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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

John Haynes: A Conversation With Death Sample Chapter

Here’s a sample chapter of the upcoming John Haynes series teaser book A Conversation with Death. Enjoy! 

Chapter 6

On being met with the scowl from Vance, John points daggers back at him. “I didn’t think Vampires came out in the sunshine.” John says getting up out of his seat.
“We don’t put the bite on people anymore.” Carlotta says as blue flames erupt from her fist. “We put the burn on them.”
Looks like they’ve been promoted to full demons. “So do you wanna be original boss man?” Vance asks making blue flames erupt from his hands. “Or extra crispy?”
John gets into a fighting stance as I slide out of the booth. “Want to watch me rebuke some demons?”
I think I can do more than that. With a thought I gesture and my scythe appears in my black manicured hands. “I can do better than that.”
John gives me a quizzed look on seeing my weapon of choice. “I thought you were a nonviolent entity.”
“I only use this when I have to deal with the more unruly souls.”
“Let’s send some demons into the light.”

John Haynes: A Conversation With Death will be available in paperback and e-Readers on June 19th! You can pre-order your copy today on Kindle!

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