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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Last Chance for Summer YA eBook exclusives and Some KDP exclusives!

This is the last week for Summer YA eBook exclusives! All titles are FREE until September 1st on Smashwords: After September 1st, all the YA eBook exclusives go up to 99 cents!

And Isis: Trial of the Goddess will be leaving the KDP Select program going back into full distribution On Smashwords & Barnes & Noble September 3rd!  Nook readers get ready for the start of the Isis saga!

Also All About Nikki-Three Episodes From the Fabulous First Season has left the KDP Select program and is back in full distribution!  with Smashwords and Barnes & Noble. So Nook readers if you want to try out the Nikki scripts but don't want to commit to all 13 episodes The sample pack is here!

And September 2nd is your LAST CHANCE for a FREE copy of All About Marilyn on Kindle!  After September 2nd you'll have to pay 99 cents for the five-star screenplay!

I want to thank everyone for downloading a copy of my eBooks over the Summer and taking the time to read my work. I hope you enjoyed them. 

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