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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How Tattoo Ink Can Cost A Woman a Wedding Ring

Ladies who are considering getting a tattoo here’s another reason to think before you ink: That ink could cost you a wedding ring.

Ladies you may be trying to make a statement about yourself with that ink on your skin, but it sends a unwritten message to men about you.

That you’re a whore.

Historically, tattoos on women have been associated with prostitution. Pimps used to tattoo the backs of their prostitutes to denote that a woman was his property. To send a message to other pimps and to the johns she was having sex with that she belonged to him.

Tattoos on a woman’s body tell a one story to a man: That she’s an easy lay. A one-night stand. A woman to be pumped and dumped and passed on to the next man for a sexual conquest.

The woman with tattoos on her body is the type of woman a desperate man will take to a motel bed for a quick fuck, but she’s not the woman a Real Man is going to bring home to his mother to present as his future wife.

Tattooed women may suck on his thing, but they never get the ring.

So women, you have to ask yourselves: Do you want to be his wife or do you want to be his whore?

Because he’s only going to let you be one of the two.

And when you choose to get a tattoo, most men are automatically going to put you in the whore category.

As a woman is that what you want to say about yourself?

Because that’s the message you’re sending out there to men when you get those colorful tattoos embedded into your skin.

No matter how cool Madison Avenue and Hollywood try to present them as, Women who get tattoos are always seen at the bottom of society by most men. Very few of those tattooed females we see in the public eye are married and even fewer are married for 10 years or longer. Most of celebrities we see with tattoos like the late Amy Winehouse are some of the biggest mental wrecks in society. Women with drug and alcohol problems. Women with mental health issues.

Women who no one but a desperate man wants but for an easy lay on a Saturday night in a cheap motel. Because he’s definitely not bringing a her back to his house to be around his family and friends.

Again, is that who you want to emulate? Is that who you want to be like? The the lowest of lowlifes. Bottom feeders. People with no sense of self-esteem or self-worth.

Ladies, if you don’t love yourself enough to value the body God gave you how can men see you as someone they value in their lives?

And there’s the truth about women who get tattoos: They don’t love themselves. They feel the body God gave them wasn’t good enough. So they try to change it.

And they keep trying to change it to get more and more attention from other men. That one tattoo soon becomes three. And three becomes five.

And soon the outside of a woman’s body becomes just as ugly as the woman feels about herself on the inside.

A woman who values themselves doesn’t need to tell a story with some picture of someone else’s logo on their body or some generic rose or whatever icon they embed into their skin. They’re intelligent enough to tell their own stories about their own lives. They’re confident enough to go for their own dreams. They can win a man’s heart by showing how great they are through their actions, not disfiguring their bodies.

Ladies, in order for a man to find you attractive, you have to value yourself as a woman. You have to see the beauty in who you are from the inside and let it radiate to the outside. When you put a tattoo on your body it says you don’t have any confidence in yourself. That you need something to get his attention other than who you are. And that you’re as forgettable as whatever design is on whatever part of your body.

Again, ladies think before you ink. That $25 butterfly or whatever else design could cost you a wedding ring and a husband. Men don’t take tattooed women home to meet their mothers. They leave them to let themselves out at the motel room when the hour is up.


  1. I am covered in tattoos. I am engaged, successful career, I even took my future mother in law to a tattoo shop with me so she could get her first tattoo.
    I have only been involved in serious relationships, never a "one night fuck"... I am not alone... I have an endless list of women who are on the same boat as me....

  2. Wow, an exception to the rule. You got lucky. But Tats are a turn-off for most men. No man wants to bring home a tatted up chick home to his family. It just says she's LOW CLASS.

  3. You talk like I am the only woman alive with tattoos and in a committed relationship. Yet what about tattooed males? Who will they commit themselves to?
    I am merely the only one who has spent a moment of their time to disprove your logic that really has no proof or sense of logic. I am not arguing that some men do feel this way. There is a mass amount of men that are a part of tattoo culture along with women. When someone is seeking a man/woman for a life partner, usually you look for someone with similar interests. Your article just screams misguided rage that comes out in the form of a judgmental article. Excuse me while I kind of chuckle at this mediocre attempt to create some form of a valid argument that tattoos are in anyway promiscuous or affect a woman's ability to find a husband.

