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Monday, July 30, 2012

Shawn responds to Comments on his Halle Berry Blogs part 2

This same Anonymous person also commented on my Halle Berry Baby Mama Drama Blog. It’s obvious to me that this individual has some clearly twisted thinking from living out in L.A. and being part of the entertainment industry. In this blog I’ll try to set them straight and further educate brothers and sisters about the institution of Hollywood. As usual, my responses are light text, the comments are bold text.

Black women had this reputation long before Halle Berry's drama. Halle Berry represents Halle Berry. She does not represent black women.

I’m sorry that’s a LIE. Black women did not have had this reputation. White Supremacists made up these stereotypes to make White women appear superior and make Black women appear sub-human. Moroever, they created these stereotypes so Black women could appear undesirable and unattractive.

When Halle Berry identifies herself as BLACK she represents Black women. When she allows herself to be put on Black magazine covers like Ebony, Essence, and attends awards show like the NAACP Image awards and accepts those awards she represents Black women.

If she’s such a prominent half-white, biracial or mulatto person, why doesn’t she take her ass over to those half-white, biracial, or mixed race publications or those mixed, biracial or mulatto awards shows.


So when she participates in Black events she is a BLACK WOMAN.

And Black women don’t need Halle Berry reinforcing racist stereotypes about them. Each Black woman who acts like a stereotype only further perpetuates the negative perceptions about Black women to the world. And When our most prominent women are seen acting like a ghetto hoodrat It makes other little girls and younger women think this kind of dysfunctional behavior is perfectly fine for Black people and that acting like a decent human being is “acting white”.

Halle is an icon, a product and a carefully crafted image. Most black women, famous or not famous, are not. Therefore, Halle represents herself. Here are the reasons why:

You just contradicted yourself. How can Halle Be an “icon” and not represent Black women? If you are a supposed icon and you look like a Black person then you represent Black women.

It’s clear to me that you have bought into the Hollywood brainwashing. The kind of callous social conditioning that tricks people into separating the humanity from people and makes them think of people as objects. It’s the same twisted way Hollywood executives think of the people who work for them. It’s how they can be cold and indifferent to those people when they hit hard times and cut them off like a light switch.

This kind of thinking is how people wind up becoming disconnected from reality. It’s how they become narcissistic and self-absorbed; living in their own world instead of the real world like the rest of us. It’s how people stop thinking about the needs of others. It’s how Hollywood types cut people off from friends, family and the people who love them.

Halle Maria Berry is NOT an Icon. She is human and has flaws. Icons are made of stone, wood, gold, resin or other materials. Human beings are flesh and blood. They are connected to other people. Each action we take effects other people around us.  

Halle does NOT represent herself. No Black person on this earth represents themselves in an institutionally racist White supremacist society. Every action one Black person makes effects dozens of others in their community and the people outside of it.

When she starred in Monster’s Ball she helped to legitimize the Jezebel stereotype and make it mainstream for the 21st century. And since then the media has bombarded people with images of the lascivious Black Whore in mainstream media.

Anonymous also goes on to say:

1.Halle can get in mainstream movies that most other black actresses can not, even if they are more talented.

Lie #1. Halle gets scraps A-list White actresses have passed on. Most of her lead roles are scripts other A-list White women have read and passed on. And when she does get roles in other types of mainstream movies, they’re ensemble pieces where she is the token Black chick.

2. Halle gets on magazine covers and constantly referred to as most beautiful, even though there are other black actresses who are just as beautiful.

Lie #2. Beauty is in they eye of the beholder.

Halle gets on those covers because Madison Avenue and Hollywood need to sell magazines to brainwashed teenagers and women who don’t know any better.

 Most of those most beautiful lists are bought and paid for by publicists. Most other Black actresses don’t wind up on those lists because have the money to pay for publicity like Halle Berry does.

3. Halle got away with a hit and run pretty much.

Deflection #1. Halle got away with hit and run because she had studio backing. Those Studio suits weren’t going to lose money on their investment in an up-and coming star back in the late 90’s.

The Hollywood corporate machine bought and paid for Halle’s escape from prison time. But with her star fading and With her thumbing her nose at White Supremacist America, I guarantee she won’t get away with any more stuff like that.  

Even though Halle is black when push comes to shove, she is seen as "not quite like us." 
Lie #3. Halle is JUST LIKE US. Don’t let the corporate-run media fool you. Any woman who verbally abuses and berates men like she does is JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER BLACK WOMAN OUT THERE.

And the media sees her JUST LIKE US. Throughout the whole custody situation with Gabriel Aubry, people now have a negative perception of Halle Berry. Many see her just like the hoodrat Baby mamas who emasculate their men and humiliate them in public.

I don't for one second believe that her behavior reflects on black women. It reflects on her.

Shawn shakes his head. Whoever this is they are in such denial.

They truly do not understand the reflexive properties of Institutional racism as it relates to Black people.

When one Black woman behaves badly it reflects badly on all Black women. Thanks to White Supremacy and Racism, one Black person’s bad behavior reflects on the group.

