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Monday, September 3, 2012

Manginas Say the Most Fucked Up Things…Don’t Fall For the Game

Men, be on the lookout for Manginas. These guys look like men but act like women. Everything they say or do has an ulterior motive behind it. Having had run-ins with these slimy bastards since junior High school I’ve figured out the pattern these pricks use to pimp Real Men for information to use against them.

If a guy asks some of the following questions to you, chances are you’re dealing with a Mangina.

Do you have a Girlfriend? This question seems innocent enough. When asked by a woman in private.

But when asked by another Man it’s part of a sinister secret agenda he has.

No Real Man cares if another man has a girlfriend or not. Real men have no problem getting women.
But a Mangina cares. Because he feels threatened by that man.

When a Mangina asks another man this question it’s because he’s scared of competing with him for the women he wants to get with. He usually sees the man he’s asking this question as a threat and is looking for information on him so he can eliminate him or discredit him. When a Mangina asks this question it’s because he’s heard ladies he’s interested in chattering about a guy and their plans to make a move on him.

So he’s coming up with his own plan to either set this guy up with a toxic woman through his Trojan Horse™ approach to discredit him or he wants to find out some other information so he can cause this man to lose face in front of those women he wants.

When a man usually declines his offers of a fix-up The Mangina usually retorts with…

You’re gay/ You must be gay. This is a shaming tactic a Mangina uses to manipulate a man who refuses his help and chooses to stay single because he doesn’t feel the women he wants to push on him. He hopes that by attacking the sexuality and manhood of a man he’ll feel embarrassed enough to let him fix him up with a woman of his choosing or get panicked enough that he’ll rush into a relationship with any strange woman to prove to everyone that he isn’t a homosexual.

Guys, don’t play into his hands. Don’t take his bait. It’s giving your power away. You know what your sexual orientation is. You don’t have anything to prove to a Mangina. If anything, he’s scared that women are looking at you and are talking about getting with you.

Do you like girls? A question Manginas ask because they’re insecure about a man being heterosexual, single, and radiating strong masculine energy.

When it comes to females Manginas are terrified of competition for the attention of the opposite sex. And they don’t like it when other males, especially Alpha males exhibit strong masculine energy, or have a lot of self confidence. They know that these males are going to naturally attract the attention of the opposite sex naturally because women are attracted to men who are secure in themselves.

So they have to ask this question to another man to find a way to segue into their shaming language. If the guy says yes, then they’ll tell him he’s a dog. If he says no, then he’s gay. It’s a power play to manipulate a guy into giving these bullies their power.

A way out of this Mangina trap is to turn the question back to them. Or just tell them if you see someone you like you’ll let them know. The Mangina will bleed red with a period knowing they can’t get one over on you.

Real men don’t have to ask other men if they like girls.  They don’t care if another man likes girls, boys or toys. The only thing they care about are God, Money and the woman they’re focusing on.

You don’t have…. This is a ploy Manginas use to get in the heads of men they don’t like. Part Shaming tactic, part mental manipulation. The goal is to get power over a man and make himself appear superior over them.

Manginas are notorious attention whores. So they always have the latest widget, gadget or designer clothes. And one of their tactics to make other men feel inferior is to make them feel inadequate because they don’t have whatever widget, gadget or latest pair of shoes they have. The goal of this tactic is to lower the self-worth of the man he feels is competition to him so he can eliminate himself from the social circles or get power over this guy so he can start buying stuff things to win the approval of this loser.

Your college/school is… This is a trick used by pseudo intellectual Manginas to discredit males they feel are just as smart as they are.

Oftentimes pseudo intellectual college educated type Manginas like to use the brand name of their degrees to make themselves look like big shots in front of the ladies. And they hate when a guy from a non-brand name school or a well-read brotha shows up talking articulately and intelligently. So they have to come up with some way to belittle and devalue that man in social groups to make themselves maintain their false sense of superiority.

Fellas, don’t let these losers knock you out of the circles with their pretentious airs and fifty cent words. They’re scared that you’re just as smart as they are. And in most cases you usually are. Let these fools know that you’re going nowhere. That’ll scare the piss out of them.

