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Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Issues of a Black Woman are Different From Those of Women of Other Races!

When I write about the issues of Black women on this blog, there have been some who have posted comments to talking about White, Hispanic and Asian women and how their issues are the same as Black women.

I have a message for those people:

Please don’t tell me about White women, Latina women or Asian Women. Their issues are different than the issues Black women face.

White women don’t have the problems that Black women have. First off, most White women are considered the top woman in White Supremacist America. In the eyes of all men she is considered to be THE woman to have on a man’s arm.

Second, a White Woman has White Privilege. White Supremacists in America give White women a free pass for all their behavior no matter how shady slutty, or amoral  it is. In White Supremacist America a White woman can sleep with dozens of men, drink until she’s plastered, and drug herself until she’s overdosed and still be coveted by everyone in the world just due to her white skin.

A White woman can play feminist, goth, hippie, boho or whatever role she wants to and say she’s “expressing herself” because she knows few years later she can clean herself up, dye her hair blonde, and return to White society to resume her traditional role as help meet and partner to her White man without a problem.

And those same White women know that the entire White Supremacist economic system benefits her indirectly. Sooner or later she is going to reap the benefits of all that wealth from White men in American society.

Being the top woman in a White Supremacist society most White Women know sooner or later someone is probably going to marry them. And if they can’t get a White Man, some Asian, or Hispanic man will pick them up. And if they’re REALLY DESPERATE, they can marry a “good” Black man.

So they can have a bad attitude if they want. 70 percent of White women aren't single. 70 percent of White women aren’t single mothers. 70 percent of White women aren’t dependent on government programs for her primary income or to supplement her income. 70 percent of White women aren't living in poverty.

Hispanic women don’t have the same problems that Black women have. While Hispanic women live in the same communities as Black women their issues are COMPLETELY different than Black women.

In most cases, the Hispanic women have no problem getting a man. Whenever I see a Latina female her Latino man is standing right at her side. 70 percent of Latina women aren’t single like Black women.

And when they create a family he’s in that home being a father to his children. He’s taking care of business and regulating in his home. His woman isn’t calling the cops on him when he takes charge like Black women do. She isn’t undermining his authority like Black women do. Papi is the BOSS in a Latino household. 

And because he is a leader, his sons are seeing a man in action in a leadership role on a DAILY BASIS. Not like in the black households where Black boys grow up seeing a woman trying to play the Male role badly. 

In the situations where poor Latinos receive public assistance like WIC and Food Stamps, the father is on the budget as well. In most cases for Hispanic people, public assistance is used as a temporary supplement to their incomes or as a stepping stone towards economic independence. Government programs are not the generational lifetime entitlement in the Hispanic community like it’s been for the past 50 years in the Black community.

Most Hispanic men WORK. They either have jobs or they own their own businesses, or are working towards creating their own businesses.

Most Latino women clearly understand their roles in their families and their communities. And they SUPPORT their men when they try to do things to improve the quality of life in their communities like build businesses or find jobs. They don’t cut their men down just as they try to come up like Black women do.

And Latino men clearly understand their roles as fathers and leaders. And because most Latino men and women clearly understand their roles, they work TOGETHER towards building themselves up and establishing wealth that remains contained in their communities. That’s why the Latino community has a growing middle class while the Black community’s economy continues to SHRINK.

So the unapproachable Latina chick with the bad attitude is the exception, not the rule in the Latino community. And she STILL has options a Black woman doesn’t.

That same Latina chick with a bad attitude knows that if the Latino dudes in her community don’t want her, she’ll eventually be picked up by a White man or a man of another race. And if she’s truly desperate, she can pick herself up a “good” Black man.

Asian women don’t have the problems that Black women have. Thanks to their exotic looks, Asian women have just about as many options as White women when it comes to men.
70 percent of Asian women aren’t single. In fact they have no problem getting men. And they have options.

Most Asian women in America know she can pick up a White guy in America as her first choice. And she knows can be accepted as part of a White family without a problem. Moreover, her family will accept that White man into their family without a problem. Her willingness to assimilate gives her an advantage over every woman of color in the world.

And if the White guys don’t want her, she knows she can invoke the “family tradition” clause, clean herself up go back to her neighborhood and pick herself up an Asian guy. And with single Asian males outnumbering females here in America she’s gonna find herself someone FAST.

And Asian women and men clearly understand the traditional roles of men and women when it comes to family. The Asian Man is in the home with his kids. He is the leader of his family. His sons are seeing him in a leadership role as a role model and pillar in his community. 

