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Sunday, August 12, 2012

The only Black Men allowed in the American workplace

Corporate America doesn’t like Black men.

In the White Supremacist corporate world, the Black Man is the least desired individual in the workplace.

However to make things look “fair” these racists do allow a few Black males into the American workplace.

The truth is that White people don’t need African-American men to help them improve their business. They don’t need them to help them stay competitive or productive.

They only give a handful of Black men jobs to keep them from competing with him and building wealth in his own community.

White Supremacists in Corporate America don’t care about a Black Man’s education, his work experience or even if he’s productive. It doesn’t matter if a Black man does a good job, all that matters are his politics and who he’s loyal to. If a Black man knows how to follow the orders of his White Supremacist employers he’ll go far in Corporate America regardless of his education or work experience.

White racists in corporate America don’t have a need for Black men with talent or potential. They have a need for Black men who make them comfortable. And the Black men who make them comfortable are niggers who know their place.

And the following types of Black men make Whites in Corporate America comfortable in their workplace: Manginas, Simps, and Coons.

Black Manginas make White Supremacists comfortable because they’re extremely loyal to their company. These are the kinds of Black men who will work long and endless hours for white managers and be proud of it. The kind of Black man that thinks the company will be loyal to him if he’s loyal to it. The kind to do everything in his power to protect and preserve the White Supremacist power structure.

They’re the kinds of brothers who will throw their mother under a bus to appease their White corporate masters.

Manginas like House Niggers usually get positions in corporate offices. Some who show extreme loyalty to the Corporate White supremacist managers make it to superficial management positions.

He thinks he’s appreciated. He thinks he’s valued. He has understanding that the company he works for has no place for him outside of being a token.

In the corporate world The Black Mangina is a totally clueless Black male who believes in the ideals of the “American Dream” He sees himself as an individual who has pulled himself up by his bootstraps. He thinks there is no racism in the world and believes in the “rainbow” and the “Great American melting pot.” In his eyes every Black man has privileges and advantages like he had and every man is malleable and should conform to White society.

He is a spineless creature with no backbone or no testicles. To be accepted by others, he often makes himself to be whatever people want him to be.

Because of his idealized mindset White Supremcists in corporate America have him placed above all other Black men at a workplace.

And because White Supremacists have perched so high, Manginas are always on the lookout for other Black men who will rock his pedestal. So when they interact with other Black men they try to play headgames with them. They’ll look for some kind of weakness, or something that they’re lacking like a degree or some social flaw. And tell them why they are worthless because of it.

In addition to their headgmes, Manginas are the kind of Black men to spread gossip and rumors. The kind to tell White men about what other Black men say behind closed doors. Any information they find out about another Black man they will use against them. Their whole goal in the workplace is to remain the HNICE (Head Nigger In Chage)

And they’re always on the lookout to sabotage other Black men who try to come into the company. Manginas are notoriously insecure and fear any competition coming from another Black man. They’re the kinds of sellouts to make sure that other Black men’s resumes don’t make it to the manager’s desk. And if they do get to the interview stage they’re the kind to play headgames with a brotha during the meeting to make him feel that he’s not qualified for the position.

At the end of the day, a Mangina is more likely to hire a White Hispanic, Asian or Indian man or a Black woman or woman of color for a position at a company he’s working for than another Black man. He is more likely to support a man of another race at a workplace than a Black man. And he is more likely to create and enforce institutionally racist business policies that keep other Black men from accessing the job market at a company.

Another Black man that makes White Supremacists comfortable is the Simp. Like the Mangina, the Simp is a brown-noser. But he’s considered an asset to White Supremacist employers because of the way he spends his money and his time.

A Simp makes White Supremacists in Corporate America comfortable because he’s a consumer whore and a pussy hound. Both those mindsets makes him an asset to a White Supremacist corporate power structure. As a consumer 100 percent of a Simp’s money is directly coming back to the business or other White Supremacist businesses. Moreover, Simps have no interest in developing their own businesses, building wealth or competing against the corporation they work for.

For a Simp Black man a job is just an end to a mean. Sure he’ll do a good job for a White corporation, but he’s not interested in getting ahead there. He’s just interested in getting paid. That makes him no threat to the Black Manginas at the top of the Black corporate food chain. No, a Simp is usually spending his money on designer clothes, expensive items and showing off for the women in the office.

While the unwritten rule in the workplace is for brothers to not to pick up women where they work, the Simp Black man often violates this boundary. He’s the type to try to pick up an administrative assistant in his department or a woman in another department. The type to spend his paycheck wining and dining his female co-workers with expensive lunches and gifts.

He’s also the type of fool to listen to the drama of women at work. The type of brotha to put his cape on and swoop in and play Captain-Save-A-Hoe™ to a co-worker instead of minding his business and focusing on his job.

And because he’s so thirsty, the Simp doesn’t keep his job long in the workplace. Usually he winds up in a heap of trouble when his romantic exploits wind up blowing up in his face. If a sexual harassment issue doesn’t get him suspended or terminated, he’s forced to resign due to the hostile work environment created by him mixing business and pleasure with female co-workers.