  4. Blah, blah, blah, shaming language...Blah, blah, blah, defelection about men, blah, blah, blah...bullshit.

    Tattoos will be held against you in society at large. They're still considered with low-class people like ex-cons, prostitutes, porn stars, and strippers.

    Now a few of these two-bit celebrities may have upped their "cool" factor, and the sheeple may have eaten up the crap, but you will be seen negatively. I find it funny how people today are expressing themselves by wearing someone else's logos and corporate symbols on their skin and not something they design themselves. Hilarious. You laugh at my article, but I laugh at you, because you obviously don't understand the game out here when it comes to social rules.

    The truth is that the old boy system that run this country frown on tats.How many CEOs do you see with tats? how many politicians? How many world leaders?


    The people who sign the checks in this world are TAT FREE. And the people who work for them in the upper echelons of society have clean skin. I'm telling women that if they want a husband who can provide for them or if they want to move up the ladder, to avoid the skin art. It turns men away and makes you look like a whore. No man but a thristy simp wants to bring some chick home with a bunch of skin art all over her body to meet his parents.

    If you think the tats are so great, Come back to me in 10-15 years when that ink is faded out and your career has stalled.

  5. So the only one who can provide and who can be successful are the CEO's and politicians and what not?
    Social work, social services, healthcare, corrections, the arts, entertainment, etc... are just some of the fields of work where it doesn't matter what is on your skin and sometimes can even be an asset.
    Basically the tattoo population are being separated from "upper class" society in just one of the thousands of way we are already separated.
    Music taste, fashion sense, mode of transportation, income, living situation, etc...
    Basically your telling me I can't marry a CEO? THANK GOD!
    For every CEO, politician, lawyer, and what not there is... there is 100 musicians, social workers, prison guards, police officers, artists, mechanics, engineers and so on. There is more middle class then there is upper class. These men are fully capable of providing. But then again since when does a husband suddenly need to be the provider. Why does a woman need to marry and be taken care of? I thought I was getting married because I was in love not for his money. My fiance is a golf professional in the CPGA where tattoos aren't exactly accepted and look at this crazy fella putting a ring on a tattooed girl. The other golf pro's and course owners LOVE THEM! Again I am just one person but I am the one person who is contacting you. No one is alone in this world.
    But my point is, he is fully capable of providing for me, along with the other middle class men who have tattoos or like tattoos. But I choose to work as a counselor as well and we both bring in our more then steady income.
    I don't need to get my tattoos removed or not get them at all, just so I can find some politician to pay my bills.

  6. Meh. You got lucky.

    But all these little girls and young women out here aren't YOU. Here in the Black community having tats are a STRIKE against you and that's in addition to a Sista's Black skin. Two strikes against them and that's before they open their mouth. In my community it works against our women to have skin art.

  7. And I can respect that.
    All communities are different. I live in a community that has over 40 shops in one city and surrounding area.
    I just wanted to share with you what a different community/region is like. It isn't just this city and region, I do enjoy traveling for the sake of art. I like to go look at museums and galleries in other cities here in Canada and to say that I get a great deal of positive reactions about my tattoos would be an understatement. Lawyers, doctors, police officers, museum directors, artists, etc... Yes I do get some guys that clearly want a one night stand, yes I do get guys that are living off of government assistance and what not don't get me wrong.
    But maybe the article needs to specify people in your region versus making it such a broad term.
    It's your article obviously I am not telling you what to do, just feedback.
    I enjoy a discussion with differing opinions so doesn't bother me none.
    But my point in this comment is that you seem to be now discussing the area you know. I have friends all over the world, I am in Canada and so on. It is way more accepted then it is I suppose in a "black community" as you put it. I can appreciate the differences because that's one of the many things that makes our world so exciting.
    Again, yes I am one person. But I am far from alone. My personal facebook has 900 friends, and a lot of tattooed individuals, 400 on my instagram with a lot of tattooed individuals. Married to a various amount of people with different careers and education.

    I am sure it won't be hard to find plenty more.

  8. Anything is hard to find when you don't believe in it or deny its existence. So hopefully after all is said and done you might see them now..... Or maybe I'm a hopeless dreamer, who knows.

