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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tyrelle Shaw, Dylan Roof, Eliot Rodger- When Simpin Gets Violent

Over the last few years men have been committing murders and assaults all because they couldn’t get laid or get a woman paying attention to them.

A year ago Eliot Rodger went on a shooting rampage where he murdered people because he couldn’t get sex out of his dream woman.

In that same year in Long Island a teenage boy murdered a girl just because she wouldn’t go to the prom with him.

It’s also rumored that Charleston Church massacre killer Dylan Storm Roof murdered those nine people because a White woman he was interested in was involved with a Black man.

And recently here in New York Tyrelle Shaw went around asking random Asian women for their phone numbers. And when these freaked out females wouldn’t give him the time of day he assaulted them by hitting them with a weapon. Many required stitches to their faces from the attacks.

All of these cases are clear examples of Simps taking things to extremes because the girl of their dreams wouldn’t pay attention to them. And because these guys couldn’t control their emotions they had violent tempertantrums where they attacked innocent people.

What most people don’t understand are that most Simps are like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Yes, most Simps are friendly and pleasant when they’re getting their attention from a woman they like, but they also dark side. And when they can’t get the girl of their dreams to be part of their fantasies they can make everyone’s life a waking nightmare.

One of the big problems a Simp has is that they tend to fixate on one type of woman and chase that ideal.  Some even obsess over them. In the case of Eliot Rodger and Tyrelle Shaw they fixated on a tall blonde White Women and Asian women. And because they wanted an ideal of a type of woman presented to them from Madison Avenue advertisers and Hollywood movie studios and even porn, they got tunnel vision. That tunnel vision prevented them from seeing anything but that ideal woman they fantasized about.

Regardless of whether or not that was the right woman for them. In both of the cases of Rodger and Shaw, the women they were pursuing were clearly out of their league. And out of their league didn’t mean they were more attractive than Rodger or Shaw, it meant that they had absolutely nothing in common with them.

And because neither had the social skills neither knew how to approach women they wanted to approach they became frustrated. In most cases of these Killer Simps like Rodger and Roof they didn’t even know how to introduce themselves to an average woman let alone the woman of their fantasies.

As their frustration turned into bitterness they began to hate the object of their affection. And if they couldn’t have her, they sought out to hurt her.

 Even though she didn’t exist in anyplace but their heads. In the cases of Rodger and Shaw, most of the women they liked had no idea they were even alive. Rodger didn’t even have the courage to introduce himself to anyone. In Shaw’s case most of the Asian women he pursued didn’t know he was even interested in them until he rushed up to them and made his thirsty pleas for their phone numbers.

All of these cases also show a disturbing trend regarding how men are being socialized. In each of these cases it’s clear that none of these males were taught any social skills regarding how to communicate with the opposite sex at all. Because they weren’t taught how to interact with women, they became frustrated and went on to throw a violent adult tempertantrum when they couldn’t think of a way to get the object of their affection to respond to them.

Men like Eliot Rodger, Tyrelle Shaw, and Dylan Storm Roof never grew up to understand that there’s a lot of rejection when it comes to dating and relationships. Just because a guy likes a girl or a kind of girl doesn’t mean they’ll like them.

And because these men didn’t have any coping skills, none of these men knew how to move on after being rejected. Instead they wallowed in their self-pity making themselves out to be a victim of an imaginary woman or kind of woman who they thought did them wrong by rejecting them.

It’s clear to me many men today aren’t learning a basic tenet of dating and life in general: It takes a lot of NO to get to YES. And a man is going to have to get used to hearing NO from lots of women to hear that YES from one single woman. This is why it’s never smart for a man to fixate on one woman or one kind of woman. The women that may be attracted to him may not have any of the physical attributes of his dream woman.

And in most cases his dream woman simply doesn’t exist. The images Madison Avenue advertisers and Hollywood movie studios produce are ALL FAKE. So pursuing women who fit that ideal is a fallacy.

 Men are also not learning another tenet of dating and life: Sex is not everything. In the cases of Eliot Rodger, Tyrelle Shaw and even Dylan Roof, all these guys probably thought having sex with the girl of their dreams would elevate their social status. And because they chased sex, they objectified the women they pursued. What they actually wanted wasn’t sex. It was what they thought sex would get them: Social currency with more popular men and women and acceptance by them.

Most Simps believe that if they date and have sex with an attractive popular woman they’ll be seen as attractive and popular as well. Not understanding that neither sex nor relationships are social currency. If an attractive woman does take the time to go on a date with a LAME they’re STILL LAME. And if a man is a LAME and by chance he has sex with the girl of his dreams, HE IS STILL A LAME.

And what makes guys like Rodger, Shaw and Roof LAMES are the guys themselves. And that’s something most Simps never come to understand. The reason why guys like Eliot Rodger, Dylan Roof and Tyrelle Shaw couldn’t get the attention of the women wasn’t the women. It was THEM.

Because all these guys lacked self-confidence, self-esteem and had no sense of self worth they were INVISIBLE to most people. And because they radiated no masculine energy none of these guys appeared attractive to any woman.

And as they faded from the sight of both men and women they wound up brooding in their own rage.

What’s most disturbing about this trend with violent Simps is that we’re seeing more and more men having meltdowns because they couldn’t win the affection of the girl of their dreams. It’s clear to me that parents aren’t teaching boys how to pursue relationships with women. In the real world the dating scene is filled with a lot of rejection, and if men like Rodger, Roof and Shaw are the rule these days it’s clear many haven’t been taught how to how approach a woman nor have they learned the discipline or resolve to move on after hearing her say no to them. There are four women for every one man on earth and most of these guys don’t see any of those women because they’re too caught up in a fantasy created by Madison Avenue advertisers and Hollywood movie studios.  

I go into detail about these Kinds of Simps in my eBook Stop Simpin-Why men don’t need Finance to Get Romance. The second edition of this book is FREE on Smashwords. I urge every man out there to download this eBook and read it, it’ll change your life and possibly change your perspective on women and relationships.


  1. Shawn James,

    I want to than you for taking the time to address the evil side of simping. Most simps have an entitlement complex and cannot take rejection. They tend to focus on one type women at the expense of others. When his ideal woman reject his advances, he gets angry and violent.

    There are more of Elliott Rodgers, Storm Roofs in the country than we realize. They are walking among us every day. They could be our co-worker, "friend", etc.

    Once again, Shawn James, Thank you.


  2. You're welcome. I had to address the issue of these simps so people could get a better understanding of their behaviors. These guys can be anywhere and they're a threat to everyone.