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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Supergirl Goes Full SJW in Season 4

Yeah, this show is FUBAR.
Next Season Supergirl will feature a transgender character as part of the cast.

…Yeah, time for Shawn to stop watching Supergirl.

It’s official Supergirl has now gone full SJW. But it’s not like we saw this coming. Over the course of three years Supergirl has gone from a fun superhero show into Greg Berlanti’s propaganda platform for pushing his feminist agenda. Now he’s using it to promote his identity politics.

The new character is supposed be Nia Nal, a 20 something transgender character who is supposed to be like a young Cat Grant. And from the name Nia Nal, and her being described as soulful, it’s sounding like she could possibly be a Black character. And it’s sounding it’s like she’ll have some interaction with James Olsen. Because when it comes to Greg Berlanti he loves to find new and exciting ways to emasculate Black men. And putting a Black transgender character around James Olsen would further push the agenda I’ve been seeing where Black men are associated with homosexuals or are portraying homosexual characters.

Damn. Just Damn.

As a comics fan I’ve tried to hang in there. And I’ve tried to stomach all the feminist propaganda sandwiched between every episode from season 2 on. The announcement of Kara’s sister being a lesbian. Then the complete emasculation of James Olsen as he changed from Kara’s love interest into the Guardian of the Friendzone. Followed by the complete emasculation of Superman in the season 2 finale where Supergirl was presented as being more powerful than Superman and capable of beating Superman.

That’s the first time I started to say this show is COMPLETE AND UTTER BULLSHIT.

Men have 8 times more upper body strength than a woman. That same ratio would factor in for Kryptonian biology. So Superman would have beat the living shit out of Kara without trying.

Feminists are all about everything being equal. Even when it’s physically impossible from the standpoint of observable reality.

And they’re all about diversity. Like that shit show of Supergirl a comic featuring the nonbinary Black character. The SJWs saw this as an effort towards diversity, but all I saw was another effort by racists to emasculate Black men.

Because racists can’t have a heterosexual Black man around White women. So they put a Eunuch in his place.

But now that Supergirl has gone full SJW this is where I change the channel. I used to watch Supergirl because it was a fun superhero show that was for viewers of all ages. It was a family show that was all about Kara taking on the bad guys of the DC Universe. Most of the episodes of the first season like the one where she teamed up with the Flash were just like a DC comic book come to life onscreen.

But from the middle of the second season the show has gone from being about superheroes taking on the bad guys into a platform for lesbianism, feminism and feminist propaganda. All the comic book action and adventure has taken a backseat while the social justice agenda has been pushed to the forefront.

And now Berlanti is icing that shit cake with identity politics.

Damn. Just Damn. I guess we’re gonna get a Rape Culture episode next season.

I don’t watch Supergirl for Social Justice. Nor do I watch it for Identity politics. I used to watch Supergirl because I wanted to see a DC Comic book come to life onscreen. And over the last two and a half seasons of Supergirl I haven’t seen anything resembling a DC Comic book onscreen, just Greg Berlanti using Kara Zor-El as his mouthpiece to push 3rd Wave Feminism. Since there’s no hope of this show changing, I’m just gonna change the channel and find something else to watch.


  1. you should know better than to watch any network shit like that anyway Shawn - come on son.

  2. I ended up watching the last 8 episodes or so back to back.... wow felt shell shocked with the SJW crap... to bad. I really liked this show but I am out. Life is to short to waste time on it.

  3. m4ufree - All the cliches in the world are in this show. Stories are very bad, there are some serious doubts about Melissa Benoist's acting abilities, especially when it comes to simulating acting with special effects, like firing laser with eyes. Show has no sense, no meaning, lots of unintuitive characters are brought forward to stretch each episode by fulfilling it about their personal life issues. Well if creators are doing it at least do it a little deeper, so that it will be more thoughtful and can have some impact. The only positive thing in the show is Katie McGrath. Without her acting, this show is lost.
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  4. Supergirl was actually enjoyable in the first season? Felt more like a method to lull you to sleep after all else fails.

  5. After the recent announcement of a trans hero, I couldn't help but roll my eyes. The ratings of "Supergirl" are propped up by DC fans that just want to watch ALL the DC shows. The creators will find out very soon that comic fans will only take so much before they completely jump ship. Even Marvel fans won't stand for this much SJW, PC crap rammed up their a$* .My prediction is there will be one more season and the ratings are going to tank miserably.

  6. When it's cancelled it'll because we are all part of the patriacchy acting to bring it down not cos it's shit or anything

  7. I was hoping the show would do well because my wife loves SG. But even she can't take all the born again sjw preaching. These people ruin a lot of crap so they can feel good about themselves. Those who can't control their own emotions try to control others.

  8. If you notice, all the SJW bullshit has been leaking into the other CWDC shows as well. Actually just all media, shows, tv in general. It’s ridiculous. Also, as a gay guy, all of there gay characters are terribly done, obviously just shoehorned in to appease the sjw/feminist agenda. I hate it. I haven’t even tuned in to it this year, but I no doubt will just to keep up with the CWDC-verse.

  9. I had to tap out too... I kept hoping they'd drop the plot line but no such luck. I hate it too. I thought I was fairly progressive but there's only so much I can stomach.