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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Shawn Jousts A Wall Street White Knight

Okay, I said I wouldn’t do any more roast blogs. (Trying to be kinder and gentler here for my readers’ sake.) But sometimes I get a comment so ridiculous I have no choice other than to take the ol’ barbecue out of the garage and roast up a Sucka like I did with the Australian SIMP I put on the Barbie last year. If anything, there’s a teachable moment here for guys about SIMPS here in this recent response to the 2012 Why Black women will be single for the rest of their lives blog. His comments in bold, my responses in plain text.

I love black women.

I’m sure you do. This is why you put on your sterling silver armor and got on a White horse to defend them Lancelot.

But then I'm just a white guy. A highly educated white guy - two degrees - and a great job,

He’s a White guy. Big Whoop. And he’s ejumukated. Double Big Whoop. Someone feels intimidated by me and what I’ve written.

$100K question here: How does him being White and ejumukated relate to him loving Black women? Sounds like he’s overcompensating to me. What does your two degrees and your job have to do with your love of Black women?

This is one of the MAJOR mistakes Simps make with women regardless of race on their first interaction with them. Bragging about their accomplishments to anyone without assessing what the woman brings to the table in terms of values or character. This kind of information dumping gives predatory women like gold diggers leverage and allows them to play a hand that allows them to WIN EVERY TIME when they get involved with them.

I'm a stockbroker, which requires brains and a practical bent.
More overcompensation. Again, what does dude’s profession have to do with his love of Black women? Sounds like he’s a little insecure about his dick size.

You do known Writing requires brains too. And being practical. Don’t know what a practical bent is but it sure sounds like the only thing getting bent is Dudes’ two-inch erect penis from the emotional responses he’s written here. Yeah, someone is VERY insecure about their dick size.

 And if black women were like you say they are I wouldn't have been happily married to one for the past six years.

Bravo! *APPLAUSE* Bravo!

You hung in there longer than most of us brothers have with some of these dysfunctional Black women. But year seven is coming up. And that’s usually when some of these dysfunctional sistas start showing their hairy asses to men like you. And that’s when you start heading for the EXIT.

But I’ll be nice and say maybe you got lucky. But many Black women are like the way I say they are. Complete mental and emotional wrecks so FUBAR most men of anyrace just keep walking in the opposite direction when they see them.


I've dated black and white women - they are all individuals to me.

Yeah, they’re individuals to me. Individuals I avoid. Life is so much easier without a dysfunctional female in it giving me grief. Putting myself first allows me to focus on my goals and what I want to do in life.

 Some were a pain, some were a pleasure.

Er…No. Many Black women are a pain. Right in the ass. And if they were so much of a pleasure why are you writing to me to defend them instead of spending time with the one you got? Doesn’t seem like Olivia Pope’s pussy couldn’t be that good could it Fitz?

And I'm not trying to pull online by saying this. I don't need to.

Of course you’re not trying to pull something online by saying this. (Damn, for an ejumukated with two degrees and a six-figure job, your English is absolutely atrocious. Read a fucking book on sixth grade grammar before you post a comment next time.)

But I know what game you’re running. The old White Knight routine. You think by coming in here on your white horse to defend the honor of these dysfunctional Black damsels in distress, and it’ll get you some brownie points with them.

But then I'm not a racist, Shawn.

Er…Not following your logic here. Black people can’t be racist against other Black people. How can someone be racist against their own race?

 Whereas your post could be summed up as a proud declaration of hate.

Good Gravy. What I wrote is a declaration of hate. Just because I present a difference of opinion than that of the White liberal status quo regarding Black women doesn’t mean it’s hate. What I presented was a constructive critique of Black females in that blog, nothing more, nothing less.

 I'm sure Adolf Hitler made similarly sweeping generalisations about black people and jewish people.


Shawn disagrees with my opinion! So I’ll compare his views to someone evil like Adolf Hitler to show everyone how WRONG his position is!

No, I don’t think so. If you read Mein Kampf and you read this blog you’ll clearly see the difference. I’m not blaming Black women for everything that went wrong in the Black community like Herr Hitler did with Jews, nor am I calling for their extermination of all black women like Hitler did with Jews. I’m just presenting constructive critique of this dysfunctional Afro-American female. But thanks for bringing your scarecrow out of storage.

Not sure why you think that narrowing it down to black women makes your viewpoint significantly different.

Er…What makes it significantly different is that I’m presenting a constructive critique of the dysfunctional Black woman’s behaviors and attitudes so she can take a long hard look at herself and make the changes that’ll move her life forward. When 70% of Black women are single, it’s clear they’re doing something WRONG. Most Black women never come to understand that It’s the woman’s job to show a man what makes her attractive in terms of values and character so he’ll see her as valuable enough to forsake all others and offer her an engagement ring. The woman is the helpmeet and she’s supposed to see how she fits into the man’s program.

Unfortunately as long as there are SIMP enablers like you in the picture making excuses for her, this Black female will never have the incentive to do that self-examination and see where she’s going wrong in her life.

All it means is that you're racist and sexist rather than purely racist.

Wow. Just Wow.