And when one of the most prominent Black women is depicted as acting like a ghetto hoodrat Baby Mama in public it reinforces the stereotype that Black women don’t know how to behave in social situations. That Black women are arrogant belligerent females who are combative and argumentative bringing chaos and drama wherever they go.  

When Halle was presented like this to the world it reinforced the institutionally racist notion to the world that a Black woman is the least desirable of all women. That a Black woman is a domineering, controlling bully that emasculates men. That not even a White man (the supreme man in America) can work with Black women.

Halle Berry is mixed. This could be the subconscious reason as why black women don't see it as their responsibility to check Halle's behavior. I would cringe if it was someone like Angela Bassett, Viola Davis, Anika Noni Rose or Kerry Washington behaving like this, but Halle, I don't care because when I look at her I don't see someone who represents my image as a black woman.

When Black women act out it reflects negatively on other Black women. And other Black women need to speak out because the way Black women are behaving is not making them look good. The Black woman is quickly becoming the new COON in modern day America. From ghetto hoodrats booty shaking and getting into fights on WorldStar Hip Hop, Montana Fishburne participating in porn, to actresses like Halle Berry having baby mama drama, the image of the modern Black woman is being maligned and degraded.

Instead of distancing themselves it’s time for Good Black women need to start speaking out against this bad behavior.  Because the way these women are behaving is making all our sistas look bad.

She is half-white anyway. 

Deflection #2. Half white, Biracial, Mixed or whatever people call it is still BLACK in White Supremacist America.  Don’t let the smooth taste fool you. In the eyes of the world a Half-white woman is still a ONE HUNDRED PERCENT NIGGER.

I do agree with much of what you said though, Shawn. Halle is not exactly seen as one of the classiest actresses, beautiful yes, but classy no. She did a superb job of crafting her image early on to get people believe that she was this innocent victim, but the truth is now coming out. And to be able to fool people and keep that innocent reputation for so long, I call her genius.

Halle Berry is NOT a genius. The Hollywood executives and Madison Avenue Marketers are geniuses. If they got a hold of overweight late 30s South Bronx Shawn, they market him as a sex symbol the public would eat it up.

They were the ones who fooled us. Well, those of us who don’t understand the game.

And they fooled us because they saw the opportunity to take this woman and make money off her. So they created a persona, a public image and projected them onto Halle Maria Berry and sold that image to the public as the reality.

It was an investment.

In their eyes Halle Maria Berry is property. She only has value as long as she makes money. When she is no longer able to make money for those people in the corporate Oligarchy of movie studios they’d release her.

And when they abandon her, that’s when she’d find out how human she is. And how disconnected she is from the rest of the world.

I’d advise Anonymous to watch The Wrestler. It goes into full detail about this disconnection to people in the entertainment industry have. After being disconnected from real people, Randy “The Ram” Robinson tries to wrestle with life in the real world after having a heart attack. Because he can’t deal with the real world, he chooses to die in the ring. Because in the Wrestling world he’s still seen as somebody and has a connection to others.

I also wrote about a lot of this in All About Marilyn. In the first scenes I show how Marilyn is seen as an object by Studio executives. How they abandon her when she can’t make money for them.

It’s only her connection to the people around her and her relationship with God that allows her to move ahead in life.

 But it seems to go over people’s heads.

People are not icons. They are objectified by other people who look to make money off their worship. 


  1. Unless you have been living under a rock, the degradation of black women started in the early 2000s with rap music. Halle Berry's drama started in 2010..... That is before Halle Berry's drama.

    Participating in black events, does not make one black. She is still mixed. She is a mixed woman participating in black events.

    I have not bought into the hollywood brainwashing. It is what it is. Halle Berry is human but in hollywood she is an icon, which is why she was able to get away with that hit and run with a slap on the wrist. She is an image, and the way to keep that image, is to separate her image from that of the common person's image. Anyone else would have went to jail.

    Whether they are scraps or not, she gets in those movies, so what I said could not have been a lie.

    No, Halle is mixed, not black. So she is not "quite like us." White supremacy may see mixed people and blacks as all black, but they know the difference and their actions prove it.

    The way you write, it's as if you believe the black race to have no power against white supremacy. Halle is still mixed. The reason why mixed is still considered black is because many black people have accepted it, and on top of that don't have enough honor, to keep their image from being diluted. Mixed women are replacing black women in the media as black women, and this laid back thinking to just letting anyone with one drop of black blood be labeled black is the reason why. If this continues, the darkest woman on TV in a decent role will be Halle's complexion because we have allowed mixed women to constantly be referred to as black when they are mixed.

    Halle's value in Hollywood, is that she is safe. She is not too black to be intimidating, and not too white to not be black. That's part of the reason why she lasted as long as she did.

    Black people need to become more proactive and not reactive.

  2. Shawn James,

    You are so right on the money. Despite her fame, Halle is still treated as a Black woman in Amerikkka just like Dorothy Dandridge. The only difference is that Dorothy Dandridge lived and died during the Jim Crow era and Halle lives in the post-Civil Rights era. The treatment is still the same.

    You and I can see the hateful treatment of our first biracial Black President from people of all political persuasions.

    The point is that mixed is still BLACK in white supremacist America and that the one-drop rule is still in effect.

    La Reyna