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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Deconstructing the False Narrative of Black feminist Media

In a series of videos I did on YouTube I discussed how Black feminists took control over the narrative in Black mainstream media. In this blog I’m going to deconstruct this false narrative in Black feminist media being presented as Black mainstream media.

The person who controls the dollars is the one who controls the media. And the Black people who controls the dollars is the one who creates the narrative for the Black community.

And the richest Black women in the world like Oprah Winfrey, Shondra Rhimes and Maya Brock Akil and Black feminist supporters like Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry have the money to produce television shows, movies, and the connections to get them greenlit and distributed. And because they have the money to get media made, the way they want they can set the tone for the narrative in those programs.

And that narrative is a Black feminist narrative, not one that presents Black people from a panoramic perspective where we can see Black people from all walks of life. No, in Black feminist media there is only one narrative. That of a downtrodden Black female who is abused by a “no good Black man” who is oppressing her.  In her eyes all Black men are bad, even little boys.

And she needs a White savior or a Nonblack savior to take her away from her abuser.

Even though she omits the part in many of her stories where she was the one who chose the abuser and the situation she got herself in.

What most Black people don’t know is that Black feminists are using mainstream Black media to push a false narrative of Black female victimization. And they use that narrative to bully others in the Black community and censor them.

According to the books, television shows and movies Black feminists and their supporters produce, Black women are being oppressed by Black men.

Again, this is a false narrative.

Black men have never oppressed Black women. In order to oppress someone a person has to have economic power.   

80 percent of Black men are unemployed. So how can they oppress a Black woman?
It’s really ridiculous when you realize that Black women control the economy in the Black community. 74 percent of Black women are the heads of household in Black communities.  

Black women have complete economic control over the Black community due to the economic power given to her by White Feminists and White liberals. Black women can get jobs faster than Black men. And can get hired because they are the most educated group of women in the world. And because they can meet two standards of affirmative action being a female and a minority, they are considered to be one of the most desirable protected classes in corporate America. In public assistance and social programs, most Black women are listed as head of household on leases and have ultimate say over what comes into her home, including the man she involves herself with.   

Those brutish Black men she says are abusing her are usually ones that she chooses to get involved with. Men made poor by the discriminatory policies created by White liberals that benefit her.

If anything Black women have the economic power to oppress Black men. On a Black woman’s word a Black man can be removed from a residence if she calls the police. On a Black woman’s word on the job a Black man can be fired. And if a Black man disagrees with her she can have him ostracized from the Black social collective.

Moreover, Black feminists and their feminist supporters say in their films, books and television shows that Black men are the ones abusing them.

Again, in most cases this is a misrepresentation presented in Black feminist media. It clearly shows how Black feminists revise history to make themselves into victims. The Brutish Black men she says are abusing Black women are the ones she CHOOSES to involve herself with. And she usually chooses to get involved with these men because she can leverage control over these kinds of men because of the economic and political power given to her by White liberals and White feminists.

According to the Black feminist and the media she produces, Black men are violent, abusive, controlling and manipulative. But because most people don’t challenge the narrative Black feminists present in mainstream media, most don’t see how violent, abusive controlling and manipulative Black feminists are to everyone else.

Because most Black men won’t challenge her, many never see how abusive, controlling, and manipulative a Black feminist is. Whenever a Black feminist is called out on her efforts to control and manipulate the narrative of the media she turns herself into a victim. And she uses her position as a victim to control the community and silence voices that present different viewpoints than hers. By saying people are abusing her she silences not only any dissenting viewpoints, but also prevents others from being able to tell their stories like Black science fiction fans, Black Manga fans, Black sci-fi fans and Black Goths. Preventing real diversity from coming to Black audiences and showing how broad Black culture truly is.

Those stories won’t get told because they don’t fit the Black feminist narrative. For the Black feminist the Black world has to be about Black female misery. And Homosexuality. Lots and lots of homosexuality. Not to mention the deification of White and nonblack men as saviors.

The same liberal White men who give the Black feminist control over the media by providing her the distribution channels to get her books, movies and television shows to a mainstream audience. He along with rich Black female producers of Black media like Oprah Winfrey and Shondra Rhimes the one promoting a narrative that degrades the image of the Black man and these days promotes the idea that White men are going the saviors of Black women.

Funny how Black feminist media looks and sounds a lot like White Supremacy? And Black feminists seem to be the enforcers of White supremacy. Ironically by using a victim narrative talking about how she’s being oppressed by Black men, Black feminists use their economic and political power to oppress the Black community and silence any voices that differ from their false narrative.

I find it interesting when Black men controlled Black media they had no problem with the Black feminist having their voice along with everyone else. But when Black feminists got control the media they have a problem with any dissenting viewpoints.

I find it even more interesting whenever a Black feminist is confronted about her efforts to monopolize and control the narrative of Black media she and her supporters get really defensive. They’re the first ones to start shouting how they’re being victimized and abused when they’re the ones trying to control the platform and insisting only those who do things their way are allowed an opportunity on it.

The Black feminists who control Black media have no problem with people like myself creating media like books, TV shows and movies. But they won’t get any mainstream exposure unless they fit into her narrative. The few that do like Birth of A Nation, they make efforts to censor. Because these women have economic power, they use their power to be gatekeepers over Black media. And they use their influence to keep the Black masses spellbound believing they are victims of Black male abuses.

When they are in fact the overseers over the Black community for White Supremacists.

Black Feminism is White Supremacy. And anyone Black who supports Black feminism pretty much is supporting their own oppression. Black feminists want to impose a fascist state over the Black community where Rich Black women establish themselves as a talented tenth group that dictates the terms to the masses of Negroes about how to be Black while they go on to have relationships with the White Man they deify as their God.


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