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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Black Women- Feminism Wasn’t Meant For You!

In the late 1960’s and 1970’s there was a White Women’s rights movement. White women were protesting unjust treatment they got from a sexist economic system controlled by White males. Before the late 1970’s White women were paid less than White men, and weren’t allowed to do certain jobs in certain fields or advance into management or executive positions. A White woman could have a master’s degree or a doctorate and be smarter than her male counterparts and still be relegated to a secretarial position.

In addition to the stalled career growth and low pay, those White women who worked outside of the home had to deal with an extremely hostile work environment. Before the late 1960’s White women who entered the workforce had to endure constant sexual harassment from White male co-workers and supervisors. Being called “toots”, “sweetie,” a “broad” or other offensive terms was an everyday regular thing.

And some White Women even had to endure and sexual abuse from White male co-workers and supervisors as a regular thing as well. Being pinched, slapped on the buttocks or getting long glances at their breasts was also the norm.

And it also was common before the late 60’s for a married boss or co-worker to make sexual advances on a White female secretary or a receptionist who was working late.

And there wasn’t much a White woman could do about it except either deal with it or quit her job.

In White Male Supremacist America before the late 1970’s a White Man’s word was truth even when it was a lie. So even if she reported his perverted behavior to higher-ups in management or the police, she could get no legal recourse for his behavior. Any attempt to speak out against a perverted boss usually got a White woman fired before the late 1970’s.

White Women’s rights was a noble cause. Those women were fighting against an economic and political system that was clearly unjust and trying to get reforms to make the workplace safer for them.
And there is a clear difference between women’s rights and Feminism. Women’s rights was about fighting for equal rights and equal protection under the law. Almost all of those goals were accomplished in the late 1970’s.

Feminism is currently about women establishing themselves as superior to men and placing a man under a woman’s subjugation.

Feminism is political movement designed to emasculate men and place them in a submissive role. It is a political movement created by antisocial and sociopathic females who seek to disrupt the natural order of God and replace it with one of their own abominable creation.

Most feminists like Valerie Solanas and Alice Walker were mentally ill. And others like Gloria Steinem had father issues which warped their perceptions of Real Men. Many of these women didn’t want relationships with Real Men because they had either been raped or sexually abused. A few had come out of physically abusive relationships with bad men. Due to their traumatic experiences, most were lesbians and hated men or hated women who had happy relationships with Real Men.

Thanks to their bad experiences with dysfunctional men they were the ones who said they didn’t need a man and that a woman needed a man like a fish needed a bicycle.

Unfortunately, most Black women in the late 1960’s and 1970’s didn’t understand that these radical feminists were psychotic. Miseduacated and misguided, these lost Sistas left the Civil Rights Movement and hitched their cart to that of these extremists.

Not understanding that it wasn’t their cause or their fight. That women's rights movement was a beef between White Women and the White man. 

Unfortunately, when these naïve sistas hitched their cart to the White Feminist extremists they fell into the trap of White Male Supremacists looking to divide and conquer the Black community.

Listening to feminist extremists like Gloria Steinem, Alice Walker, and Valerie Solanas, these lost confused Sistas began turning on the Black men in their communities. Brainwashed by these mentally ill lesbians and untreated rape victims, sexual abuse survivors and domestic violence victims, they began telling the Black Man to stop oppressing her.

When the Black Man was never the one who was oppressing her.

Sistas, The Black man has NEVER oppressed the Black Woman. In order for a Black man to oppress someone, he has to have control over the resources in America’s economic and political system.

And let’s face it, no Black man has ever completely controlled any of the resources in America. Before the late 1970s, The Black man has never had the power to hire or fire someone on a job. The Black man never had the power to dictate how much money a Black woman was paid. Nor did he have the power to discriminate against her by writing laws, enforcing laws, or creating fiscal and business policies that would punish her for being a Black woman.

The question many Black women needed to ask was: How can someone oppress you when they’re being oppressed themselves? The Black man was the one most likely to be killed during Jim Crow. He was the one most likely to be fired from a job or denied employment due to his skin color. And he was the one most likely to be jailed for years for crimes he didn’t commit by unjust laws or the misinterpretation of existing laws.

In fact, the Black man has always shared power with the Black Woman. During the Civil Rights Struggle of the 1950s and 1960s, Black men and Black women shared power and worked together towards fighting against White Supremacy and Jim Crow.

Until she got greedy.

Now many Black women already had economic power. The de facto structure of the Black economy had been half Matriarchal in the early twentieth century. Back then most Black women were already in the workforce right alongside their men. And because White Supremacists saw Black women who worked as maids as essential employees, their employment was much more stable than that of a Black man who could be fired for just looking at their White Supervisors cross-eyed.

But many Black women saw White Feminism as their chance at achieving the American Dream. To make it to the next level economically.

And White Feminists Saw Black America as a way to further their antisocial agenda. Unfortunately, most Black women who joined their cause didn’t understand they were being conned by sociopaths looking to use the Black community as a launch pad for its plan to reshape American society.

So greedy Black women supported bringing the radical White Feminst propaganda to the Black community. Telling Black women they were being oppressed by Black men. And that the “no good trifilin’ Black man” was the cause of all their problems.

A deflection from objectively taking a look at all the White Supremacy and racism being used to oppress both Black men and Black women over the past 400 years.

And unfortunately, most Black women still can’t see it 40 years later.

Because their eyes are too focused on getting Uncle Sam’s money.

Listening to the radical White feminists, most Black women began abandoning their men to achieve pseudo economic superiority. As they enrolled on Uncle Sam’s Government assistance programs like Welfare WIC, and Section 8 and some got entry-level jobs in White Supremacist Corporate America, they achieved a state of pseudo-economic independence.