  9. Not only am I a black woman, I also have tattoos. Ive only been in serious relationships (2 to be exact) and I'm married with 2 beautiful kids (let me add that they both have the same father and he is my husband).... I am also a homeowner before the age of 30, I am intelligent and I never had to whore around to accomplish anything. To say that my skin color is a strike against me is pretty ignorant and just plain rude. I understand the importance of presenting oneself with class and believe me I am very polished. My tattoos are of famous art pieces and quotes from my favorite literature. I have seen these women you are describing and I too get digusted by tattoos when they are done poorly. I do agree that they are inappropriate for certain careers but there is makeup now that is made specifically for covering tattoos temporarily. I find the fact you had to bring up the words "black community" a bit tactless. Its as if Stacy were proving you wrong so you had to say she was an exception. Im not sure where you're from so I can only comment on my surroundings. I live in a diverse area and god help me I have seen some of the most thoughtless tattoos on both women and men of all races. I dont understand why your article singles out women either, as if we are all waiting for some prince to sweep us off of our feet. Its a bit chauvinistic and yor comment was just a tad racist. Thats like me stating all white men are ignorant freckled and eat hostess 24/ 7. Lol see how silly it sounds to make generalizations? Im proud of the artwork I wear on my skin they all symbolize a chapter in my life. They all have a deeper meaning and I wear all that I am passionate about on my sleeve (literally). Your article should have focused on the poor decision making women with mindless badly placed slutty tattoos. Either way you got me to read it so I suppose it was at least thought provoking. Just know that judging people based on exterior causes you to miss out on some really decent and amazing people. I wish you all the luck in the world and I hope you remember that you are in a position to make a difference in this world as opposed to perpetuating negative stereotypes.

    1. and further more please don't think that because you
      are a man of color that its not a racist comment. I am responding to you the same way I would respond to anyone. .. I am not factoring in your race because its irrelevant.

  10. oh how i wish women would

    1. get this post before getting a tattoo


    2. "get" this post at all as in "understand" it

    because everything you said here was on point bro

  11. Read the comments carefully James. I'm sure your able to comprehend the rebuttal if you were able to get through the blog.
    i doubt i need to retype the same messages for you

  12. Ill just say this: Some women have to learn the hard way. Life can kick you in the ass when you refuse to listen to people who know better.

  13. And what qualifications do you have to tell me you know better than I do? Please enlighten me I'm dying to hear this one :)

  14. Doctorate In Hard Knocks. Living here in the Bronx I've seen people screw their lives up by bad decisions and learned hard lessons from them.

    Also worked at the STRIVE program with ex-offenders, drug addicts, single mothers who all REGRETTED and LAMENTED all the bad decisions they made like getting pregnant at an early age, going to prison for stupid shit like fighting over a girl and ....getting tattoos on their bodies.

    But you know better than me.

  15. I was an addict who is fully recovered as of just over 4 years ago, have seen more then one section of the planet, and i am a social worker so offenders and addicts are just my Tuesday.

    Please reconsider your field is mere tattoos cause you to impose your judgments on others.

    Its impossible for anyone to be 100% confident how this world works, how society works and human emotion and reaction. The only thing you can guarantee is you don't know everything about anything. No one will or can. So do yourself a favour and save the misguided judgmental blogs for a situation where you have some form of credibility.

    sincerely: heavily tattooed, engaged, successful mother with several job offers and excellent dating experiences.

  16. I'm glad you were able to turn your life around. I hope everything works out for you. But It's not gonna change my position on tattoos.

  17. I respect and accept your opinion. agree to disagree :) didn't expect to turn you into a tattoo lover but i always enjoy a good debate

  18. that is so sad...that post made me cry. I am not low class, I am mother, I have college degree and I am very smart lady. I had scar from youth on my arm and I covered it with a big girly's cute, but now I saw that... I don't wanna live in world with guys like you. I curse You. You are bad person...people like you deserve to die. I hope that karma will touch you. You are using bad words, you are ignorant. YOU ARE LOW CLASS AND PEOPLE LIKE YOU! You are scum. Live and Let Live...or yust die.

  19. for your information, most of the world's leaders have a tattoo because they are freemasons and most freemasons had/have tattoos.
    Royal Family members in Europe were tattooed, also members of various elites and Queen Victoria had one.
    There are reasons why tattoos are not for everyone. Think.

    from own experience.

    All people in high positions already carry department respected the dress code. You don't know if they have or they don't have tattoo. But I know. I am from Finland, that's normal here and we all know that our society is best built. Vikings had tattoo, in norse history tattoo was simbol of power and health for male and female (they had equal status as head of the family and warriors). It is ironic that the tattoo actually strengthens immunity and lymph. You think like a low class...this post is a shame for today civilisation and all that we have (as a species and souls) accomplished so far.

