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Monday, July 23, 2012

George Zimmerman is at it Again-Don’t Fall For The Game

According to George Zimmerman it’s God’s will that Trayvon Martin died.

Sorry, but Trayvon Martin wouldn’t be dead if George Zimmerman obeyed the 911 operator and didn’t pursue him.

Shawn sees what George Zimmerman is up to. The sociopath is trying to manipulate people yet again.

George Zimmerman knows he can’t apply the stand your ground law in his court case since he was on a public street when he pursued Trayvon Martin. And he knows that most people now see through his racial smokescreen. So now he’s applying a new strategy in the hopes of avoiding prison time.

So he has his lawyers leak stories about molesting a family member. Then he goes out and gives interviews where he appears he’s crazy talking about how it was God’s will that Trayvon Martin died, acting crazy during media interviews with Sean Hannity and Barbara Walters.

It’s all part of a methodical plan to stay out of prison.

Wanna-be tough guy George Zimmerman doesn’t want to spend the next 25 years of his life in a cell being ass raped and spit roasted by guys named Bubba, Jojo, and Big Earl. And he’s trying to avoid catching a shank from pure Aryan White Supremacists who will see his mixed race ass as a mongrel in prison. 

Zimmerman knows he won’t survive in prison. In the cage, wanna-be badasses like him either get turned into prison bitches who get their hair braided or they wind up getting beatdown by hardcore prisoners who won’t put up with their bullshit.

So he figures he’ll act nutty on television in the hopes he’ll to get a jury to acquit him by reason of insanity and he’ll spend the next five years in a mental hospital.

Only he’s not insane. He’s of a sound mind. He just doesn't have a conscience.

That was shown in the way he and his wife hid over $150,000 in donations for his legal defense fund from the court while crying poverty.

Most sociopaths like George Zimmerman are master manipulators. They often think they’re five steps ahead of everyone else.

But smart people are right in front of them. And ready to call them on their bullshit.

Sociopaths like George Zimmerman love to manipulate simple minded people like Sean Hannity and racist institutions like Fox News. They know weak willed people like this are so caught up in their racist personal agendas and their emotions that they aren't paying attention to them.

And because people like Sean Hannity are so blind sociopaths like George Zimmerman take advantage of them to get what they want.

Zimmerman’s plan is to win. And what he wants to win is his freedom. And he’ll do anything to remain free.

With the racial polarization strategy a failure, his new plan is to go over the Cuckoo’s nest, take Vicodins and Xanax, and veg out in front of daytime TV at an asylum for five years then be back out on the street.

However, George Zimmerman’s actions clearly show how dangerous he is. If this strategy fails, he’ll keep trying to manipulate people until he finds his way out of the inevitable life prison sentence he’s trying to avoid.

Only the American public can’t allow themselves to be manipulated by this madman.

The people of the State of Florida have to look at the murder of Trayvon Martin objectively. The facts clearly show that George Zimmerman broke the law when he disregarded the 911 operator and pursued Trayvon on his own.

A man who is supposedly a part of the neighborhood watch and supposedly respects and supports law enforcement would have obeyed that order. A man who cared about his community would have waited for law enforcement to do their jobs.

But George Zimmerman willfully and intentionally chose to disregard the order of law enforcement officials. And when he went out on his own that night led to the events that led up to Trayvon Martin’s death.

Trayvon’s death wasn’t God’s will. It was the desire of a madman who wanted to maintain control over his fifedom.

Based on those facts, They can’t put this sociopath back on the street. Zimmerman is a clear and present danger to all the people of the United States of America. I feel if he’s put back on the street by a jury of his peers, it’s not a matter of if he kills someone else, it’s a matter of when he kills someone else. 

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  1. Shawn, I can't wait to comment on this one. I saw thru Zimmerman's wretched statement that it was "God's will," but I'm afraid I didn't see as much of the sociopath and the psychopath as you aptly saw and called. More fools Hamity and others who don't catch on to to this clown.

    And I really missed thinking about what it will be like for Zimmerman in prison. Horrible. But he richly deserves it. He was wrong from the first. The same woman who testified that he molested her, stated that his mother, a South American woman, I think, stated in her presence that she could only stand black people who "acted like white." Now this is the height of arrogance, to deny anyone the right to be him- or herself. It's quite well known that South Americans are not only mixed with Indian, but with black blood. From such parentage, we can see where Zimmerman gets his racism.

    This is a great article, Shawn, tack-sharp and calling the shots the way I haven't seen it elsewhere. Is there anyone you can contact to get it more widely disseminated?