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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Commencement Book Three Now available at online booksellers

In part three of this four part e-book miniseries, Allen believes he has finally discovered “his mission” and is anxious to get through it in order to get out of his present occupation. He then finds himself baffled by the opposition he encounters when he tries to execute his plan. Meanwhile Tim, Tamiko, and Jim are confronted by unforeseen events, which require each of them to re-evaluate their circumstances and make difficult decisions that will have lasting consequences.

Commencement Book Two
After experiencing a spiritual awakening, Allen begins to put away his own aspirations and tries to discern God’s plan for his life, making a new friend in the process. Allen’s friends try to assist him with solving his spiritual puzzle, but each one ends up distracted by his/her own personal trials and tribulations. This is the second part of four in this e-book miniseries.

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Commencement Book  One

Allen Sharpe has just graduated from one of the most prestigious Ivy League universities in the nation and is eager to get started on making his “American dream” come true. However, the dream becomes a nightmare when Allen finds himself looking for work in the midst of an economic recession. Allen quickly discovers that finding a job is much harder than he expected and realizes that it’s going to take more than a fancy diploma to make it in the world. 
This is the first part of a four-part journey in which Allen learns important life lessons that he couldn’t ever get from a college textbook.

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