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Friday, July 15, 2016


Okay, I’ve been really busy. Right now I’m working on two projects: The Spinsterella prequel Spellbound, and a nonfiction project inspired by a series of YouTube Videos I did called Why You shouldn’t Hire a Mangina. When I did those videos I realized there were a lot of Simps in the workplace. And I wanted to teach men why they should STOP SIMPIN in the workplace.

Every year men put their careers at risk Simpin and trickin on the job. And they cost their companies billions of dollars in sexual harassment lawsuits and losses from crimes like embezzlement and fraud in their quest to chase the panties of some female on the job. I’m hoping the STOP SIMPIN in the workplace book will help men understand why they need to put themselves FIRST on the job. Because the only person looking out for a man on the job is himself

Anyway, here’s a sample chapter of the book I’m hoping to have out by either the holiday season or early 2017.

Chapter 18 (Tentative)
The Dangers Of He Said, She Said Situations

One of the most dangerous places for a man on the job is working alone in an office or part of an office space with a woman. In those situations a man doesn’t have anyone around to witness what goes on between them. If there’s some sort of workplace issue or personal issue between them, a man can find himself in between a rock and a hard place.
Simps think being alone with a woman in the office is actually a good thing. They believe if they’re alone with a woman they’ll have an opportunity to make a powerful first impression on her. And if an innocent conversation that turns sexual or happens to escalate into horseplay between him and a woman he’s getting brownie points with her.
He has no idea that he may have possibly signed his own pink slip. In some cases he may have even have signed his own arrest warrant. What most Simps don’t know is that being alone with a woman in an office creates a he said she said situation. And in that situation it’s his word against hers.
And usually in the workplace Human Resource managers are going to take her word over his.
Simps don’t understand that predatory women love situations where they are alone with men. Because they know they can turn them to their advantage. Predatory women love getting people’s emotions riled up. And they use people’s emotions to turn herself into a victim and him into a villain. And because most workplaces are gynocentric and most HR people will favor the female, she knows he doesn’t have a leg to stand on in a he said, she said situation on the job.
Predatory women will use he said she said situations to set themselves up for a sexual harassment lawsuit or civil lawsuit. And with only two witnesses they usually win. Because it’s hard for a company to argue against a sobbing woman on the witness stand.
Smart men make sure they keep their professional interactions with women public. And they make sure there are always witnesses around when they are working with women. If they have to work in private with a female they always bring another female employee with them to witness their interaction. Some men make sure to have some sort of recording device on like a Smartphone to have a visual and audible record of their communications. The more evidence a man has to protect himself from a he said, she said situation, the safer he’ll be in the workplace.


  1. I'm a supporter of your work, Shawn, but I have to ask - where are you getting this from? Aren't you self-employed and have not been in a work environment for years? You're talking as if you're a veteran corporate executive.

    No hate here, just asking.

  2. Worked in corporate environments in 2000, 2002 and 2008. And one of those was the STRIVE the leading job readiness workshop in the country at the time. Learned a lot about protocol during my year there.

    I've also got family members who tell me stories about the business world and how guys get caught up dealing with women on the job. Also, I've read articles about guys like Roger Ailes of Fox news and could easily identify the Simp paradigm there.

    The advice given in this chapter came to me from a Black male co-worker back in 2000. Saved my butt back then and I thought it'd save a few more brothers from getting set up by ratchet women. This book is designed to help guys keep their jobs and learn how to deal with women in the workplace.

    1. Ah, thanks for the reply, buddy. The book is definitely helpful, especially for young brothers who have to put up with ratchets in the workplace.

      On a separate note, did you hear that the gigantic coon Leslie Jones has left Twitter because of 'hate speech'? I mean, she has a point but when you act like a fool in front of the world, you should expect a few backlashes.