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Sunday, February 17, 2013

There Is No Such Thing As A Thug

 There is no such thing as a thug.

What we see in the streets wearing sagging pants, tattoos, durags and walking with a swagger aren’t thugs.

They’re Mama’s boys.

These males who call themselves thugs are usually just the product of a single-parent female-headed household and communities controlled by the Black Matriarchy.

These boys usually grew up in communities where they saw no Real Men in leadership positions. And because they saw no Real Men in leadership positions in their communities, they had no one to set a standard for them to model their behavior after.

And without a balanced male or group of males in the community to model personal intangibles for them such as character, integrity, honor and discipline, these boys grew up learning their models for masculinity from media presented by Madison Avenue and Hollywood. And those caricatured images were usually in three categories:

The Hypermasculine male. A pseudo Alpha Male who overcompensates for his feelings of inadequacy regarding his masculinity. On the surface it appears that he has all the traits of male leadership. He’s full of bravado, loud and boisterous. He walks with a swagger and seems like he is a take-charge individual. However, his posturing and aggression is all a façade.

But scratch below the surface and one soon finds out how insecure these boys are regarding their male identity.

When put under pressure these males often show how weak they are. While Real Men rise to the challenge and overcome adversity by applying critical thinking skills to solve their own problems, the Bitch-Made™ hyper masculine male often turns to the leadership of a female to help him deal with his problems.

The sensitive/soft male. A male who tries to hide his masculinity because he has been made to believe his male identity is something to be ashamed of. The Soft or Sensitive male is usually a male who is doing their best to not be like the “evil” father who abused their mother. The males who fall into this category are usually “Nice Guys”, Simps, and Manginas.

Or the asexual male. Boys who are raised to be asexual have suppressed most of their masculine energy altogether. Worse, they suppress their sexual energy. Usually the product of strictly religious female headed homes, these boys are taught from a young age not only to be ashamed of their masculinity but their sexuality as well. The males who fall into this category often grow up to become sexual deviants with secret addictions to pornography, patronizing prostitutes, or sexual criminals like pedophiles and rapists.

The thug is gets most of his character traits from the hyper masculine model of Matriarchal manhood. Usually the Thug male is trying to compensate for his feelings of inadequacy and insecurity regarding his male identity. In an attempt to he takes his external male character traits to an extreme. While neglecting his internal character traits.

Because his internal male character traits aren’t nurtured or developed by other males in the community who will teach him how to think logically and critically, the hypermasculine male is an emotional thinker like the woman who raised him and the women who he sees as leaders in his community.

This is also why the thug is more interested in feminine things like shoes, clothes and his hair. Why he's more interested in owning things like bright colored sneakers and jeans. Why he loves do dish and spread gossip and spread rumors. Why he aspires being an entertainer or sports star. Like a beauty pageant queen and the "Divas" Single moms who raised him he lives to hear the cheers of the crowd. Acquiring all these feminine internal traits is the reason why he'd rather get everyone's attention for being on a theater stage  than learning concepts like math and science that allow him to innovate on a world stage  like Real Men do.  

And it's  why the Thug male often is so violent. Because he’s insecure about his masculinity and his male identity, he’s often eager to prove to anyone, especially another male how much of a man he is. In an attempt to prove his manhood to others, he walks with aggressive body language, dresses in what he believes to be intimidating clothing uses profanity as a dialect and engages in the most savage acts of violence.

Caught up in his emotions, the thug male never thinks logically about the long-term ramifications of his actions. Like the female who raised him, he only thinks about gratifying his short term perceived personal needs.

This is why for all their bluster, macho and bravado, the average thug cannot lead like a Real Man can.

Instead, he is often led by the females of the community.

And the females in the Black Matriarchy love the thug not because of his swagger but because at heart he’s a mama’s boy. A weak, emasculated man they can easily control and manipulate. A man dependent on a woman for his needs and his care. A man they can use as a tool towards protecting and preserving the institution of the Black Matriarchy.

Which is just a subsidiary of White Supremacy.

The Thug is nothing more than the unwitting pawn of Black Matriarch overseers and White Supremacist slave masters. He is the enforcer they use to keep the Black masses in the inner-city impoverished and oppressed. A man without an identity or knowledge of self, he is used by both White Supremacists and Black Matriarchs to cripple the economy of the Black community and keep it co-dependent on a system of government handouts.

Thanks to his terrorist campaigns, decent brothers and sisters can’t build businesses and wealth in our communities. And thanks to his Matriarchal supporters those same brothers and sisters can’t establish a quality of life that benefits anyone who isn’t on public assistance, government programs, or lives a criminal lifestyle.

As I stated before, A Thug is not a man. It’s a false identity created by White Supremacists from Madison Avenue and Hollywood to give the lost confused Black male an external façade of masculinity while sacrificing the internal character traits of true Manhood. A Black man can only learn how to be a Real Black Man from a relationship with other Real Black Men. 

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  1. hey shawn
    what is ur opinion on “Blaxploitation and black panther
    movement ? according to an article by jonas e alexis
    he states “Blaxploitation was Jewish revenge against the anti-Jewish resentment which had spread throughout the civil rights movement during the late ‘60s and found its culmination when Stokely Carmichael expelled the Jews from SNCC…

    “The success of Blaxploitation films meant that Hollywood had reasserted its control over the black mind after the anti-Jewish uprising at the end of the civil rights movement.

    “Blaxploitation meant the end of whatever black solidarity the civil rights and black power movements created. It also took everyone’s mind off the fact that up until Blaxploitation, pimping, like pornography, was largely a Jewish business.

    “By glamorizing the pimp, Hollywood created an internal front in the black community that has perdured until the present. The valorization of the pimp meant that it was perfectly acceptable for black men to exploit the weaker elements of their community in a way congruent with Capitalism, but at the same time, it prohibited criticism of the Jewish financial exploitation of the Black community that had been a staple of black nationalist critique from Marcus Garvey up to Minister Farrakhan.

    “Blaxploitation allowed Hollywood to exact revenge on uppity niggas like Stokely Carmichael and make money in the process. No wonder Joel was ‘all happiness.’ That paradigm shift would also have serious implications for black women.”[31] When “blaxploitation” eventually became the norm, crime rates also skyrocketed:

    “In 2014 there were 432 homicides in the city of Chicago. During the week beginning October 18, 2015, four people were shot and killed in the city of Chicago and 34 people were shot and wounded. During the month of October 2015, as of October 24, 21 people have been shot and killed and 136 people have been shot and wounded.