  20. Good Gravy. Why do I get all the crazy people?

    Wishing someone death over a blog post? So emotionally immature. You curse me? *LAUGHS HYSTERICALLY*

    Grow up.

    Just because someone writes something that disagrees with your way of life doesn't mean you go into histrionics.

    And tats in ancient history have nothing to do with today. Today women are running around getting this ink and decent guys will just pass them by. A man's woman is a reflection of him and most decent men don't want a woman who looks like a biker chick on his arm when he goes to take her to meet his parents or his boss.

    1. Ignorant :D my boss is freemason in and he have sleave...I didn't know that for 3 years working in firm...he loved my tattoo when he saw it. Tattoo today is newage stuff, it's new elite...but it's important what tattoo represent and how it was done. It's old-new culture. Classy people covered with tattoos are very common in Europe. I personaly don't like tramp stamp but I don't judge.

    2. New era is comming, new culture...with old roots. I need people like that around me, not ignorant like you. You are dinosaurs...thank's God. You have so much things to care and you are writing posts about how tattooed girls are whores!? Whores??? Do you know what that is? Do you know how negative your feelings and words are...I hope it some issues from past because in other case I would think that you are psycho with no moral. Or it's just because you live in US...:/

    3. And tell me dear WHAT IS DEFINITION OF DECENT? In what year do you live??? Hahahaha....sweet mother of generalisations! Please be multiculture, use your brain...if you don't know how tp use your pen :p

  21. well that didn't really fit into our legitimate debate hehe. I thought we had a wicked discussion over this matter hearing from two different opinions in a professional manner...... I wanted to post some cute photos of the family and I and see how I'm the odd ball tattooed one and all is good and peaceful :) but apparently I can't....
    But really... post your opinion online your going to hear some hysteria and negative feedback. But I rather enjoyed our debate if I can be honest haha. I like hearing controversial and differing opinions and exploring them. If you have more you want to say on the matter I personally welcome it. (coming from a tattooed attached mother)

    1. And he only hear and read what he wants to hear :)

  22. Stacey don't waist your precious energy and time for scum like thay guy. He is's ok to say - I don't like tattoos. But he is calling me and my mother whores because we have tattoo. That man is lowlife scum. I hope that one day world will be scum free. Thank you mister for that post because you just prove that people with tattoo in new age 2013 have bigger IQ and don't care for people with no tattoo and don't write posts like that. We have more important things to do when you are hating. As he said that our skin looks dirty with tattoo, ok...fine....but his mind and soul is pure shit. That is sad.

  23. I don't care btw. If person have or don't have tattoo.

  24. Honestly... i love this blog. tattoos aren't nationally accepted which i was fully aware of walking into my first tattoo shop and prepared for judgment. but just like shawn posting his hate for tattoos on the internet, we post our love for tattoos on our skin. its putting your views and passions and thoughts out in the open which will always raise different reactions and opinions.

  25. Agree but it's ok and healthy to say ...Ok I don't like tattoo, aesthetic of tattoo is not nothing special for me...but calling girls, ladies, mothers (maybe some grandmothers) with tattoo bitches, sluts and whores. That's dangerous problem and social issue. I think author is sick, bitter and that he have mental problems, frustration, posttraumatic rejection, it is dangerous for the healthy progress of society and superficial. I also see hints of illusionist behavior, anxiety, aggression, sadomasochism ... this man is sick. Cancer for society progress. Let it Jesus himself who is just love and he never spread hate save him and "clean" him. It's so ironic how people who hate tattoos are quoting the old Levictus and part of "body marking" not realizing that this is a law that will soon come into force (chipping and bar with people that will contain 666 as a sign of a man that the devil blind believers and they are most ignorant and they hate the most. You can't talk with these people, you can not explain anything. Author is troll and will never understand some things. He will die in error and will again be reincarnated in the same state as long as you do not understand the essence of humanity and soul. "Not until he learn to appreciate our mothers." Ignore him and save your energy. This is all evidence that tattooed people today are obviously more intelligent. We are humans, he is humus. :D Amen.

  26. Ahhh....the shaming language in that last comment. Made me laugh.

    Whenever people get convicted by TRUTH they bring in Jesus to shame people into being silent. Only Jesus isn't on their side.

