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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Don’t Sh*t Where You Eat- Men, Be Careful When You Fraternize at Work With Women

Here’s some advice for the fellas regarding fraternizing at work with women: Don’t shit where you eat.

Smart men understand that work is a place where he makes his money and feeds himself and his family.

So he doesn’t let people at work complicate his life with crap that keeps his family from eating.

Now some of you guys may encounter an attractive woman on the job you just feel you have to get with. Or you may encounter a woman with a great personality and a sense of humor you feel you just have to get to know after hours.

Don’t cross that boundary.

Men in the worksite have to exercise self-control when they fraternize with female co-workers.

Moreover, they have to watch what they say. In today’s workplace anything a man says can and will be used against them.

Some women may flirt with a man at work. As much as you’d like to make that move, maintain that professional boundary between that woman and yourself.

Others will make sexually suggestive jokes. Don’t even laugh at them. And don’t say anything sexually suggestive back.

A few will playfully touch a man on the job. They’ll grab a guy to hug him. Some will even kiss a man or smack him on the butt. Some women will defend it as how they express emotion.

Explain to them the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touching.

And a handful will bring a man drama from home during a professional conversation. There will always be a problem or a crisis in their home and they’re looking for a man to listen to their problems. A few are looking for a man to swoop into action as Captain-Save-A-Hoe™ and solve their personal problems on a man’s personal time after work.

Don’t take the bait dudes.

These are the kinds of women who are usually married. And the type to trying to get her husband or her boyfriend jealous.

Tell them if it isn’t about work, there’s nothing you can do about it. You’re on this job to do the work of the company, not be a therapist, counselor, or police officer.

All of these actions can be turned against a man on the job when things get sour on the worksite. When some women aren’t getting their way on the job, they’ll take those seemingly playful or flirtatious actions and use them to create the elements of a sexual harassment lawsuit. And the kind of sexual harassment lawsuit that’s hard to prove, the he said/She said kind.

The kind that’s a nightmare to fight in court. The kind that can derail a career.

Don’t put your job at risk. Men, keep your distance with women at work.

A smart man keeps all of his communications between himself and women on the job professional. If it isn’t about the job, he’s not talking about it with her.

And a smart man understands it’s not smart to date women at work. He puts all women at work in the off-limits pile. And he never crosses that boundary.

Even if those women are in other departments at his job, he understands that any one of those women can be in positions that can make or break his career. If things go sour between him and that woman it can cost him promotions. In some cases it can cost him his job. In a few cases it can cost him his career.

A smart man understands there are plenty of fish in the sea. But he doesn’t fish from the pond where he works. He understands the fish on the worksite are the property of the owner of the company. And taking fish from the company pond is stealing.

And stealing will get him fired.

Now some people will call you aloof for keeping your distance. Some may see you as being arrogant. A few may even see you as being conceited.

But a smart man understands that a little professional distance goes a long way in maintaining his employment at an organization.

The fast track to getting fired from a job is fraternizing without boundaries.

Moreover it’s fraternizing with the wrong people. Women and Manginas love to gossip and spread rumors.

Don’t give them something to take to the grapevine. Keep all your socialization on the job business related.

Remember, there are no friends in business. Everyone is out to get to the next level. And some of the people you’re working with are willing to do anything to get ahead.

Including step on you or step over you.

These are the kinds of people who will turn a raunchy joke into a sexual harassment lawsuit. The kind who turn a hug or a kiss they initiated into an unwarranted unwanted sexual advance. Ethics aren’t their strong point. They just want to eliminate the competition on the worksite in their quest to get promoted.

So men, you have to be careful when dealing with women on the job. Saying or doing the wrong thing can put your job at risk. Be smart and establish boundaries with ladies in the workplace and keep all communication with the opposite sex professional.

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