What do you think of Mr/Ms… This is a tactic used by Manginas to get men discredited in social circles and their careers. Manginas are notorious gossips, and they love to trick other men into giving them information to use against them.

On the job Manginas love to ask this question to get guys fired. Usually they’ve heard good things about a dude in the company grapevine. Things like promotions or raises so they want to dig up some negative information on a guy to take back to a supervisor or a manager so they can eliminate that guy and get his raise and promotion for themselves.

It’s not common for these guys to try to goad a guy into saying negative things about whatever person they’re asking you about by speaking negatively against them. Don’t take the bait.

A great way to turn the tables on these guys is to go back to whoever he’s asking you about and ask them what they think of them.

Or you could just check these fools right up front by telling them You think they’re up to something by asking them about someone else and you know what they’re up to. The look on their face when you call them on their bullshit is usually priceless.

In the dating scene Manginas love to ask this question to other men so they can get information to take back to women to discredit them. Again, they’ve heard women saying things about a man in the grapevine, and they don’t like what they’ve heard. So they want you to say something to make yourself look bad.

Guys, don’t make yourself your own worst enemy.

Here’s what you do when a guy asks you that question: Go right up to that woman and introduce yourself. Tell her that you’ve heard people saying things about you and you like what you’re hearing, and that you think you’d like to go have some coffee to discuss what they’ve been talking about. You’ll make that Mangina have a period right there.

Another thing Manginas like to do in the bars and clubs with this question is walk up to an unsuspecting guy and ask him what he thinks of a girl he points out. Then after hearing the guy make sexual comments about her tell him that’s his woman and start a fight with that guy. His goal is to make himself look like a big man defending the honor of his female.

The way to handle this is to just walk away. Say something like I think I’m gonna get another drink, or I think I’m gonna go to talk to this other female I see across the room. He’s an attention whore and the best way to squash an attention whore is to not pay attention to them or give them the scene that they want to have.

I’m looking for someone with a …Another tactic Mangina managers on the job to eliminate talented subordinate workers is to talk about what they’re looking for in an employee when they clearly know the background of that person. For example, a person has a background in business and is working as an assistant manager. The Mangina will tell that employee during a performance evaluation they’re actually looking for someone with a receptionist/administrative skill set.

The goal of this type of psychological manipulation is to minimize the work the male employee does so they can devalue the individual’s skills and talents. In these cases it’s clear that the Mangina supervisor feels inferior to that male co-worker. They know that you can do more and that there’s a promising career in front of you. Moreover, they feel the confidence and masculine energy you radiate and fear that you’re a stronger male than they are.

Their ultimate goal is to eliminate them from the workplace so they won’t compete with them. They feel if you go away they can replace you with someone who will sate their fragile ego.

Remember, you were hired because you are a man with talent and potential. You wouldn’t be here if someone didn’t see your value. Don’t let a Mangina take your job away from you with their bullshit psychological headgames. Have confidence in yourself and stand up to this loser.

I just don’t see a place for you. We don’t have anything for you.  If a man hears this in the workplace or during an interview from a male supervisor, it’s a sign that Manginas are SCARED. So scared they’re pissing themselves. They don’t want you anywhere near their workplace to make them appear as mediocre as they are. They fear you usurping their authority and taking their position with your natural talent and natural presence. Again Mangina bosses say this in the workplace to eliminate promising talent from their business circle.

Hmmm…I don’t know what to do with you. Another sign that a Mangina is scared in the workplace. Manginas are are known for having a vision in the workplace. They love to have people under them who are subpar/mediocre and anyone who has potential and real leadership ability scares the shit out of them because they can perform above their mediocre levels. So the Mangina will take a man he feels threatened by and stick him in menial degrading jobs. The goal is to devalue the man so that he’ll quit and he can go back to being a superstar in his own deluded eyes.

Guys, Maginas are bitches who are all bark and no bite. Real Men can outwit, outsmart these little Bitch-Made™ pricks and let them know who’s the stronger man. Once you start seeing the pattern to their pathetic little games you’ll be able to move past their pitiful obstacles and take your life to the next level.

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  1. Interesting, Shawn. This slice of humanity is one I haven't heard about before. I'm sure you do the ones who meet these predators a favor when you expose their modus operandi.