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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Shawn checks A Cowardly Single Black Woman

Some people read this blog and like what they read.

Some like it so much they link to my blogs in their message boards and forum posts. I’ve even had other bloggers like the opinions I present they use me as a source to reinforce the arguments on their blogs.

Others read it and don’t.

Now some who are offended will leave a comment about the article they just read. If they’re civil enough I’ll reply to them.

And I don’t mind hearing from them. Just like I have the right to write about what I want on this blog you readers have the right to express your opinions about it.

And I can respect the fact that you came to the page left a comment and presented your points directly to me in the comments section.

But what I can’t respect are cowards. Punks like the bitches on the diaperswappers boards I dealt with at the end of 2010.

These are Bitch-Made™ cowards who go to another forum or their own blog to post negative comments about what they’ve read on the blog. People who make their personal attacks in secret where they think I can’t see them.

Or so they think.
What those people don’t know is that I can track them from the traffic sources section of the blog. And I can find them.

All by clicking a link.

The latest cowardly attack comes from a bitter Black woman offended by my Why  Black women will remain single for the rest of their lives blog. Specifically this paragraph:

From the day they were born these women were taught that Black men had no value in their lives. This ideology was reinforced by the verbal statements their single mothers made like talking about their children’s “no good daddy” or other “no good niggers in the neighborhood.”

Moreover, it was also reinforced by White Supremacy and White feminism. Brainwashed by the false ideologies of White feminism, Black women were tricked into believing they didn’t need a Black man. And With the help of Uncle Sam’s government programs and White Supremacist Corporate America’s entry-level jobs, Black women achieved financial independence and the economic power to devalue the leadership and authority of the Black men in their communities.

I guess the truth hurts.

Butthurt by the truth she read, she starts out her blog by belittling my library of self-published books and mocking me for drawing my own covers.

In the short piece she tries to minimize my observations with shaming language. She seems to be offended by me saying that Black women were manipulated into being single by the social engineering of White feminism and all the help they got from the Government and Corporate America.

When this is a known historical FACT. During the late 1960’s and 1970’s it was a legal requirement for the father to NOT be in the home for a woman to collect welfare benefits.

And many Black women tossed their children’s fathers out of the home so she could reap the economic bounty of free housing, food stamps financial aid and other government benefits. Not to mention court-ordered child support.

I grew up in the South Bronx and saw this FIRST HAND.

And living here all my life, I’ve watched the daughters and granddaughters of  these Black women who imbibed this feminist bullshit grow up to become single mothers stranded in poverty.

These were the kids of my generation and two others who grew up imbibing misandristic statements like those above along with feminist slogans like that they “didn’t need no man” and they could “do it on their own” and that a woman could be. “a mother and a father” presented to them on everything from movies, TV Shows, napkins and newspapers. They heard those mantras so much that they became a reality for them.

A self-fulfilling prophecy that socially engineered them to become single mothers just like mom did when she threw dad out of the house in the 1970s.

40 years later some of the kids I grew up with raise their kids in the same projects and Section 8 housing their Moms moved into back in the 70’s and 80’s.

If there was no social engineering involved in destroying the Black family how did “Baby Mama” and "baby daddy" become a common word used in American vernacular?

Before Welfare was integrated in the late 1960s, Many Black women were ashamed to have children out of wedlock. Fast forward 40 years and these strong independent Black women are proud to be single mothers of bastard children. And eager to get the government benefits or child support instead of getting married.

That’s how they were tricked by the feminists and the government into believing they didn’t need a Black man. That’s how they continue to have financial independence and power to devalue the leadership and authority of a Black Man.

Which is why we have “baby daddies” who  live away from their  families and visit their kids…whenever.  Not FATHERS in the Black community who live in the home with them.

Ironic how she proves my words true in her attempt to minimize my writing.

She then goes on to try to use the U.S. Census to try to justify that 70 percent of Black women are not single.

Only I see through that deflection.

When I say 70 percent of Black women are single I’m not following those Govenrment statistics.

In the eyes of God a woman is single until she’s married.

And seriously, how do we get 72 percent of Black children are born out of wedlock if 70 percent of Black women aren’t single?

Just because you have been tricked by Madison Avenue and Hollywood’s social engineering to think that you’re not single because you have a baby daddy, man, a boyfriend, a fuck buddy, a dude, live-in lover or whatever male has a penis in your life God still sees you as single.

