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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Skrong Ejukated Professional Black Women & Their Unemployed Sons

Many Black women claim to be such big wheels with their college educations and their corporate jobs. However, Black male unemployment still remains high. So why aren’t those Black mothers trying to help get their sons jobs?

That’s a question many haven’t been able to answer for close to 40 years. Black women are supposed to be the most educated and have all these high profile jobs. Many work in Human Resources and know all about the job listings and can easily put in a word with managers for their boys at the companies they work at. However, they never seem to use their education or influence to try to help their sons get that first job that will help them take the first steps towards fiscal independence and fiscal responsibility.

I find it funny how Black mothers, especially Black single mothers will go out of their ways to coddle their sons. They’ll buy them everything from $300 Air Jordan tennis shoes, $400 XBOX 360 and PS4 video game systems, and $200 pairs of designer jeans $800 iPhones and $1000 leather jackets. But they won’t help those same sons find a job to pay their own way in life.

In today’s job market 97% of all jobs are gained through contacts. However most so-called educated professional Black women never use any of their power to get their sons full-time employment. Instead, they let their sons sit in their homes playing video games and having arguments with other grown men on social media.

In the past when Black fathers were in the home, they often made efforts to get their sons their first jobs. As the first contact on a job they’d put in a word with a boss to get a son a job at their company. While it oftentimes wasn’t the job that a boy would want, it usually taught a young man discipline and a work ethic. From that job a boy would learn why it was important to come into work on time and to come to work ready to work every day. 

Moreover, that job taught a boy fiscal responsibility. As a boy worked in those menial positions at those companies, he learned the value of a dollar. To take care of their everyday expenses, like gas, auto insurance, bus fare and lunch, boys would learn how to create a budget. If he really wanted something, like a video game or a video game system, he soon learned he needed the discipline to save his money to pay for it. 

And over the course of a few months or a year, he soon learned the value of time as it related to money. With each day he worked he learned how many hours he had to work in order to have the money to pay for the everyday things he wanted like those video games and designer clothes. All those lessons taught a boy not to take his money or his time for granted.

In addition to learning about the value of a dollar, getting that job helped a boy develop self-confidence. As a boy learned that he could work to meet his own needs he developed the confidence to go out and take the risks that would help him grow up to become a responsible man.  

So why aren’t all the Skrong, ejumukated professional Black women helping their sons get their first jobs? I believe it’s because they’re afraid of their sons having power over their own lives. A boy with economic power has access to economic resources. And those financial resources give that boy a say over his life and what he can do with it.

As long as that boy remains on her sofa in her house playing video games she has power over him. And as long as he stays in that state of arrested development she can delude herself into believing she’s the most powerful person in the room.

However, if that boy starts making his own money he starts taking steps to becoming his own man. And that scares many Black mothers. So she makes efforts to keep her son stranded in a co-dependent state of perpetual adolescence.

Black women claim to be the most educated in the world. Many say they can be both the mother and the father. However, when it’s time to help their sons find their first jobs many don’t make any efforts to help their sons. While they brag about being strong enough to do the work of a man on their high profile professional jobs, it seems like they lack the strength of character to do what’s right for their sons by helping them find that first job that will help them take the first steps to going out to becoming a man.  


  1. Spot-on. As long as that boy needs her for shelter, food and upkeep,she will feel powerful and needed.

  2. As long as the boy needs her for food, shelter and upkeep, she will feel needed and valuable.


  4. Good blog and you are right on the money. They will help their daughters more than their sons. Many of these same women will take credit for their son athletic success but will not take accountability for his failures .