The final group of Black men who make White people comfortable in the White Supremcist corporate workplace are Coons. Coons are often found in low level maintenance positions, garage positions and mailroom positions. A few do trickle into entry level, management positions or executive positions. Out of all the Black men who are allowed into Corporate America, White Supremacists are most comfortable with Coons.

Having coons on the job makes White Males feel secure about their position as an American citizens. It makes them feel confident that they will always have privileges and advantages in American society above all other men. That no matter his place in the world he will never be at the bottom. Because Black men regardless of their education, experience or skill are ALWAYS GOING TO BE AT THE BOTTOM AND REMAIN THERE.

A Coon is the kind of man to perpetuate the worst stereotypes about Black people. A loud boisterous fool, he has no dignity. No shame. No self-respect. He’s the one to laugh with White men who laugh at him. He’s the kind to tell nigger jokes and behave in the most ignorant manner. He’s a chicken-eating, Kool-aid drinking fool biding his time at an office until he can spend all his money at the club on Saturday night.

A Coon is just scared of White folks and that’s why he’s motivated to do his job well. Coons have a lot of bluster around other Black employees but are the biggest cowards around white people. A Coon will bully and threaten other Blacks under their supervision or who they work with, but when a White manager approaches him he’s the FIRST to run up to them with a big smile and ask what needs to be done and how to do it.

All three of these types of Black men are selfish, narcissistic, and greedy. They are no threat to the White Supremacist political and economic power structure.

All are focused on skirt chasing, partying, buying consumer goods, or worshiping at the Mantel of the White God.

And that’s just the way White Supremacists like it.

That is why the most ignorant Black men are the only ones allowed into corporate business world. And why 80 percent of Black men are unemployed. No matter how many degrees, certifications or whatever hoops he tries to jump through a Black Man will never get the job. If his values aren’t right he will not be allowed to be part of the White Supremacist power structure.

A smart Black man realizes he has no place in corporate America. He stops looking for jobs and starts carving his own path. Whether it’s his own business or a hustle on the streets, he understands that the only way to make a living that will make him comfortable is to work outside of the White Supremacist corporate system.


  1. Absolutely incredible!!!! Thank you...u have inspired my hustle!!!!

  2. Get your hustle on. When you own your own business you can't be fired!

  3. Brother James. Another apt and on-point account of House Negros in Corporate America. Any chance you will do a write-up on the Corporate Negro BendWench Black Females?

  4. It'll be coming soon. This is one I've been wanting to write for a while. I lost two jobs thanks to having to deal with Negro Bed Wenches. I know how dangerous they are.

  5. Brother James,

    Sorry to hear about this. But as you and I know, the Black Woman has become the White Man's weapon to destroy the Black Man. Little do they know they are being used to destroy the future of their own children. Yes, the Beasts (Negro Bendwenchs) and their Beastmaster (White Man) collaborate to take down and keep the Black Man down.

  6. Hit it right on the head brother, we need more black entrepreneurs!

  7. This article is so true. Worked under this situation for a year only to be terminated for challenging administration. All they are concerned with is your service and loyalty.

  8. This is a big read. I have started 3 businesses. I hope to fufil my long term ambition of pro boxing. Thanks for this post keep bringing the books brother.

  9. A few good examples of corporate manginas would include the so called Black Republicans, like Allen West, Clarence Thomas, Tim Scott, Herman Cain etc....

  10. this kind of thinking is very silly

  11. i am african, and i would rather work in the corporate world and make a shit ton of money and go back to africa to build something big. hustling on the streets still makes you a victim to the white man. thats why a police officer would shoot you down for selling crack, forgetting that the government has refused to give you the opportuinity to work legally

  12. This type of stereotypical thinking is the slave mentality that has followed the black man into the 21st century. I'm quite sure that this type of behavior exists, but where are these brothers? I've been in the workforce for over thirty years and have yet to meet anyone of this character. Sorry, I can't wrap my mind around the coon concept? The coon is not employed in corporate America? If he is a garage worker, he is working in a garage, and not employed in an office. From what I've read here, it seems like you need to brush up on your history. After slavery, service work was the only work offered to black men until they decided upon getting an education. Most of these men who are well educated came from families headed by mechanics, train conductors, steelworkers and etc. These men were plagued by the prejudices and stereotypes everyday, but managed to stay strong and raise families on these coon incomes. They were well mannered, helpful and assisted everyone. And yes, people like these still exist today. I have yet to meet any of these three classes of folks you mentioned above. Maybe I will refer back to the story about the three classes of people mentioned in Gulliver's travels.

  13. Obviously you have no understanding of what a Workplace COON is. A Workplace Coon is a buckdancing, bojangling shufflin minstrel who will act all nice in front of Whites but will cut the throat of another Black man to get higher up the corporate laddder. Coons are these watermelon eating fried chicken lickin' shines who live to bootlick and ass kiss White folks to get their attention and approval.

    This type of individual can be in any job and in any era.

  14. You got that right! I have no understanding of a Workplace Coon, because I've never worked around any black man like this. Okay, since I've proved myself ignorant to a point and you've given the worst case scenarios of black men, can you write something about decent black brothers? What are the characteristics of a decent and working black man?