As a Christian I follow His standard. And He says you’re single if the man you’re with is not your HUSBAND.

And any kids you have with whatever man that isn’t a husband they’re bastard children.

So you 72 percent of Single Christian Black women who profess to love God with the baby daddy, boyfriend, fuck buddy, man, dude live-in lover or whatever has a penis are actually living in SIN by God’s standard.

Now this woman also goes on to say that I’m stupid and I’ll be single for the rest of my life.

*Shawn falls out of his chair laughing at this woman.*

I want to be single. Why?

I don’t have time for a woman right now.

And I’m not ready for one. Me being out of work for the past four years the last thing I need right now is a relationship. I’ve been working over the past 18 years on getting my shit together so when I do decide to have a relationship I’ll be in a position to bring something substantive to the table.

I’m working towards my personal and professional goals. I’m focused on getting to the next level as a writer and a self-publisher. Expanding my audience of readers.

Working towards the day where I can hire out so I don’t have to draw my own covers. But short-sighted Black women like this one are too busy bashing, minimizing and dismissing guys like me to see the covers I draw today on the self-published books I produce are a just a small sketch in a bigger picture for my future.

Many of the comic books I read as a kid featured cover art hand-drawn by the creators when they were first published during the 1940’s. Now those crudely drawn first editions are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And those some of those creators are now millionaires.

So there go your attempts to emasculate me with personal attacks.

Maybe if Black women like you supported brothers like me 70 percent of you wouldn’t be single. Maybe if you wouldn’t minimize and dismiss people like me, we could build the Black community into something. Maybe the Black communities across this country still wouldn’t be ghettoes with no businesses and no jobs even though we have a Black President.

Whoever you are, I’ve run into a hundred of you since I was 12 back in Junior High school. And now I’m hip to the bullshit head games people like you play. Thanks to the videos of people like The Advise Show, Thugtician, RealManAllen, The Iceman Show, Avenue Rants, Tariq Nasheed, Tommy Sotomayor and many more brothas and Sistas I’ve watched on YouTube I’ve gained perspective on my experiences and finally know how to deal with people like you, your deflections, shaming tactics and mental manipulations.

By taking you HEAD ON.

As I’ve stated before, I’m not Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels, Steve Harvey, Kevin Hart or any of the Simps, Pussy Beggars, and Manginas you and other Black women are used to. I’m not pandering to you. I’m not going to patronize you. I’m not going to kneel down and worship to the altar of Black Matriarchy.

The Black Woman is not God in my eyes. Jesus Christ is God.

You don’t like what you read, go find another blog. There’s over fifty trillion pages of media on this World Wide Web. You don’t have to stop at my blog. Go find something that will validate the false ideas Madison Avenue and Hollywood have brainwashed you with.

But if you have an issue with what you’ve read in the blog, then present it in the comments section like a woman. You have an issue with my books, my twitter and facebook is on the last page. Hell, they’re in the links section of the blog if you scroll down. Drop me a message. Approach me like an ADULT. Don’t hide behind the internet like a coward posting and running. That makes you look WEAK.


  1. "That’s how they were tricked by the feminists and the government into believing they didn’t need a Black man. That’s how they continue to have financial independence and power to devalue the leadership and authority of a Black Man.

    Which is why we have “baby daddies” who live away from their families and visit their kids…whenever. Not FATHERS in the Black community who live in the home with them."

    So what you're saying is buried deep in the catacombs of the FBI's headquarters next to the COINTELPRO files are memos detailing methods in which the government would use black women to trick black men (maybe getting these men to drink some special kool-aid?) into having sex with many women they barely know or care for without marrying them or condoms, sire kids with these black women, then somehow forget the home addresses of where these black mothers live so that the kids can't will be estranged from their fathers? Wow, that Kool-aid the male knee-grows of today is drinking is a hell of a drug.

    But hey, I get it. Still not black man's fault. These black women should should know not to be getting pregnant every time they have sex.

    "The Black Woman is not God in my eyes. Jesus Christ is God."

    No person is god, neither was Jesus because "god" does not exist.
    Just thought I'd help you with that.

  2. That's a good post, man. I listen to some of those cats as well, and I'm working towards being a writer and businessman.

    I'm going to have to follow your blog. It's always good to see Black men dropping knowledge.