Which was in actuality co-dependence on the White Supremacist government and the White Supremacist economy.

Creating the Super Matriarchy that delusional radical White feminists imagined. An economic and political system controlled by women. A place where men are subjugated to a submissive role.

However, when one examines the Black Matriarchy closely they see why it doesn’t work. Under forty years of Black female leadership the Black community is in complete ruins. Black communities have gone from places where families were united in overcoming poverty to lawless war zones where chaos is the norm and inmates run the asylum professing they are “Strong and independent” and “They don’t need a man.”

The White Feminists tricked Black women into believing they needed men like a fish needed a bicycle.

Now they can’t afford bicycles. Or anything else.

But when one applies logic to the situation they can see the flaw in the Black Feminists’ arguments for independence in White Supremacist America. How can a Black woman be “strong and independent” when she depends on the Government for sustenance? And how can she not “need a man” when she depends on government programs and corporate jobs from White men to keep her alive?”

And didn’t the Christian God most Black women worship when they go to Church every Sunday say that He made Male and female? That he made men and women to come together as one Under God?

How can a woman “not need a man” when God made Men for women? How can a woman be “strong and independent” when God never intended for men and women to be dependent on each other to survive in the world? That He designed woman to be a suitable help meet for a man?

It seems to me that White Supremacists allowed mentally ill radical White feminists to infiltrate the Black community. With the plan to twist the thinking of Black women to be just as disturbed and psychotic as the feminists were. To create a divide between the Black man and the Black woman.

And after applying the flawed approaches of the radical White feminists to their lives 40 years later, Most of the Black women in the Black community have lives that have become just as dysfunctional as the White Feminists their mothers and Grandmothers listened to.

All while the first generation of radical White Feminists who brainwashed the Black woman into this insane way of thinking scurried back to the suburbs to live their happy lives in their pseudo intellectual academic jobs at colleges in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Invoking their White Privilege Card, these crazy White women on the fringe folded themselves back into White society to live with their rich white husbands and lesbian lovers after seeing their social experiment to create a Super Matriarchy in the Black community was a complete failure.

Leaving Good Black men to pick up the pieces of the destroyed Black community.

Unfortunately, it’s become a community he can’t rebuild because the women who live in it have been indoctrinated into a dysfunctional way of thinking that makes them think the Black man is the enemy.

When the Black woman has become socially engineered to become her own worst enemy. Only she doesn’t know it. She’s too busy arguing that she’s right to see that her position is wrong.

Sistas, Feminism was never made for you. It was a social construct designed by mentally unstable White women. Insane women who used you as a pawn to further their ungodly, unnatural political agenda. If one follows the logic of these psychotic women’s plans they’ll understand that these extremist radicals don’t want to share their rights equally. All they want to do is change America from a White Supremacist Patriarchy to a White Supremacist Matriarchy. If they came to power they’d subjugate Black women to a second-class status the same way the White Male Supremacists oppress Black men.


  1. I disagree with a few things.

    First, you certainly can oppress people even when you're oppressed yourself. Anyone lower on the rung than you is a potential oppressee.

    Second, you don't need outside economic resources to oppress anyone. All you need is power over someone directly; your presence in the home or neighborhood is an opportunity to oppress.

    That said, I think you're generally right. The suffering Black women experience nowadays comes courtesy of liberals' trick of increasing the numbers of oppressed and then dividing these artificially oppressed communities against themselves. It's a trick started with White liberals and now liberals of every stripe and hue have learned it and practice it.

  2. Firstly, let me say up front that my response is directed at 'arhooley'; with that said, I don't think you realize how much you're contradicting yourself.

    You're saying that black women are in a liberal 'trick bag' that's basically playing one group of 'artifically' oppressed communities against another; but then you say, an oppressor can be someone who's on a lower rung than you, and/or it can be someone who doesn't necessarily have outside economic power to oppress anyone. You say also, that all someone needs to do is have a presence in a neighborhood or community to have an opportunity to oppress a certain faction. Okay, here's my question to you; do you know that by this argument, you're keeping yourself in that same liberal 'trick bag' you talk about black women being consumed in?

    Let's get one thing straight...Black men aren't oppressing anyone!!! Firstly, we DON'T HAVE THE ECONOMIC RESOURCES TO OPPRESS BLACK OR WHITE WOMEN...WHITE MEN DO!! AND THEY ARE! Now, you say anyone on a 'lower' rung has the opportunity to be an oppressor, if you consider Black men on a lower rung, understand Black men AND women are suffering under the injustices of WHITE MEN. period. This convoluted argument you're making just muddies the water and is meant as a tactic to confuse Black people and make Black men look like the oppressors WE ARE NOT!! So, let's take your other argument that says all people need to do to oppress someone is have power over them directly, or have a presence in the community. Now, if we're to believe the stereotype about Black men leaving their families, being in prison, being on the 'down low', or just being killed off by hustling drugs in the street...then, WE ARE NOT IN THE HOME, NOR DO WE HAVE A PRESENCE IN THE COMMUNITY. Again, if Black men are ALL in jail, and/or are absentee fathers, we can't very well oppress a black women in her home. Period. You can't have it both ways.

    I'll end by saying this, its rumored that one of the Rockefellers was speaking to a friend and asked him what he thought about the Women's Liberation movement...the friend responded by saying he thought justifiably that it was about a woman's right to have equal pay for equal work. The Rockefeller then said that he and other elitists funded Women's Lib., and one main reason was that they, meaning the elites, couldn't tax half the population if women were staying at home and being housewives; he went on to say they had to get women into the work force so they could tax their revenue. He also said, that with two parents out of the household, what would be raising their children would essentially be the TV, so they could be more easily programmed by the elites. So, that to me is the biggest 'trick bag' that white and black feminists don't realize they've fallen for.