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Sunday, February 5, 2012

New eBooks on Kindle

As part of an effort to reach more readers with some of the great articles from the blog, I've published three popular articles as eBooks. They're currently available for Kindle for 99 cents. They're also enrolled in Amazon's KDP Select program. So if you have Amazon Prime, You can borrow these new titles for free.

 Why Black Women Choose Thugs over Good Black Men details the real reason why brothers the real reasons behind why Black women choose thugs over them.
 The Invisible Black Men features two popular blogs about the Black men in the community many of us don't see and fewer of us support. It also details a plan on how to give these men a hand in helping out the community.

The Myth of the Strong Black Woman explains how the divide between the Black Man and the Black woman came to be and the historical roots of the current gender war between brothers and sisters.

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