    It's not just me calling women with tattoos whores, it's other men. When they see a woman with tats they get turned off. I get REPULSED when I see women with sleeves, chest pieces and back pieces. They look like a lifer who came out of the prison yard. Who wants that as a wife? Who wants somene like that as the mother of their child.

  27. Classic passive aggressive language. "Other men" because obviously there is someone somewhere who shares your opinion so versus standing behind your own opinion you throw in "other men"? Really? Is your defense not strong enough you need a random population to be a part of your discussion? I have sleeves, a chest piece and a thigh piece and a half torso piece. I have a successful career and a family. I can squash your theory with those facts. I can bring forth an endless list of facts to squash that theory. I attended an art show on Saturday and I was recruited for 2 art projects by two untattooed successful photographers because of my look.
    Again there is a tattooed male population as well who do need to find a wife with similar interests.

  28. The misguided rage and judgment will strongly affect your credibility in a negative way. At least discuss facts and studies, versus your own personal biased opinion based on your own viewpoint. If that's where you get your information from than at least stand behind that its your own words and say it with pride. You may get more respect as a writer

  29. Good Gravy.

    If you're that tatted up...UGH. You must be on your way to a full suit. Tats are like potato chips, once you start you just can't stop.

    Damn...Just Damn.

    I'm about done arguing this subject. You guys want your tats, go get em' I jut find em' repulsive and grotesque. To me Tats are for Whores, bikers and sailors.

    I'm already a solid writer. I have confidence in that.

  30. I'm happy for you that you have your blog to share this opinion with.

  31. My native language is not English, but I'm talking/writing it better than you'll ever speak my native language and another five that I know.

  32. People who want to succeed in life should have an open mind and heart, and with prejudices no one can succeed. You're a bad writer, not even a solid, it'll stay that way because your mind and heart are closed. And continue to call mothers whores ...I hope that scum like that will soon wipe out.

  33. "Other men"? I know tons of men who give a damn if a lady has a tattoo and spot thousands of other quality on her. Obviously you move in a sick circle society. I also know a lot of successful men who have tattooed wifes. I know a lot of successful and inteligent business woman with tattoos. Come out of your shells a bit and find a quality community. Perhaps the situation in Europe is differently or just you and individuals like you disgrace US. And you call yourself a writer...Grow up, live and stop embarrassing with such articles.

  34. The world is working to suppress such thoughts and predjuces. It will be on your conscience when a boy will be beaten because you spread that tattooed people are criminals or girl will be raped because all the tattooed girls are whores.

  35. Blah, blah, blah, shaming language, blah, blah, blah, victim statement, blah,blah, boy being beaten, blah,rape claim blah, bullshit.

    Whoever this is, your mangina is showing.


  36. The actual aged sailor man kind tattoos are actually creating a return as well as there's a lot that can be done in order to these types of to create all of them an authentic thing of beauty.tattoos designs

  37. I’ve noticed an uptick lately when it comes to stereotyping tattooed women, and at first I couldn’t figure it out where it came from. Then I realised that the latest celebrity scandal revolves around, you guessed it, a tattooed woman. In addition to feeding our prurient need to pick celebrities apart for entertainment, this has of course provided numerous opportunities for making incredibly offensive comments about tattooed women.

    A little history is in order, for those just tuning in: Women and tattooing go back a very long time. Just like early tattooed men, women were probably originally tattooed for religious reasons. Tattooing was also used cosmetically in numerous cultures. In Eurocentric cultures, where there is a very serious stigma against tattooing which started during the medieval era, tattooing among (and by) women experienced a significant decline for several centuries until it underwent a resurgence in the 20th century, at which point it become associated with ‘sluttiness.’

    In white, Eurocentric communities like the one I inhabit, tattooing is associated with criminality among men and with promiscuity among women. Both assumptions are, I hope I do not have to tell you, stereotypes of the worst order. And yet I see them repeated even among people who identify as progressive.

    Tattooed women are called sluts and whores. Their tattoos alone are deemed markers of whoredom.

    People say things like:

    A few tattoos on a woman are okay, A butterfly, a tiny star. After that, she’s telling me something I don’t want to know. (source)

    Women with tattoos on their lower backs have ‘tramp stamps.’ Tattoos on women are very widely believed to be signals of sexual availability no matter where they are located, though; and if a woman has a concealed tattoo and allows it to show or mentions that she is tattooed, abruptly she is moved from the ‘virgin’ to the ‘whore’ category. The myth that tattooed women are promiscuous is so pervasive that it almost beggars belief. And people genuinely seem to believe that knowing that a woman has tattoos tells them something about her.

