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Monday, December 17, 2012

Support The Work Of Independent Self-Published Authors This Holiday Season!

This Holiday Season many will give out books and gift cards as Holiday gifts. If you’re looking for books to give out to friends and family as presents, please consider giving the gift of books by Independent self-published authors like myself.

Independent self-published authors like myself offer a variety of great titles in fiction and nonfiction genres. Unique books with unique perspectives and one-of-a-kind stories.

All the titles I offer in eBook and paperback! Give them a try this Holiday Season! 
Want to share the story of that obscure historical figure? Give the gift of an independent self-published book. Want to share that great story you read in a unique genre like African-American fantasy or African-American Sci fi? Give the gift of an independent self-published book. Want to share that interracial romance? Give the gift of an independent self-published book. Want to share that lighthearted romantic comedy? Give the gift of an independent self-published book. Want to share the art of screenwriting and television writing? Give the gift of an independent self-published book.

And if you want to share great stories with your children Independent publisher like myself offer a variety of titles aimed at Independent readers, teens, tweens, and young adults.

There’s no reason to be apprehensive about buying or trying books by independent self-published authors. Over the past decade, most authors like myself have improved the quality of their published books to the point where they’re on par with any paperback sold by a trade publisher on a bookstore shelf.

Some titles are so great that they receive critical acclaim from book clubs and readers who can’t tell the difference between an independent self-published book and one from a trade publishing house!

What makes today’s independent self-published books great gifts are that most titles cost about the same as a regular paperback or a regular eBook title. Some like mine even cost as little as 99 cents!

And during this Holiday season many new titles like mine will be available for free on Kindle the day after Christmas for you to try out!

So if you’re online and you’re looking for a gift or if you’ve received a gift card for a place like Barnes & Noble or please try a paperback or an eBook from an independent self-published author. You may find a new favorite author!

Free with code RA65B Until Jan 13th!
Along with several other titles I’ll be giving away on Kindle like Isis: Amari’s Revenge, this Holiday Season from December 25-26th, I’ll be giving away a free copy of All About Nikki Sensational Season 2 Sneak Preview on Smashwords until January 13. All you have to do is put in coupon code RA65B when you checkout!

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