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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Abortion pills available to NYC High School Kids- WTF?

NYC public High schools are planning on distributing Plan B abortion pills to High school girls. Under the new policy High school girls ages 14 and older can get the Plan B pill without parental consent.

Now contraception has been available at NYC public schools for years. Stuff like condoms.

But this is SICK.

I love how teenage girls can get Plan B abortion pills without parental permission in New York City but they can’t buy a 24 oz soda.

In the eyes of NYC liberals the soda will kill them but the AIDS won’t.

Where are the priorities in New York City?

Damn Liberals.

They strain at a gnat but swallow a camel.

They take the rights from the parent to supervise their children. I thought a child was supposed to be under the authority of their parents until they turn 18.

But in the New York City public school system a child can get birth control pills or abortion pills without the consent of a parent.

Prescription medication.

In the hands of someone without the mental capacity to understand what they’re doing with these drugs or the ramifications of using these drugs on their bodies long-term. A recipe ripe for the abuse of these medications.

I can smell lawsuits in the next 20 years when girls have fibroids, are sterile, or have Ovarian Cancer as a result of their bad decisions regarding the abuse and misuse of these medications.

But The Department of Education says it’s trying to stop teenage pregnancy with this new policy.

Shawn says the New York City Department of Education needs to find another way to stem the Baby Mama epidemic.

This kind of medicine needs to be administered by a professional licensed OB/GYN who has an understanding of how it works. More importantly it needs to be administered by a doctor who has an understanding of an individual girl’s personal pre-existing conditions and medical history.

With all the side effects in adult women from birth control pills, a School Nurse just isn’t qualified enough to administer this medicine to a minor.

Has anyone at the New York City Department of Education thought of what would happen if a child had an adverse reaction to these birth control pills or Plan B?

Again, this is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Many at the New York City Department of Education forget to realize these are CHILDREN. They have big bodies but small brains. Yes, 14-year old is sexual. They’re a bunch of hormones and emotions. Curious and anxious about all the changes transpiring in their bodies.

But let’s understand they’re just beginning to explore their sexuality.

And no one government shouldn’t be promoting minors having sex. I thought that was against the law anyway. Statutory Rape.

Teenagers lack the cognitive capacity to understand the decisions they’re making with their bodies. Moreover, they lack the cognitive capacity to realize the ramifications of their actions long-term. Especially with contraceptive medicines like birth control pills and Plan B.

Again isn’t that why we have those statutory rape laws? Because Minors aren’t mentally or emotionally ready to handle all the responsibilities regarding acts of sexual intercourse?

Hell, there are some adults who can’t handle the responsibilities regarding acts of sexual intercourse.

But too many buy into the hype of social engineering. The messages from Madison Avenue and Hollywood that tell us kids have sex. And there’s nothing we can do about it.

Here’s the truth: Most 14 years old teenagers aren’t ready for sex. Most 16 year old teens aren’t ready for sex. Even some 18-year olds aren’t ready for sex. Sure most kids that age have had sexual thoughts. They have felt the emotions related to masturbation and orgasm.

Many have seen naked bodies and become excited. And most of them know that the penis goes into the vagina. They’ve seen sex acts in pornographic movies. And many want to try those sex acts out to see if they can do them like the porn stars.

For them sexual intercourse is similar to a child seeing a stunt on a TV show and copying it. They don’t understand what they’re doing or why they’re doing it, they just want to do it because it’s cool.

Teens know all about the mechanics of sexual intercourse. But they lack a full understanding of the expression of human sexuality.

Yeah, teens may think it feels good when they have sex. But they don’t understand why it feels good. They don’t understand the emotional or mental components that are involved with sexual intercourse. They don’t understand the sexual energy two people share when they connect their bodies. That sex is a joining of mind, body and spirit. An expression of the love two adults have for each other.

Instead of promoting the use of Birth control pills and Plan-B pills. NYC public schools should be educating kids about how their bodies function and how to express their sexuality responsibly.

Yes, it’s natural to be sexual and explore one’s sexuality. But some of these 14-year old girls who will be seeking out these birth control pills and Plan B pills are so poorly educated about their bodies and how they function they don’t even know where their clitoris is. Others don’t even know how to clean their vaginas (just use warm water, no soap or anything else.) A few actually think babies come out of their backs. A handful don’t even know how to use tampons. They think a period is just something that goes at the end of a sentence.

I think it’d just be better to just educate young girls about their bodies. So they can be better informed when they make choices regarding sexual activity when they finally become ready to participate in sexual intercourse. Unfortunately most Americans are so ashamed of talking about sex and expressing their sexuality that they can’t even talk about sex with their spouses let alone their children.

And because they think it’s speaking evil to talk about sex to their children they come up with extreme solutions like offering birth control pills and Plan B abortion pills to children instead of talking to them.

Instead of Birth control how about we start promoting self-control. 14-year olds don’t need birth control pills or Plan B. They need to focus on Math, Science and the SATs.
And The New York City Department of Education needs to focus on making schools safer instead of trying to distribute dangerous drugs to children.

If the New York City Department of Education is serious about preventing teenage pregnancy, we need a Plan A where young girls focus on getting a comprehensive education about the reproductive process, sexuality and healthy sexual expression similar to our European, Asian and Canadian counterparts. When people have knowledge they can empower themselves to make responsible choices with their bodies.

I suggest parents start by directing their daughters to an educational website like so they can start getting that comprehensive education in sex and sexuality. Maybe if more teenage girls in New York City understood had a comprehensive understanding of how their vaginas worked, then they wouldn’t become pregnant.

Part 2 of the Racism in comics will be up next week. I had to write this article. 

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