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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

CW’s FLASH-Another Victim of the Berlanti Curse!

CW's The Flash Season 3 is racing downhill. Why? Because the Berlanti Curse is in Full Effect.

The Flash started its road downhill at the halfway point of season 2. At that point what was once a fun sci-fi show became bogged down in time travel paradoxes. Whenever something goes wrong on CW’s Flash, Barry Allen runs back in time and fixes it. It’s a plot device that has gotten overused and has pretty much run the show into the ground with Season 3’s Flashpoint.

Flashpoint started Season 3 off on the wrong foot. The adaptation of that reviled Goeff Johns storyline has had CW’s speedster stumbling and bumbling through a host of jumbled storylines. As Barry tries to deal with the reality he damaged by his attempt to “fix” his life, the writers do more and more damage to the Flash Mythos on Television.

The biggest atrocity of Season 3 is the total mishandling of Kid Flash’s origin. What’s core to The Flash Mythos is the relationship between Barry and Wally. Barry’s nobility and integrity was something Wally looked up to. It was his inspiration for becoming Kid Flash after the lightning struck him and the reason he took up the mantel of The Flash after he died during the Crisis. That was a great story that was lost due to a pitiful attempt to add “Diversity” to The Flash on TV and the total mishandling of Barry Allen’s character.

The Barry Allen of CW’s Flash is hardly the hero anyone could look up to if anything he’s the real villain of season 3.  While we’re told that the villain is Alchemy, or Savvitar, the so-called speed god, but as I see it Barry Allen is the real bad guy of season 3. If it wasn’t for him creating FlashPoint so many people’s lives wouldn’t have been ruined such as Cisco and John Diggle risk. In fact, if it wasn’t for him creating FlashPoint his earth wouldn’t have been put at risk of invasion by aliens.

And why is the DC TV multiverse about to be in a Crisis? Because Barry Allen is a SIMP. At this point CW’s Barry Allen is such a Simp he’ll literally bend space and time to have his “smooth” world. If anything, Flash Season 3 shows us the damage Simps do because they just don’t have any control over their emotions.   

Because Barry Allen can’t deal with things like pain, loss or getting the girl of his dreams Iris West, he had to run back in time and have himself a tempertantrum. And thank to his selfishness the entire multivese will be put in Crisis of Infinite Earths.

And after creating FlashPoint thanks to his tempertantrum, we’re supposed to believe Barry’s the hero.

I’m sorry, I’m not buying that.

How is Barry Allen the hero when it was his selfishness that led to everything going bad? How can he be the good guy after ruining the lives of his friends like Cisco, family like Wally West and even people like John Diggle all the way in Star City and even Aliens if you believe the convoluted plot device of Legends of Tomorrow? 

I’m sorry that’s not a hero. That’s not someone you can root for. And it’s NOT the Barry Allen of the comics.

The Barry Allen of the comics was a hero through and through. He always made an effort to do the right thing and he always made an effort to stand up for what’s right. Yes he had losses like the death of his wife. But even after he killed the Reverse Flash he still did the right thing. And when the universe was at risk by the Anti-Monitor’s cannon, he sacrificed his life to save it.

The Barry Allen of the Comics would look at this guy racing back in time to create a safe space for himself and get disgusted by his behavior. This Barry Allen is NOT a MAN. For all of his powers, he lacks the character and the resolve and the backbone and the stones to use his powers responsibly.  He’s so caught up in his emotions and his feelings over Iris that he can’t see the big picture regarding his role as a hero and as a MAN.  

The Berlanti writers can’t see where they went wrong with Flash Season 2.5-3. In their attempts two of the worst storylines from the Goeff Johns run Zoom and Flashpoint they’ve set CW’s Flash on a road to disaster. With each time travel story and plot device filled with convoluted jargon they make a show that was fun to watch into one that’s become almost as impossible to watch as later seasons of Star Trek: Voyager.  In less than half a season they’ve turned a likeable hero into an absolute JERK. And they’ve made one of their stronger shows into the weakest link in the CW Superhero lineup.


  1. Indeed, I never liked the Flashpoint Paradox as part of a main continuity altering story. But as far as I know, that, followed by New 52, followed by rebirth is essentially the current Trio of Jokers at DC (Johns, Didio, and Lee) running an eraser on a chalkboard hoping to sell continual rehashes.


    1. Just part of the superhero problem nowadays, so many Super-characters to keep track of, so many Robins and Batgirls, so many Spider-characters, Steve is a part time Captain America since Bucky and Sam have had to replace him for periods of time. Comics publishers have gotta be scraping the barrel's bottom by now.

  2. The story with the new Spider-Man Homecoming trailer looks awful since now Spider-Man has wings under his arms and he glides, which isn't what Spider-Man normally does, except for a rare web parachute trick. Then there is him getting suit upgrades and mentoring on how to be a superhero from Tony Stark, which totally goes against how Spider-Man originally was. He was the first case of a teenager who became a superhero, and carried an independent attitude about it. But now, in the movies, everybody needs Tony Stark/Iron Man's help to be a hero. It is pretty stupid. Even worse, I can't bother with Spider-Man comics because now there are so many Spider-characters running around it is rediculous.

  3. So men can't show emotions, why?