That he’s a LOSER.

Brothers, notice how the most powerful men in the world like Barack Obama and Warren Buffet and the owners of all those NBA, NFL and Major League Baseball teams all wear their pants on their waists. Not on their hips, not on their thighs. On their waists. The well-dressed men who radiate power, make decisions and get taken seriously have their pants secured at the top of their waist with a nice leather belt that matches the color of their shoes.

That look has been the iconic image of success for over 100 years. And it’s not going to change any time soon. No matter what trendy crap the hipsters, meterosexuals, the thugs or the hip-hoppers try to shove on the masses.

The serious power players at the table all wear classic style. And they’ll all still be wearing classic style as these guys come and go. Counting their money while those guys are begging for change.

How many fortune 500 CEO’s have the waistband of their pants on their thighs? How many billionaires have their underwear showing out to the world?

Not a single one.

The people who sign the checks of those entertainers and athletes aren’t dressed like this. The people who own the fashion houses that manufacture those sagging pant young brothers pay $300 for aren’t dressed like this. No, they wear tailored suits with pants that fit directly on their waists. They wear leather belts to keep them up. And no one sees their underwear. When they wear their polished suits and ties it leaves a lasting first impression. It makes them take them seriously.

Brothers, the clothes you wear are a reflection of who you are. And a guy who runs around in sagging pants around his knees needs to take a long hard look at himself in the mirror.

Brothers, take back your respect and pull up your pants. When you dress like a fool you get treated like a joke. But when you dress like a man, you get the respect of a man.


  1. Shawn, this has to be one of the most disturbing blogs I've ever read, or ever will read. Your heart aches for these clowns, but it might as well not. I don't see where Madison and others are egging them on. They're only ridiculing too.

    It seems to me the problem is a total lack of self esteem, seld valuation and pride. I think you're yet oo young to realize that these males are deal inside, and so it does not matter what they do or what they wear, or how they handle their bodies. They're not appealing to anybody, just exhibiting a manstrous lack or pride in anything. and having none in themselves, they seek to lay waste to everything around them.

    These males are destroyed. Depend on it, and they will, in time, destroy everything else they come in contact with.

    Whatever your first-rate blogging does to ameliorate this situation, it is a welcome salve.

  2. Sorry, Shawn, I forgot to check after writing. Avenue should follow Madison in the first para.

    In the second para., should be self valuation, and yet too on the first line and "dead" not "deal" on the second line.

    This from one who really gnashes her teeth at typos.

    I think I really got just too carried away with sorrow at the pathetic path these guys have taken.

  3. I have a question when will we start bypassing these young boys with the sagging pants and ask the person who is buying these pants too big in the first place?
    I have seen mothers order their sons to sag their pants because they don't want them to look "white".
    How do you deal with the parent that thinks it's okay to do this? Even with the health risks sagging can and will bring as the boy gets older.

  4. The mothers who think wearing sagginp pants will make their boys look "white" are sad.

    As a Black man who grew up in the South Bronx I can tell you that there's nothing "white"
    about wearing your pants on your waist. I've worn my pants on my waist for 39 years with a belt. Just that these poor Moms have been brainwashed by Madison Avenue, Hollywood to believe that Gay prison culture is hip-hop culture.

    How do you deal with parents who think it's okay to dress like this?
    1) Show them this blog.
    2) Explain to them that there is no race when it comes to clothes. People either dress for success or dress for failure. Fortune 500 CEOs dress for success when they wear suits and ties. Because they show how much they care about themselves and others, they put on their best clothes to leave a lasting impression on them.

    Prisoners dress for failure. Sagging pants are a sign a person has low self esteem, lack of self-confidence and insecurity. As I stated in the blog, only the lowest and weakest male prisoners wore their pants sagging, these were the men who were passed around from man to man.

    Ever since I was a 15 I knew You dressed for what you want to be, not for who you are. Growing up I always wore an ironed shirt and pressed pants to school along with clean shoes. Wearing these clothes helped me do well in school and succeed in life. How you dress is a reflection of who you are and how you feel about yourself.

  5. Shawn,

    As an African-american man myself, I don't care for the 'sagging' pants phenomenon either; but I think we're missing the point of what our youth are trying to tell us.

    African-american youth...and for those who are wondering, I purposely wrote 'america' with a small 'a', are not so much trying to emulate losers and ex-cons by wearing sagging pants, but they're rebelling against european mores that have failed them TIME AND TIME AGAIN.

    When our young people go to european-centered schools that are purposely over-crowded and underfunded, or when they sit in their classrooms and notice that there are 60-70 students to one teacher, or when they have to pass through metal detectors to enter school, or when the school's his-story classes tell them they're nothing, don't you think it's commons sense on their part to reject everything that european culture offers them?

    Older Black folks can be critical, and as a matter of fact, that's all we seem to be with our youth, but the REAL and deeper question is why are older Black people so willing to wear the cloths of their oppressors when these same people have committed the world's greatest atrocities against our kind every day of their lives.

    I understand Black people have to wear tight, restrictive, european clothing to get and keep their jobs, but why don't we ask ourselves why we haven't created our own jobs so we can wear any kind of cloths we want to work. And mind you, our African ancestors and our African contemporaries have always worn loose and free-flowing clothing.