    As a tattooed person who is often read as a woman, I cannot even begin to tell you about the bizarre behaviours I encounter. People cross to the other side of the street to avoid me. Touch my body without my consent because they ‘just wanted to know how it feels to touch tattooed skin.’ I once had a drink thrown in my face at a party because I rejected someone’s very much unwanted sexual advances and he informed me that all tattooed women are ‘whores’ who ‘like it’ and how dare I be out there in the world, tattooed, and not be readily available for sex. I had someone tell me that he thought I was ‘a nice girl’ until he realised I was tattooed.

    Tattooed women are all over the world.

    Peacock (morvi) tattoos on a tribal woman in the slum at Gulbai Tekra.

    Creative Commons licensed photo by Meanest Indian.

    They are diverse.

    A woman with a partially completed floral piece stretching across her chest and arm who also sports a labret piercing and numerous gold bangles.

    Creative Commons licensed photo by madaboutasia.

    They are, in fact, like a lot of other women.

    A woman in yellow with a full sleeve, playing the drums at Carnaval.

    Creative Commons licensed photo by shapeshift.

    They just have tattoos. That’s all.

    Just like women all over the world, their sexual behaviours are incredibly varied. As, indeed, is everything else about them. The world’s population of tattooed women has one thing in common, tattoos, but they have many other things in disparity. For some indigenous tattooed women, the appropriation of their religious practices by people not of their cultures is deeply offensive, for example.

  38. Another trope about tattooed women, as my friend OuyangDan points out, is that tattooed women are all biker chicks. And, by extension, sluts, again. And, yes, tattoos are indeed part of biker culture, and many women who ride, build, and repair motorcycles have tattoos. But not all of them do. And having tattoos does not necessarily mean that a woman is into motorcycles.

    I also see people referencing the idea that tattooed women are damaged somehow, or trying to work out ‘inner pain.’ I could write a whole post on why this is so very problematic and so very offensive on many levels. The short version is this: Have you ever noticed that when a woman exercises control over her body and makes choices about her body on her own, people are quick to say that those decisions were the result of either external factors, mental illness, or some sort of inner hurt/pain, rather than being a reflection of bodily autonomy?

    Seeing that a woman has tattoos certainly doesn’t provide any information about her sexual availability or sexual interests and, honestly, it doesn’t tell you a whole lot else about her either. All it does is tell you that she has tattoos (and hopefully she likes them). If you know tattoos and tattoo artists you might be able to identify the artists she has worked with by looking at her tattoos. And that’s…really about it, honestly. Anything else people ‘think’ they know about tattooed women is wrong.

    Tattooed women certainly do have work which tells observers something about them, if those observers know them personally and know how to interpret their tattoos. All tattoos have meaning to their owners. That meaning is not necessarily the one assigned by society. I can assure you categorically that none of my tattoos are comments on my sexual availability. And no, it’s not necessarily appropriate to ask a tattooed person what ou tattoos mean, as a general rule, unless that person explicitly invites you to ask or offers information.

    We live and die by implicit associations. When we make blanket judgments about people on the basis of whether or not they are tattooed, whether or not they wear heels, whether or not they wear short skirts, whether or not they wear their hair naturally, whether or not they are ‘normal,’ we harm those people. And we harm ourselves. I am quite tired of seeing supposed progressives and social justice advocates making shockingly ignorant and offensive statements about tattooed women; it’s yet another reminder that people like me don’t ‘belong.’ It makes me sad when people respond to me with fear, when people think that I am a scary person because of these marks in my skin. It makes me even sadder when children respond with curiosity and interest and their parents pull them away and teach them to be afraid of freaks like me.

    The takeaway here is that tattooed women are people, just like everyone else. And their bodies are their own and their business.

    I’ll spare you the trouble, in case you’ve never touched a tattooed person before: It feels exactly like anyone else’s skin.

  39. When tattoos first reached the Western world in the 19th century, they were, surprisingly, more common among aristocrats and the upper class than any other demographic. Enough said.

  40. In Russia most gold diggers, no independent women, whores...DON'T have tattoo. I'm just looking for a woman with a tattoo because it is a proof that an autonomous, independent and creative. And not stupid Megan Fox tattoos...I want a pin up lady.