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Monday, November 13, 2017


With the Spinsterella Trilogy finished, I’m getting back into the groove of writing SJS DIRECT Universe titles. I’ve got a lot of great ideas for stories featuring the goddess next door and the Aspiring Angel. And I’m hoping to add a John Haynes series to the mix next year.

I used to write stories for the Isis series and the E’steem series and publish them in the same year. But due to my continuing long-term unemployment and financial issues these days I have a bit of a backlog as related to Isis and E’steem series stories. Right now I have three Isis stories edited and uploaded to CreateSpace and Kindle, and all they need is a cover to be ready for publication. The Bill Walko covers have made a tremendous difference in the way my stories are perceived by customers; they’ve left such a powerful first impression on readers and that’s made me want to hold off on releasing books until I have a quality cover to go on them. That’s what led to the numerous delays in the publishing schedule.

Thanks to donations from readers and YouTube Viewers that paid for the Isis: Samurai Goddess and E’steem: Ascension cover, I’m starting to clear up some of the backlog of manuscripts and getting stories out to readers. And I’m starting to make plans for the future of the SJS DIRECT Universe.

With E’steem: Ascension the first E’steem series story arc is finished. And with her character transformation arc complete, I can now focus on Isis’ and John Haynes’ long-term character transformation arcs as well as plotting E’steem’s second overreaching story arc. With each story all the characters in the SJS DIRECT Universe have been growing and changing as people and the SJS DIRECT Universe has been coming together into an action packed fantasy world filled with positive Black heroes having action packed adventures.

Currently I’m working on outlining the second stage of the SJS DIRECT Universe and setting a course for the characters in it. Right now I’m planning new stories featuring the return of some older villains like The Cybergoddess and creating some new ones like Avarisk, The Tormentor. And I’m outlining E’steem’s first Fantasy Flashback story, one set in Ancient Egypt! I’ve got a lot of great ideas for stories, now I just have to take the time to get to the keyboard to write them.

Back in 2002 when I published the first Isis I never thought I’d get this far. But with God’s help fifteen years later I’m publishing books with covers by professional comic artists and books with quality on the level of any trade publishing house.

I’m still not on the next level yet. But I think I’m making great progress.

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