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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


80 percent of Black women are single mothers.
70 percent of Black women are single.
70 percent of Black males drop out of high school.

80 percent of Black men under 30 are unemployed.
70 percent of the prison population under 30 are Black males.
50 percent of Black girls are dropping out of high school and this number is increasing.

Doing the math on these statistics one variable always comes up in one hundred percent of the dysfunction in the Black community: The Black woman.

A majority of the Black males who drop out of high school come from single parent homes led by Black females.

A majority of the Black males with literacy issues and come from single parent homes led by Black females.

A majority of the unemployed Black males come from single parent homes led by Black females.

A majority of the Black males in the prison system come from single parent homes led by Black females.

Now I can’t do algebra but the logic in this situation makes sense to me.

Single Black women promote dysfunctional values to their sons and daughters. Sons and daughters grow up to become dysfunctional adults.

Seriously, How can a man learn how to be a “good” man from a woman? How can a woman learn to be a partner to a man from a single woman?

This is why we have more weak males like simps, manginas, thugs, and homosexuals in the Black community than in any time in history. 

 It is also why we have so many girls abusing their bodies looking for love with the wrong men and reproducing more illegitimate children and becoming single mothers themselves.

And currently, a majority of the problems that made many black men dysfunctional and self-destructive are now making larger and larger percentages of young Black girls dysfunctional and self-destructive as well. As I stated before, more and more Black girls are dropping out of school, getting more violent and getting into trouble with the law just like black boys a generation ago.

Doing the Math I surmise that the majority of the ongoing problems come from homes led by Black women. And that the "Strong Independent Black woman" has failed in her attempt to lead the Black family. Miserably. 

Clearly the Black woman is doing something wrong leading their families on their own. Because it’s tearing the Black community apart.

It’s safe to say the Matriarchy led by the “strong Black woman” over the last 50 years has failed.

But tell Black women this and you’ll get shouted down. She blames everyone else but refuses to take a look at herself. She refuses to take responsibility for her actions. She refuses to swallow her pride and admit she can’t do it on her own. That she needs her Black Man to lead his family the way God intended for it to be. 

Black women over the past three generations have been so brainwashed by their White Man Uncle Sam that they can’t see how their co-dependence on him is leading up to the growing anarchy and chaos in the Black community. While they fight for government handouts like Welfare, Section 8, food stamps, College grants and loans and mortgages, their children are learning values that are killing them. 

Why is it in spite of trillions of government dollars being poured into the Black community by the government, individuals and corporations, the quality of life in the Black community continues to get worse with each passing generation instead of better?

It’s a question most Black women can’t answer.

They keep adding 2 and 2 hoping it'll come up 6. 

Doing the math on the Black woman’s behavior it’s clear she’s the prime number popping up in all the problems fractioning the Black community. Her mind just can’t process logically that the numbers given to her by White superemacists make no sense. And because she doesn’t understand she’s been given an illogical math formula by those White supremacists, she doesn’t understand why her life isn’t adding up.

Black woman Do the math. If things keep going wrong in your lives the lowest common denominator in the situation is YOU. Stop trying to follow a formula that doesn’t work. 


  1. I showed your article to coworkers and it sparked up some interesting talks. Even the women that read pretty much agreed with everything you said.

  2. You are wearing your bitterness on your sleeve! Clearly, the missing link is the lack of the black man to stand up and BE A MAN! Stay and raise your children even if that means working your behind off at McDonald's! Teach your sons how to be a MAN! I'm sorry but your logic is absolutely flawed. Your "stats" only prove one thing: When a man lacks a man to teach him how to be a man you get women trying to raise men. My mom raised my brother and I alone but my father chose to walk away to live a life of drug abuse while my SINGLE BLACK MOTHER worked her tail off to raise my brother and I to be good stewards. And, yes there is a sense of empowerment that is birthed out of that struggle but at some point it's just not enough. My brother is a good man, takes care of business but there are some parts of his character that would have benefited from a father figure. I celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary this year and my 18 year old son and his father have a beautiful relationship because my husband is teaching him how to be a man, stand up and be responsible. The interesting thing is that at the HSBC he attends, you can clearly see the different value systems and attitudes about life of the young men who are in homes with a father or have a relationship their father vs. those who have on a woman to teach them to "BE A MAN!"

    Stop blaming black women!Dialogue without throwing blame is what's needed. This pitiful and bitter rant will help solve NOTHING. Until you witnessed the struggle from the eyes of a black woman...don't second guess the mission from an arm chair.

    No! BLACK MAN DO THE MATH! STAND UP and take back your sons! Help them be men who empower their daughters to be strong enough to trust BLACK MEN to be the men that they can be!

    Shawn! You are WRONG and your logic is flawed.

  3. Shawn James, you like the rest of the BW hating morons on the 'net have a one track mind and that track is to blame BW for all the ills of society in this nice neat little box that y'all have created. Never do you talk about the ragged behavior of BM over the decades. The walking out on families that began back in the 60's, the moving of blk families from black communities to white communities post integration thereby beginning the destruction of many blk communities all around the nation.

    Never do the likes of people like you discuss the ratchet behavior of BM toward BW. Never do the likes of people like you discuss the reluctance of BM to create anything in the way of long-standing institutions that will benefit our people for generations. Nope, you stand back and blame BW as a destroyer of all things.

    There is no other man on the face of the earth that lays the blame for the destruction of their community at feet of the women of that group. Y'all are like corporations in that you privatize the earnings and nationalize the loses. In other words, any great feats/accomplishments in our history BM are quick to say they did it or created it. Anything bad, rest assured cowardly Negro males will give that to BW.

    I almost made the mistake of referring to BW as YOUR women...but I caught myself before making such a blunder. We are no more your women than you are our men. It has taken BW a while to finally wake up and realize, that we're 2 separate entities which stand apart. We are 2 different communities at this point and the reality is, the chances are slim we'll ever become one again.

    So I say all of that to say; point taken. You and all the other 'Black women hating' black males have articulated for the past few years that we, as BW, are the lowest of the lows. We are in last place and are vile trash as wives and mothers who should just disappear. YOU'VE BEEN HEARD. Please leave us alone and move onto greener pastures. The lies that many of you tell of "discussing community issues" is really a thinly-veiled one-sided bash party.

    This is the reaction many BW have now...indifference and a response of "good bye". If this was the goal, BM have achieved it.

  4. There's no need to debate, it's true,a lot of single mothers are dysfunctional women, as a result, they teach it to their children.This strong independent woman nonsense is ridiculous.Single mothers are so narcissistic, they don't care about anyone but themselves. Most of them are bipolar, schizophrenic, sociopaths. Children are used as more government assistance ( welfare, food stamps). Single motherhood is the detriment of society. Only an idiot would think it's ok to conceive babies out of wedlock and call it ok.