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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Beware the White Knight Mangina

Beware the White Knight Mangina.

On the surface The White Knight Magina appears to be a hero by  breaking up arguments and getting between a man and a woman who are about to get into a physical altercation. But the man on the white horse in the shining silver armor who gallantly comes to the rescue of damsels in distress usually has a black heart.

What women don’t understand is that the brave man who appears to comes their aid when they’re having an argument is no hero.

The White Knight Mangina doesn’t do good deeds for the sake of doing them. No, he does good deeds for women in the hopes of getting some pussy. He hopes that by stopping an evil rapscallion that fair ladies will see him as this valiant and courageous man. That they’ll drop their panties and offer him a chance to stick his long hard lance in their warm wet space.

Like Captain-Save-A-Hoe, The White Knight Mangina is nothing more than a cowardly opportunist who looks to capitalize on emotionally vulnerable women. A parasite scraping at the bottom of the barrel in the dating scene leeching onto troubled women.

There’s nothing noble about the White Knight Mangina. He’s a coward doesn’t have the courage to approach a woman directly, so he tries to court women by pretending to be this gallant hero who comes to her rescue.

Not understanding most of the women he courts are usually attached to other men.

On top of being attached to other men, these women are dysfunctional. Extremely dysfunctional. The White Knight Mangina often believes that the woman needs to make a better choice.

And the better choice in his eyes is HIM.

That’s right The White Knight sees himself as the man of a woman’s dreams. In his eyes he’s supposed to be the one who is supposed to be with the fair damsel. And the only way to win her heart is to slay the evil rapscallion. Or at least discredit him.

Like any other Mangina, The White Knight believes that he’s better than other men. And because he thinks he’s better than other men, he feels that he’s entitled to have a relationship with the woman of his choice. Unfortunately, he lacks the social skills to court a Real Woman. So he fixates on troubled and dysfunctional women who he believes could benefit from his “help”.

So he circles outside of a dysfunctional relationship like a vulture waiting for it to show signs of distress. And when he sees fatal signs of his victim’s relationship in its death throes, he swoops in to get first dibs on the female's carcass.

When he sees a dangerous situation like a heated argument or a domestic violence incident going on, He’s the first to be there to break up the fight and offer a shoulder to cry on. And before the relationship is even over, he’s the guy who comes in with offers of a place to stay, money to get started or other “help”.

Help that makes him appear to be noble. Help that makes him appear to be supportive. He knows she’s emotionally vulnerable. He knows she’s not thinking rationally. He knows it’s the easiest way to score some pussy.

Usually soon after the woman gets through with her histrionics and drama with her current man and talks about leaving him, the White Knight Mangina states his true intentions to his fair lady. Talking about how things would be different with him. How he’ll treat her right. How he’ll be her Knight in shining armor and her protector.

But who will protect the dysfunctional damsel from his lecherous advances?

The irony is that the White Knight Mangina’s nobility often covers his dishonesty. Under his fa├žade of gallantry and honor is deceit and lies. Instead of approaching a woman up front and stating his intentions, this slimy prick comes in from the side seeking to make moves on someone who is already involved in a relationship. Instead of dealing with the constant rejection of the dating scene, he scavenges the remains of someone elses’ troubled relationship to take their woman.

That’s what makes these guys villains. They don’t do any of their good deeds to help a troubled woman escape a dangerous situation, but to achieve their own selfish motives. For them the troubled women they involve themselves with are an easy way to get laid.

Ladies, The White Knight who wants to save you usually has a black heart. Most Manginas don’t have the social skills or the courage to approach a woman face-to face and state their true intentions. So these rats have to dumpster dive around the garbage cans of the dating scene looking for other people’s relationship scraps to prey on. Let these predators know that they’re zeroes not heroes.

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