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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Is Change FINALLY Coming to Marvel and DC ?

Some bad news transpired over the last week at the Big two:

At Marvel Comics  Axel Alonso was just fired. After several years of abysmal sales  the longtime editor-in-chief was finally given his walking papers by Disney’s top management.

And over at Warner Brothers, the Justice League Movie was a flop. Costing over $300 million to make, the film underperformed with a $96 million dollar opening. In the face of bad reviews and weak box office it looks like the nail has been put in the coffin for New 52 era DC once and for all.

Is Change FINALLY coming to the Comic Book Industry? In the face of so much bad news I’m hoping so. 

Many comic fans like myself have been calling for change at DC since 2011 when Dan Didio ushered in the dark and depressing era of DC Comics with the New 52. The same era of comics that was used as the template for Zack Snyder’s dark and depressing DC Cinematic Universe. With the failure of the New 52 Comics at the comic shop and the box office failure of Justice League movie based on the New 52 versions of the characters, Warner executives have been sent a message by comic fans and the general public that they don’t want to see dark Angry DC Superheroes, that they want to see the classic iconic heroes that multiple generations grew up with in shows like Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.

I’m hoping this FINALLY leads to Warner executives cleaning house at DC it’s needed for years. Comic fans have been demanding the gang of five Didio, Lee, Nelson, Harras, and Johns be given their walking papers for eight years. Fifteen if you count the voices calling for Didio to be terminated since he started the decline of DC with Identity Crisis. With the failure of Justice League at the box office the time is NOW for Warner Executives to start a real rebirth at DC by hiring a new editorial team and ushering in the Post-Didio era.

And many Marvel fans have been calling for change since 2015 when Axel Alonso ushered in what many comic fans called SJW Marvel. It’s at where Alonso and his assistant editor Tom Bevroort ushered in the era of “diversity” where characters of color took the place of popular characters like Captain America, Spider-Man, Thor and Iron Man. Unfortunately, sales dropped by 90 percent in some cases, and most fans hated what they called the SJW Marvel heroes. With the near collapse of Marvel a message was sent by readers that they want their classic iconic Marvel heroes generations grew up with.  

Unfortunately, Axel Alonso never got the message. He continued to push the SJW Marvel agenda in the face of the worst sales numbers in the history of the comic book industry in August and a New York Comic Con breakfast, where angry Comic shop owners demanded that Marvel stop publishing SJW comics because the books they were producing were putting them out of business. Looking at the long-term damage to the Marvel brand and the overall comic book industy, someone at Disney finally handed him his walking papers.

Comics are a business. And it looks like many executives who own the big two have gotten to the point where they’re just tired of losing money. With comic shops closing and fans alienated by leftist creators attacking them on social media, it looks like the industry are finally waking up and seeing the reality regarding how dire things are regarding that business.

Could change be coming to Marvel and DC? I’m hoping that this bad news will finally lead to something good happening regarding who works at the Big Two and the comics they publish.

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  1. Yeah no in regards to Marvel Cebluski's first move was to go abroad to find new talent as oppose to trying get home grown talent. And he's still continuing many of Mr. Alonso's plans.