    I also think that parental guidance is THE greatest factor in this, in so much as, there needs to be a parent to tell these kids which attire is appropriate to which occasion.

    In closing, I just wanna' say our children are MUCH smarter than we give them credit for. As a matter of fact, they could teach us a thing or two about how silly our indoctrination to these pale-skinned people is. Especially post-Katrina and post-Trayvon Martin.


    1. When you are constantly looking for reasons out side of yourself for your short comings and blaming other cultures for your problems then you are the problem! With a black man as President and people of color holding powerful positions all over our great country you should expect more of yourself. You'll never go forward playing the poor poor me game! Take responsibility for your actions and expect better from yourself and work on being a gr8 human. We are all the same.

  6. Anonymous:

    I doubt they're rebelling against European Mores. Sagging pants are clearly a part of an insidious plan to emasculate and feminize the Black man.

    They're not rejecting European culture. In fact they haven't been taught any culture by their parents, who are in most cases single mothers who aren't educated themselves. I see these boys every day here in the South Bronx and most times they're emulating the celebrities on TV and in the music videos.

    Not understanding the undertones of the messages in that media are to feminize the image of the Black man and strip him of his male identity. The White supremacists want the White man to appear as the apogee of Manliness. But in order to take away from the Black man's identity, they have to make him appear less than a man. The ultimate goal is to make the Black man into a BITCH.

    And to do that the trend over the last two decade has been feminizing the Black man. Presenting images of Black men in dresses, earrings, wearing braids, sagging pants along with Black women bashing Black men as "No good triflin' Niggas". Promoting culture that is Anti-Black Man and anti-male.

    These aren't the clothes of our oppresors. Sagging pants are the clothes that lead to Black men being oppressed. Any boy or male who wears such attire soon becomes targeted by the police as a criminal.

    Moreover, when a young miseducated Black man wears such attire he is percieved as homosexual. Especially when he wears such accessories like beads and pink T-shirts.

    You make some good points about Black men owning their own businesses. But until we reach that point where we call the shots for ourselves we have to dress for success in America. And American business people don't take boys wearing sagging pants seriously.

    While our children are smart, they need to be educated on the social mores that will allow them to survive in the world. Post-Katrina Trayvon Martin can easily become a society of Emmit Tills if we don't educate our young men to be socialized on how to survive in this country.

  7. Shawn...

    I'd like to clarify the last comment I left on your blog.

    Now, like I said previously, I'm not a fan of the 'sagging' jeans movement; I want to be very clear about the fact that I DON'T like our young men wearing 'sagging' jeans. I DO however like that our young people made 'baggy' jeans fashionable. Reason being is, that whether they realize it or not, they are indeed emulating their African ancestors (and contemporaries) who have always worn loose, free-flowing clothing. THIS is what I meant when I said our youth are indeed rebelling against european mores that have failed them/us. There is a difference between young brothas who wear 'baggy' jeans on their waist's, as opposed to the others who wear 'sagging' jeans; problem is older Black folk can't see the difference or make a distinction because we're so preoccupied with reviling our young people.

    Now, I do realize there is a tremendous campaign underway to feminize and emasculate Black men; and I DO see the 'sagging' jeans phenomenon as a part of that, but sagging jeans were a result of the white elites campaign to co-opt the 'baggy' jeans movement--which was indeed our young people's way of rebelling against the anglophilic mores that have been conditioned into them. Because THEY ARE smart enough to realize that accepting the status quo in this country means that on some level, they had to hate themselves. So make no mistake, they ARE indeed rebelling against european culture, whether their mothers teach it to them or not. We can't help but adopt some european culture being that we're surrounded by it everyday, if for no other reason than it's delivered to us daily through TV.

    Also, make no mistake, tight, restrictive, european suits and skirts ARE the cloths of our oppressors. The people who've been trying in earnest to destroy us ever since they brought us here...yeah, those people. Now I agree with you that until we have the option of employing ourselves and dressing anyway we want, we have to adhere to this dress code; but we should be cognizant of the fact that our decision to conform to that is just as debasing to us older Black folk as 'sagging' jeans are to our youth. Only difference is, we keep dogging out our youth, but we can't see the same problem in ourselves.

    Now when you say any Black boy/male who wears 'sagging' pants will be targeted by police as a criminal, understand, just to be Black and a male/man in this country means you're going to be targeted. Don't take my word for it, ask Harvard professor Henry Louis 'Skip' Gates who was arrested for trying to get into his own house. That man did everything he could trying to convince himself he wasn't Black, and we saw that he got his 'wake up call'. I've been in suits and ties when I was followed around retail stores like a common criminal. I understand we need to put our best foot forward, but don't think that's a cure for this country's bigotry.

    In closing I'll say that you needn't worry about our children being conditioned into anglophilic social mores in order to survive in 'West Hell' (america); somewhere in their travels they'll run into brainwashed Black folk who will happily indoctrinate them into this way of thinking. And if by some miracle that doesn't happen, our youth will surely pick it up themselves; again, our children ARE SMARTER THAN WE THINK.