Now I’m a racist and a sexist. Just for presenting an opinion you don’t like hearing about your Black queen. Damn, Olivia Pope must be putting the pussy on you like no tomorrow.

Seriously, dude, your Mangina is showing.

I wonder who wears the tampons in your happily married home YOU or your wife. I guess you douche your girlhole once a month too after wifey buttfucks you with a strap-on.

What an achievement.

No, your response is an achievement. An achievement in foolhardiness. You do know this blog is over three years old. And here you are getting pissy about it like a female.

Dude, I moved on from this blog three years ago. Right now I’m taking time out of my summer book promotion campaign just to deal with you and your pissy little tirade so men out there can learn a lesson on how you Simps operate.

No one's buying the - "I'm only saying it for their own good" crap.

Looks like you bought it. You took the time to write an extremely emotional response to a three-year old blog most people have passed by.

They/their does not exist - each black woman who reads your article is not going to appreciate being reduced to an eye rolling, cussing generalisation.

More delicious Irony. Says I’m making a genaralization about Black women, but he himself makes a generalization about Black women!
I love how dude knows exactly what every Black woman who read this blog is thinking. Classic White Knight behavior!

With this use of shaming tactics I really have to wonder if this guy uses tampons and heavy flow maxi-pads once a month. The charge of generalization? That’s something a FEMALE does when she’s trying to shame a man into silence for calling her on her bullshit.

So, you've met black women with attitude.

Yeah, I have. Quite a few. More than I’d like to mention. It’d actually make my day to meet some nice friendly sistas. But with the way many are being raised in these dysfunctional homes…I’m not holding my breath.

 You've met black men and white men with attitude too.

Sure have. And I just met a White boy with attitude just now…You, Mr. Wall Street White Knight. 

 I know I have.

It doesn't make me generalise for the sake of it.

Damn. The spelling! The spelling! I have less education than dude and I can spell words better than he can!

Who’s generalizing? I merely presented an opinion regarding Black women based on my experiences and observations. That’s what people do in things like blogs. Present their opinions based on their observations and experiences.

Get back to us on why 65% of black men are single. I'm sure your viewpoint will be very compelling.

Deflections, deflections. Why are 65% of Black men single:

Let’s see…White liberals like Lyndon Johnson disproportionately drafting Black men to fight the Vietnam War where our best and brightest men were killed off in those jungles. And while those Brothers were fighting that war White feminists took the opportunity to established a gender divide in the Black community back here in America,

Unaware Black women took the side of White Feminists who conned them into believing a pack of lies such as convincing these sistas they were women first and Black second, and telling them they “didn’t need a man”, (Even though God says he made women for Men),

White liberals such as yourself creating a welfare state which told Black women that the Black men who were the fathers of their children couldn’t be in the home in order to receive benefits,

White Liberal HR managers in the 1970s manipulating Affirmative Action and Equal opportunity laws to hire Black women so they could “kill two birds with one stone”, creating the first generation of “Skrong independent Black women”. Effectively this unwritten policy undermined Black men’s positions of head of household within their families and their positions as authority figures in their own communities,

And creating a borderline fascist child support system that punishes men for simply trying to have relationships with their children. Further undermining men’s positions as heads of households and authority figures in their own communities.

All of theses policies created by liberal White men like yourself have kept 70% of Black women single, 65% of Black men single, and lead to 75% of Black children being born out of wedlock.

Of course these are all points I present in my eBook Why 70% of Black Women Are Single. With research to back all of them up with.

I won't be sharing your posts with my wife though because I care about women in a way you could never understand.

No, this pussy beggar won’t be sharing my posts with his wife because he’s too chicken to present her with an opinion that’s different from hers. It’s clear who wears the panties in the family and that’s Mr. Wall Street Stockbroker with two degrees and NO BALLS. This guy lacks the nutsack or the backbone to even present his wife with a simple webpage presenting a difference of opinion to her. Now that’s what I call WHIPPED.

When he says cares about women in a way I could never understand I know dude is completely FUBAR. That statement is CLASSIC Mangina speak. Manginas always profess to be so understanding of women, but in most cases are the guys who will go out and do the worst things to women when they get crossed by one.

Manginas like this always believe they know more about women than women know about themselves, and profess to be so much more understanding of them than “regular” men. But what most women don’t know is that these White Knights often have a Black heart. Underneath that sterling silver armor of these heroes is a man simmering in RAGE. This is why wifey better watch out; this kind of guy is a closet misogynist and all it takes is for her to say something he doesn’t like for him to start calling her out of your name and using profanities regarding her that would make a sailor blush. He may even get violent.

If you want to avoid being made a fool of like this chump pick up a copy of Stop Simpin-Why men don’t need Finance to get Romance Second Edition. In this eBook you’ll learn what NOT to do in the dating scene so you won’t get PLAYED like this idiot.

And if you want to learn more about the tricks of chumps like this pick up a copy of Manginas-They Look Like Men But Act Like Ladies. Every behavior presented by this Wall Street White Knight is featured in the pages of that eBook.  

Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go clean the charcoals out of the Char-Broil, wash it out with a hose and put it back in storage.

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