An Asian woman wouldn't DARE call the cops on her man the way a Black woman does when he's regulating and disciplining in his home. That's a divorcable offense in their community. Considered totally out of pocket. 

On top of  it, Every other Asian woman in that community would check her if she stepped over her man's authority like that.

And because the women know their roles as help meets they SUPPORT their man when he works towards building up his community.

Most Asian Men WORK. Most Asian men own Businesses. And Most Asian communities are building wealth. Wealth from the backs of the Black community, because they built their businesses in BLACK neighborhoods for the past forty years before moving into their own enclaves a decade ago.

The Asian communities in America are growing while the Black community is SHRINKING.

So That Asian woman with the bad attitude is the exception, not the rule.  And she STILL has options the Black woman does not have.

If either those White men or Asian men don’t want to put up with her or her stank attitude, she can get herself a Hispanic guy. Or if she’s desperate she can get herself a “good” Black man.

The Black woman does not have the options or privileges of her White, Hispanic, or Asian counterparts.

But she wants to talk about them. Worse, she wants to act like she’s better than them.

Black women delude themselves into believing that she has all the privileges and options White, Hispanic, and Asian women have.

But they don’t.

Here’s the horrible truth: The Black woman is at the BOTTOM of the Barrel in White Supremacist American society.

The Black woman is the least desired of ALL women in society. Dr. Santoshi Kanzanawa proved that a few months ago as a scientific FACT.

When it comes to dating, relationships, and marriage the Black woman can’t find a man. 70 percent of Black women are single. And chances are most will DIE that way.

Why? Because she refuses to take a long hard look at herself.

And because she refuses to take a long hard look at herself she can’t see that her issues as a Black woman are completely different than those of her White, Hispanic or Asian, counterparts.

Moreover, she refuses to take a look at her approaches and why they’re failing. Instead of doing that self-examination, she chooses to remain in denial putting false titles on herself like “Diva”, “goddess” and “Queen”.

Black women still adhere to an archaic ideology based on 1970s White feminism most White women abandoned in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Even the lesbians who created feminism have abandoned these ideologies.

But brainwashed into believing that she can do things on her own, the Black woman thinks she still doesn’t need her Black man. Worse, she’s too selfish, stubborn, and arrogant to believe she needs his help. She refuses to return to the traditional role God established for her. She refuses to let the Black man lead his family the way God intended him to do.

Instead, Black women try to reconcile the ideologies from those false teachings of White Feminism and White Supremacy with her community. She tries to justify them to God who clearly stated that the man is the leader and she is the help meet.

But no matter how hard she tries she can’t make these false ideologies work. And she’s determined to shove that square peg into that round hole where it doesn't belong.

At the breaking of her heart, her soul and her body.

Which is why 70 percent of Black women are single.

The Black woman is clearly outside of the order of God. She is lost and confused. She doesn’t understand her role as a woman. Arrogant and belligerent, she insists on staying in the role Satan and White Supremacists established for her. To the detriment of her entire community.

Today, The Black Community is led by Black women. Moreover, the Black economy is controlled by Black female dollars.

What’s interesting is the only economic system controlled by women in the United States only is the Black community. And it’s only one shrinking instead of expanding. And it’s contracted so much that it’s on the brink of collapse. Under four decades of the incompetent leadership of the Black Matriarchy, the Black community is crumbling from decades of CO-DEPENDENCE on Uncle Sam’s government programs the STRONG INDEPENDENT BLACK WOMAN IN DENIAL relies on for her sustenance.

Because she won’t support her “good” Black man, her community can’t create businesses. That keeps other Black men and women from getting jobs. That keeps wealth from staying in the Black community. And that keeps Black people in a perpetual state of POVERTY.

So if she has a bad attitude it HURTS her long term economically and socially. It prevents her from becoming a partner to  a “good” man. It prevents her from having a healthy functioning relationship with her partner the Black man. It prevents her from having a happy healthy life and long-term it prevents her from having a stable middle-class home and a functional family.

Most Black women don’t understand that “good” Black man Black women REFUSE to SUPPORT can easily hop over the fence and pick up one of those White, Hispanic, or Asian women with a bad attitude and still live a happy lower-middle-class life. Even though he’s their LAST CHOICE HE STILL HAS OPTIONS THAT BLACK WOMEN DO NOT.

All while Black women remain single. All while they remain stranded at the BOTTOM of the economic and social ladder in White Supremacist America.

