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Friday, November 24, 2017

E'steem: Ascension Now Available in Paperback and eBook!

E’steem: Ascension Now Available in Paperback &  e-Readers

E’steem: Ascension
ISBN: 978-1973739456

Bad Girl Gone Good! Good Girl Finds Redemption! Finally granted E’steem’s herald power, D’liah begins her quest to ascend to the next level in Lucifer’s Legion by killing E’steem. In her final battle with D’lilah a powerless E’steem must not only face her greatest challenge, but also face her fears and finally confront the inner demons that have tormented her for thousands of years. 

This is the E’steem story you don’t want to miss! E’steem: Ascension is a major turning point for the E’steem character and is the powerful climax of the first E’steem series story arc. This action packed story concludes several storylines that have been building since The Temptation ofJohn Haynes, and the Isis and E’steem series. And it sets up several storylines that are coming up in the future. So whether you’re a long time reader of the SJS DIRECT Universe or you’re just starting out, this is the book you want to pick up!  YOU WILL GET THE FEELS WHEN YOU READ THIS ONE!

And if you’re picking up E’steem: Ascension, don’t forget to pick up many of the titles that are part of the SJS DIRECT Black Friday sale!

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