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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

American Women Have Had Sex with 60 to 80 men on Average WTF?

I was doing some research when I learned about a disturbing statistic:

The Average American Woman today has had between 60 and 80 sexual partners before she turns 30.


That’s a lot of dick. I mean a lot.

 Shawn hasn’t even jerked off 60 to 80 times in the last five years. Yes, Shawn has amazing self-control when it comes to his manhood. And that’s why he’s so disappointed with the American woman. He thought she had a much stronger resolve.

But 60 to 80 men by the age of 30? Just…wow.

30 years ago those would be the number of men a porn star slept with in her whole two to three year career. And that’s including the casting couch.

50 years ago that’d be the number of men a prostitute slept with in a quarter of a year.

With those numbers, if most American woman had an odometer on their vaginas it’d probably say TO BE CONTINUED.

I’d have to say those statistics are fairly accurate. If one counted down from the number of men and boys a girl has had sex with since she was about 12 or 13 (the time girls usually become sexually active in America) it’d come out to about 60 or 80 men by the time she turned 30.

If this is thecase, an American woman’s pussy has been run through about as much as the 4,5, and 6 trains going through Grand Central here in New York here in a couple of hours.

After reading these statistics I can honestly understand why European, South American, Asian and Islamic men call the American woman the biggest whore in the world. Who has sex with that many men? And what kind of society would consider being that promiscuous normal?

Seriously, after getting pumped and pounded down by that many men can a woman even feel anything between her legs? How does she even know that she even has a penis inside her after having so much sex with so many men?

I’d think that her vagina would be numb after being penetrated s by that many men.

Now I understand why the venereal disease rates in America are so high. Why there’s so much herpes and HIV among American men and women. Why our abortion rate is close to 60 percent here in the Bronx alone.

And I also understand why American women aren’t considered marriage material by most American men. What man wants to marry a woman if she’s giving herself away to just about every man who will buy her a plate of dinner at a restaurant or buy her a cup of coffee? What does that say about her values? Her character? What man would want to build a family and a life with a woman who sells herself so short and values herself for so little?

Is all the American woman has to offer a man is what’s between her legs? Whatever happened to what’s between her ears? Whatever happened to things like personality, character and spirit? What happened to courtship? Conversation? A sense of humor? Charm? Charisma? Or is it just all about bumping uglies for the American woman?

Now I understand women are very sexual. And sexual expression is a natural part of life. But there has to be more to male-female relationships in America than sex.  

Personally I find Pussy to be overrated. As I see it, there are practically two hundred million vaginas out there in America. And they’re practically all the same. It’s the person they’re attached to that’s who is most interesting to me. I can’t get to know her if she keeps putting pussy in my face.

Besides, when it comes to vaginas, after years of wear and tear from sexual misuse and abuse they’re broken down and worn out. How can a man feel anything when she's not only physically numb but emotionally numb as well?

Here’s a question I want to ask American women: If a woman tears her body down pleasuring a bunch of strangers how can she provide sexual pleasure to the man who would become her husband?

She can’t.

God never made women to abuse their bodies like this. Sure the Vagina is a resilient organ, but I know it wasn’t designed by our Lord to be used like an expressway for multiple penises to run through. God made our bodies to be temples for the Holy Spirit to dwell in. To lie down with so many different people is turning God’s temple into a toilet bowl. A filthy disease encrusted toilet bowl.

No wonder most of these American women are so crazy and emotionally unstable these days. With each sexual encounter a woman has with a man she gives a part of herself away emotionally. And by the time a woman gets through having sex with 60 to 80 men who don’t care about her, she’s emotionally disconnected and spiritually empty on the inside. When she meets the man who could possibly be husband material in her late 20s and early 30s  she’s got nothing to offer him mentally, emotionally, or spiritually because she’s given all of herself away to every Tom, Harry and Dick Johnson out there.

American women need to see how they present themselves from a Real Man’s perspective. What Real man wants to be involved with a woman who uses her body as a toilet bowl? What Real man wants to bring such a woman home to his mother to present as his future wife and life partner? What Real man wants to tell his family and friends he’s marrying a woman who has herpes, HIV, mental health issues from emotional issues, or illegitimate children by other men?

Sure, we Real Men aren’t expecting to pull a virgin on our wedding night. But we’d like to think we could find a woman of decent values and character when we do think about making a long-term commitment like marriage. A woman who has been with 60 or 80 men isn’t someone I’d want to bring home to my mother and my family to present as my future wife. Nor is she someone I’d want to build a home and family with. She’s someone I’d make every effort to avoid.

Ladies, Sex is more than physical act. It’s a mental emotional and spiritual connection that two people share when they want to express their love and affection for each other. Value yourself enough as a woman to only share the most intimate parts of you with those who see you from the neck up, not the waist down. God didn't make your body to be a toilet bowl, so stop flushing yourself down the drain with these men.  


  1. what's crazy is when they bang madd guys and then say "why won't anyone commit to me!"


    because you have made it unnecessary!

    this one girl i know is always with a new guy and i wonder if and/or when she will get tired of that lifestyle

  2. Where did you get your statistic?

  3. Perfectly Written.Good Job

  4. If that statistic is true, then that's horrible...yet I cannot bring myself to judge them so harshly. I'm sure they've been with as many men, as men had been with women. It's also technically impossibly for your vagina to "wear and tear" since it is a muscle, tightness is dependent on age and genetics. I

    I do agree though on how sex holds less value in this country, since its offered so freely. Please don't follow that double standard.

  5. Without writing a book,American women are insane,thats why I now absolutely avoid American women.Its flippin obvious at this point.

    I find your not in a relationship with a woman at all,your adopting a child financially and emotionally like a child who will refuse to work,even when no children are in the relationship.

    American women are strong and independent victims....I haven't had sex in years by choice,since the last woman I encountered told me she had been with 50 plus men.I almost threw up after she told me this,I went and got an aids test done immediatley and no longer worship the golden vagina gods....