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Monday, June 22, 2015

Dylan Roof-Anatomy of a Bitch-Made™ COWARD

In South Carolina a few days ago, Dylan Roof decided to shoot up a church and kill nine people in the hopes of starting a Race War.

It truly shows me what a coward he is.

What makes Dylan Roof a Coward? The fact that he went into a Church where people were worshipping God. A place where people were defenseless, unarmed and completely vulnerable. And instead of expressing his hatred to those Black people face-to-face so they could know what kind of person he was and what they were dealing with, Roof took advantage of the hospitality of the Christians who invited him into their house of worship and used that as an opportunity murder them.

Only a coward attacks people from behind. And what Dylan Roof did was the equivalent of shooting an unarmed man in the back. Roof says he wanted to go to a place where there was a predominantly Black population like Charleston, but the real reason he chose that church was the fact he was afraid of being confronted by people who could actually fight back. If he had started shooting on a college campus like he originally planned, chances are, someone might have started shooting back.

Dylan Roof chose that church because he was too afraid to face the Black people he hated so much face-to-face, so he wanted to make sure they were unable to defend themselves before he murdered them.

Yeah, Dylan Roof hated Black people. But he was more afraid of us than anything. If he didn’t have his nine millimeters of courage I doubt he’d have the backbone or the balls to even think about acting on his malicious intentions at that church.

Roof is the kind of overgrown Bitch-Made™ coward who sits in his mother’s basement listening to FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and reading racist websites like Yahoo! and posting to White Supremacist message boards where other insecure White males sit around ranting how much they hate niggers.

But never looking once in the mirror at the person they hate the most.

Roof is no Different than your Pro-Black AFROSIMPTRICK militant ranting about White Supremacy. Or your Arab ISIL terrorist talking about an Islamic State they’ll never build. In their eyes someone else is to blame for them being where they are in life. In most cases most of these insecure inadequate males are still living inside their own heads pointing the finger at some imaginary person who they hold responsible for all the poor choices they made in their own lives.  

Guys like Dylan Roof spend most of their time posing for pictures on their website with their guns and their confederate flags or writing long rants about White Power and how niggers, Jews, and Mexicans are destroying their country, but never taking one moment to examine their behavior and see how they made decisions that destroyed their own lives.

It’s interesting how this ninth grade dropout never once took a look at his own lack of education led to him being in the dysfunctional situation he was in. But co-dependent racists never want to do any self-examination; in their eyes they’re always the victims of some phantom person who is abusing them.

Roof said in his manifesto that the murder of Trayvon Martin inspired him to begin his plans for mass murder of Blacks in Charleston. He felt the indictment of George Zimmerman for murder was unjust and unfair.

Even though George Zimmerman was Hispanic and Jewish. Two of the three races he said he hated so much. But it shows you how illogical Dylan Roof actually is and how much his hatred of Black people blinded him with rage towards everyone.

It’s clear the precedent established first by that Florida court a few years ago, and by our own Black President of the United States and our Black Attorney General a few months ago opened the door for White Supremacists like Dylan Roof to walk through. When Eric Holder gave George Zimmerman a pass for violating Trayvon Martin’s Civil Rights, it gave other sociopaths like Dylan Roof justification to think it was okay to murder and terrorize Black people.

Since Black lives didn’t matter to the two most powerful Black men in the world regarding Travyon Martin, Dylan Roof didn’t see a reason to value them either. Seizing the opportunity to exterminate Black lives, and take back his country, Dylan Roof thought the thought the AME Church massacre as the flashpoint for a so-called “Race War” they thought would change things for the better for White people, and he’d be some sort of hero by all the White Supremacists he hung out with online.

Again, living inside his head the same way James Holmes, Adam Lanza, and Eliot Rodger did.

But in never once looking in the mirror at the person responsible for his situation. The only person responsible for Dylan Roof being in the situation he was in was Dylan Roof.  

What truly makes Dylan Roof a coward were his actions after committing the murders of those nine innocent people. Unlike other Bitch-Made™ cowards like Adam Lanza and Eliot Rodger killed themselves because they couldn’t face up to the evil acts they committed, Roof ran out of that Church and drove around. And when he found out that his act of terrorism didn’t start the race war he imagined in his head, he started looking for a way out.

Don’t let anyone fool you, Dylan Roof was not a victim in any way shape or form. None of the excuses Bitch-Made™ cowards like James Holmes, Adam Lanza and Eliot Rodger tried to use apply here. Dylan Roof wasn’t mentally ill. Nor was he in a drug induced haze. This pathetic little man with a tiny penis was of a perfectly sound mind. He sat there planning the murders of Black people for months with malice of forethought.

Only when things didn’t work out the way he imagined them he ran away like a coward.

In the aftermath of the murders at the church, the coward Dylan Roof wouldn’t even face the families of the people he murdered at his arraignment. Instead of going to court to meet all those people face-to-face, this Bitch-Made™ weasel decided to make his plea in front of a video camera. Showing us all how cowardly these Racist White Supremacists are without their nine millimeters of courage. Again, if this coward had to go face-to-face with Black people expressing his hatred of them, chances are he wouldn’t have the backbone or the balls say a word to them.

What’s even more dangerous than Dylan Roof were the people around him. Many both Black and White knew Dylan Roof had been planning these murders for months. And these enablers lied, denied and made excuses as this sociopath plotted and planned his act of terror. To me, it’s the silence of these people that’s more dangerous than Dylan Roof’s violence. Just like in the case of George Zimmerman, their inaction is what led to the deaths of those nine innocent people. In both cases people knew both of these men were ticking time bombs and just sat there and waited for them to explode.  

Albert Einstein once said “All it takes is for evil to win is for good people to do nothing.” Thanks to so-called good people doing nothing evil won in South Carolina. The sad part of all this is if those good people in that Florida jury and that Attorney General’s office in Washington had taken a moment to stand up to George Zimmerman years ago, a coward like Dylan Roof wouldn’t have had the courage to kill nine other innocent Black people.

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  1. I'm not the type of person to give up just because something gets rough. That's a coward. That's not me. See the link below for more info.