And all while they tell me about how White, Hispanic and Asian women can have a bad attitude while not understanding the deep disadvantages against Black women in a White Supremacist country.

I see through the deflection. And I bring the spotlight back on the Black woman.

As I stated before, the issues of attitude those women face don’t have the same impact on their communities that attitude have on Black women. Those women don’t have a problem with Black men. In fact, they have no problem finding the good Black men in the Black community, dating and marrying them.

And those women have no problem taking wealth out of the Black community and bringing it to theirs.

Because in those Patriarchal societies Men and women clearly understand the roles God gave them and follow those roles to the letter.

While the Black woman calls herself “goddess”, “diva”, and “queen” of a community that’s 70 percent single, 70 percent single mothers, 80 percent unemployed, 50 percent illiterate, 45 percent incarcerated and crumbling into dust as it depends on a White Supremacist government that hates it for close to 100 percent of its income.

So to all those who want to compare Black women to White, Hispanic and Asian women tell me again how Black women’s issues are the same. Because living here in the South Bronx I don’t see how the impact of those issues is the same. The differences clearly stand out to me. 


  1. Shawn, this is a difficult blog for me to comment on, because it's so painful inasmuch as it's mostly true. I do think you overvalue women of other races in writing about this. They, too, have their problems and I know many of them.

    In this day and age, the man should not the BOSS in ANY family. I think Jesus formed it best when he led us to give women our due, to stop giving it all to men and taking it all from women. Equuality, to me, seems to be the most valid reason why so many of us black women love Jesus.

    As I sais, your blog is all too true, but to erase sme of these disparities, we're going to have to go at root causes, and many of them come to us straight from Africa. We need to study and know this.

    Thank you for tackling a difficult subject on which so many of us can be both right and wrong. We need more light cast on this.

  2. While I can't begin to address that entire vent, I'll ask you this:

    What would you like for Black women to call themselves? Would it be better instead of "Queen", "goddess", or "diva" (lol, really?), to say um, I dunno "Slave", "Ugly", "No Good".

    I'm sorry but I'm really missing your point. Yes, I'm a Black women, I don't call myself any of the above, but I KNOW that as a child of God, those words wouldn't begin to define me. I'm also married, college educated, self-educated, very literate, etc. I hear SO many stereotypes about Black women, and though some may be true, not all are FACT. Many are merely enhanced by perception.

    Do you know how many negative FACTS I could throw out there about Black men? I don't feel the need to.

    I do think that with all the negativity in this "White supremacist" society that it is quite silly for Black men (AND women) to constantly point out faults in the other group. Where does it get us?

    People will do self evaluation in their own time, and on their own terms it's just a fact. But if you want to be part of the solution, do that. Personally, I'm tired of the lip service and finger pointing from both sides. Let's all grow up, and put our intelligence to good use. God would want that, I'm sure!

  3. Anonymous,

    My point is that Black women have a totally different set of issues than White, Hispanic, or Asian Women when it comes to attitude.

    Those women have privileges and advantages that Black women do not. So a few women in their group can have a bad attitude and it won't impact their community.

    And even with their attitudes, they have their men.

    And they can get good Black men if they can't get anyone else.

    But the bad attitude of a Black woman HURTS HER.

    Dr. Santoshi Kanzanawa proved in a scientific study that Black women are the least desirable of all women in the world.

    She is the least likely to get married. She is the least likely to find personal or spiritual success. She is most likely to die in poverty.

    That Bad attitude Black women are so proud of as part of her "Strong Independent persona" is what is keeping her from having healthy relationships with decent Black men. It's keeping her from having a happy satisfying life. It's stagnating her personal growth and leaving her stranded in a state of arrested development.

    That bad attitude is erecting a WALL in front of her that keeps people from getting close to her and connecting to her. it keeps her disconnected from the world and seeing the truth. It keeps her from taking a long hard look at the sad state of affairs in the Black community.

    There's no finger pointing here. I'm taking an objective look at the Black community and the direction is going.

    Straight to HELL in a hand cart.

    Black women have been doing things on their own terms for 40 years, without accountability

    The time for Black women to take a long look at herself is NOW.

  4. Anyone can see how gleeful you are about the idea of black women having no options / being bottom of the barrel.

    You are transparent.

    Why do you hate black women so much? Take a long look at yourself NOW.

  5. Why is it every time a man asks Black women to be ACCOUNTABLE that people start taking things personal. If I hated Black women do you think I'd write so many books praising them?

    But I find many Black women can't take the bad with the good. Holding someone accountable means that you see them objectively.