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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bitch-Made™ Thoughts on Drake and Chris Brown

I was reading about the fight between Drake and Chris Brown in the paper a few days ago. How it turned into a riot where bottles were thrown and people wound up being injured.  

Sadly what happened a week ago was the same silly nonsense I encountered and read about in high school back in the 1980’s and early 1990’s.

The kind of stupid shit that made New York City a place where over 2,000 murders transpired.

And while a majority of those deaths were due to the crack epidemic, quite a few of those homicides were due to Black men like Drake and Chris Brown fighting over stupid shit in the club. Dudes getting killed over being bumped in the club, getting their foot stepped on a look, or worse a girl.

And that’s what these two Bitch-Made™ losers were fighting over.



What a bunch of dumb motherfuckers.

Watching so many brothers and sisters die back in the day when I was a teenager, I learned at sixteen years old ain’t no girl worth fighting over.

I figured out back then dudes who fight over a woman are a pair of stupid motherfuckers. At the end of the fight, one of you is dead, the other is in prison doing 25 to life and this skank is out here gassing up the pair of two other simps and taking their money.

You can’t get no pussy if you’re rotting in jail or six feet under.

First thing I learned about girls at 15 is don’t compete for the affections of a woman. It’s giving your power away.

If a woman is trying to make dudes play that competition game for her affections DROP THAT CHICK. Chances are she’s a stuck up bitch with a princess complex who thinks she’s entitled to the world. And she’s gassing up both dudes to get them to trick off them buying them gifts and giving them cash. She doesn’t care about either man she’s involved with.

If a woman chooses to be with you then cool, but if she doesn’t keep it moving. Don’t take it personal. In most cases, a dude has just dodged a bullet.

Moreover, I learned once I was done with a female, a dude could say whatever you wanted about her. It ain’t got nothing to do with me. When I’m with another lady, she’s my primary focus. That ex is in the rearview mirror.

Why couldn’t these grown ass men figure this out?

Seriously, it doesn’t make sense for a pair of grown ass men like Drake and Chris Brown to act like a bunch of punks in the club over Rihanna, a chick both of them done smashed and moved on from.

What adds insult to injury is that this woman was in another club partying while these two are fighting over her.

Which is what makes them look like a pair of bitch-made™ suckers.

Chris Brown is a Bitch-Made ™ Simp for spending his money and sending a two grand bottle over to Drake’s table. He may think sending bottles over to people’s table makes him look like a big shot, but according to the man-code, he just looked like a BITCH.

No real man spends money on apology gifts. That right there is some straight up Bitch-Made™ Simp behavior. Something he probably learned at home from that woman beater dad of his. Abusers are known to buy women apology jewelry, apology clothes and apology stuff after they beat the shit out of them. It may be cool with a messed up chick, but out here in the real world It’s cowardly and pathetic.

When a Man has something to say, He steps to a man and says it face-to-face. It takes a strong man to go to a man face-to-face and apologize to him.

Drake is a Bitch-Made™ Mangina for sending back the bottle with a note saying he was fucking Rihanna. Seriously if dude wasn’t interested, all dude had to do was send the bottle back. Or better yet, be the bigger man, squash the beef, accept the bottle take it home then just put it in a closet. Or he could have given it to one of the members of his crew. Put it on eBay.  Even re-gifted that shit to another dude. He didn’t have to escalate shit.

Chris Brown is also a little bitch for getting emotional over that note. Sure Drake was starting shit like Manginas do. But all he had to do was be the bigger man, ball that piece of paper up, and toss it in the trash. So he sent a note saying he was smashing Rihanna. He had already smashed it and had moved on to another lady. A lady he was with that night.
Chris Brown needed to realize Drake saying he smashed Rihanna ain’t got nothing to do with Chris Brown. Especially if he was with another lady.

The chick he was dating had to feel like shit seeing him fly off the handle over an ex.

Long-term both these guys wound up looking like suckers to the women out there. Chris Brown just let the world know he is a Bitch-Made SIMP who uses his wallet to buy friends and influence people.

Worse, he let the world know he’s an emotional baby who flies off the handle over the littlest shit. It’s just sad watching a grown-ass man throw tantrums over a woman.

Chris Brown reminds me of the soft pussyfied dudes I went to school with back in the day. The kinds of brothas who you can say boo to and the dude is either crying or flying of the handle going berserk. The kind of dude who will do something he regrets if he’s strapped with a pistol or a blade.

And Drake let the world know he’s just a sneaky ass Mangina who plays games to get a rise out of dudes. That note was him pushing Chris’ buttons and looking to get a response. He’s just like the kind of bitch-ass punk I knew back in Junior high and High school who starts shit then heads for the door when the fight is on.

The kind of asshole who either gets other people killed or gets himself killed as a result of his bullshit.

This is the kind of dumb motherfucker who thinks he’s being cute with his smart-assed comments. Until he’s staring down the barrel of a gun or has a blade at his throat.

Drake and Chris Brown exemplify the second generation Bitch-Made™ generation of men who were raised in female headed single-parent households. The kinds of spoiled little boys who can’t handle rejection, loss or failure. The kinds of little boys who get emotional over nothing and want to fight over little things like a look, being bumped in the street or something someone says. The kinds of little boys who can’t handle life in a world of men and women.

Both Drake and Chris Brown need to man up, grow up and grow a pair. These baby boy junior high games they’re playing is going to get one or both of them killed. I’m just hoping that innocent people don’t get caught in the crossfire.


  1. I can only say, "Write on, Shawn James. Write on! You've said it all!