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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Iron Man is a Black Woman…WTF?

Just when you thought DC had the monopoly on STUPID Marvel does them one better.

Iron Man will soon be a Black woman.

Let me run that by you again. Iron Man will be a Black Woman.

Good Gravy.

Over at Marvel, Tony Stark is Out as Iron Man after Civil War II. And replacing him will be RiRi Williams a 15-year old prodigy who built her own suit of Iron Man armor.

Mary Sue anyone?

I know there’s a need for diversity, but this is ridiculous. How does a kid get access to the specs to make her own Iron man Armor?

Oh wait, BENDIS.  

Does anyone do research on continuity anymore? Back in the First Armor Wars of the late 1980s Tony Stark had Abe Zimmer create a tapeworm go around the world which took his tech off the grid. So how did this kid get the specs for the Iron Man armor?

Oh wait, she’s a Mary Sue, the distant cousin of Wesley Crusher, the kid who could practically do anything the Enterprise crew could despite being a teenager who never trained  a day at Starfleet Academy.

Clearly Bendis hasn’t read the past runs from David Michieline and Bob Layton or Len Kaminiski and Kevin Hopgood. If they read those runs they’d understand the foundations for this RiRi Williams character are RIDICULOUS.

First Jim Rhodes gets killed off in Civil War II doing something as dumb as trying to fight Thanos. Then we get this Affirmative action hire put in his place.

Damn. Just Damn.

Yeah, I know War Machine is a LAME. But putting this diversity hire Mary Sue in his place doesn’t help Marvel long-term. All they’re doing is replacing one LAME character with another. 

Natasha Irons this ain’t. At least she worked right alongside John Henry Irons when he was designing the Steel armor and learned from him. This chick? She’s so smart she can make her own Iron man suit in her dorm room. Seriously, most dorm rooms at college are the size of a walk-in closet.  How would she have space for the suit and the tools to make it in a dorm room?

When I look at this RiRi Williams I see every mistake DC Comics made with Damian Wayne all over again. A know it all who has all the knowledge and skills of Tony Stark but none of the characterization and development. Not to mention life experience. A cipher for Brian Michael Bendis to project his views of the Marvel Universe.

Seriously, does anyone know how to write characters anymore?  A good character with strengths, weaknesses, a personality, a “Voice”. Not to mention a plausible background that makes sense.

First we had Female Thor. Teen Nova. Black Captain America/Falcon. Female Wolverine. Asian Hulk. And Now Black Female Iron Man. And Spider Gwen/Deadpool/whatever character she wants to be at the moment. 

Yeah, it’s time to stop buying Marvel comics. The publishing division is doing a wonderful job of squandering all that goodwill from the box-office success of Captain America: Civil War. In between Nazi Cap and Black Female Iron Man, you just wonder WTF are they smoking at the house of STUPID ideas.

I’m really getting tired of these gender bent Affirmative action diversity characters. Yeah, I know we need more characters of color in comics, but the way Marvel and DC are doing things aren’t helping. Knock-offs of White heroes in a different color and ethnicity isn’t diversity. It’s just tokenism in a brand new box.

In some ways I think these pitiful attempts at diversity at Marvel and DC are passive aggressive attempts at sabotaging any serious efforts at adding characters of color at the big two. They take the absolute WORST ideas for characters of color and publish them as stories. Then when fans complain they say “we tried to create diversity in comics but no one wanted it.”

When in actuality they were FULL OF SHIT.

You know what would really promote diversity at Marvel NEW ORIGINAL HEROES OF COLOR. Characters with their own powers, their own backstories, and their own rogues galleries. But no one in comics today has the backbone or the stones to risk launching a new character.

As a writer who creates Black heroines I’m really offended by this latest genderbent hero over at Marvel. It’s an insult to make a Black woman Iron Man. Black women are constantly presented as masculine in media like Leslie Jones in Ghostbusters 2016. And to call RiRi Wiliams Iron Man just perpetuates the stereotypes like the about masculine Black women even further.

 If Marvel wanted to make a tech based Black female heroine, just create a tech based heroine with her own name, her own backstory, and build up her own rogues gallery. Don’t cop out and give a woman the title of a man.


  1. I agree 100%. Why couldn't they use any of their other existing characters or make her own character?

  2. I agree with you too Shawn. Create a new character called, I don't know, the Iron Maiden and make her like Rhodey's long lost daughter or something. It's still stupid, but at least it makes a little more sense than this crap. So glad I don't read "modern" comics anymore. And Leslie Jones in the new Ghostbusters... cringe! I have no problem with a black woman in the Ghostbusters movie, but I do have a problem when you make that black woman an obnoxious stereotype. Couldn't have Aisha Tyler or Rosario Dawson as one of the scientists, huh? Glad I won't be seeing that awful movie.

  3. Mannnnn, I don't know what the hell us going on at Marvel. A little kid as Iron Man? Captain America as an agent of Hydra? Rape camps in Wakanda? It's like they're trying to find ways to squander all the good will. Do we really need another summer event after the Secret Wars? There's so much potential for new stories right there. Doom's a good guy. The lunatic Ultimate Reed Richards is plotting. Maestro survived Battleworld. Reed and Molecule Man are rebuilding the multiverse.

    You have years worth of good stories right there. How do you beat a conscience free Dr. Banner? What does psycho Reed Richards do to cause trouble? How does Doom go about redeeming himself? What becomes of Latveria and what happened to his tech? I've never written or edited a comic and that was easy. What the hell is going on at Marvel?


    1. The big unipublisher known as DC/Marvel is stuck in the reboot/relaunch game. They only have a short time before relaunching and throwing out the valuable #1s on the shelf, so they tend to do stupid changes in the interim.


  4. Moments of insanity such as this at DC/Marvel make me realize how little I miss buying their comic books. Make her her very own character. How hard is that for DC/Marvel?

  5. And I guarantee you that she'll be a sassy, back-talking type that 'don't need no man'. Black women today honestly disgust me. And with that gigantic she-rilla Leslie Jones cooning it up in the new Ghostbusters movie, I'm not sure how low we can go anymore.

  6. Well everyone, here is the possible answer, Riri may be replacing War Machine after going around as Iron Woman for a bit. Since Rhodes got killed in Civil WAR 2

  7. You could say the same about Hermione Granger because while there is some development for her as I grow older I realise how much of a Mary Sue she really is just like Riri and Damian. But the key difference is that Damian had room for true development Hermione and Riri don't not by much anyway.

  8. Heck yes, she's set to replace James Rhodes. That's how they can check two boxes at once Female? Check. Black ? Check. Hell Yes. Sweet. Now let's find an excuse to kill Bishop, Luke Cage and the others.