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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thoughts on Rayon McIntosh, McDonald's Worker Arrested For Defending Himself

I was watching the news and caught the story of Rayon McIntosh a McDonald’s employee in Greenwich Village who was assaulted by two black women when he questioned the authenticity of their $50 bill. When they jumped the counter and he defended himself, with a steel bar he was arrested and charged with assault.

McIntosh, an ex-offender who spent 10 years of his life in prison for manslaughter is just a brotha trying to get his life in order. I don’t feel he should go to jail when he did nothing but defend himself from two women who jumped the counter and were preparing to escalate their violence against him. Looking clearly at the video, it was the ladies who struck first.

Also, it’s against McDonald’s company policy to accept bills larger than $20. This is a sign clearly stated in EVERY McDonald’s in New York City. I’ve been to quite a few McDonald’s where the cashier would just walk to the back, come back with their manager and tell me they couldn’t accept the bill. Or they’d tell me right to my face.

McIntosh probably went above and beyond with customer service just accepting their bill, and probably did this because in a White area like Greenwich Village it’s common for people to have $50 or even $100 bills, and in most cases they are scrutinized for authenticity. Scam artists love to go to fast food places and pass off P-notes to get the change and leave retailers holding the bag.

Having worked the front desk in two previous jobs I know how dangerous it is and how you have to handle people with kid gloves. An irate customer can put a counterperson’s life in danger when they become aggressive. And when an irate customer jumps the counter it’s an act of aggression that can put other people’s lives in danger. What if these thugettes had a boxcutter, razor blades, or worse a pistol? More people could have been hurt or even killed if McIntosh not taken actions to defend himself. He had no idea what was in their pockets, and in a life or death situation where a customer is bold enough to jump the counter and commit criminal trespass to inflict bodily harm, you kick ass first and ask questions later.

And I also know how retailers take the coward’s way out in these situations abandoning employees by hiding behind company policy. Spokespeople from the company will love to say stuff like “He was acting on his own” or “This was a violation of company policy” Which is a load of bullshit. If any McDonald’s senior Executive were in the same situation with a pair of crazy chicks I’m sure they’d beat the shit out of these thugs too.

These thugettes were lucky they got out with fractured skulls, a broken arm and a few cuts. I know if it was me, and they jumped the counter to continue an assault. I would beat their asses until they were DEAD. It’s not a crime to defend yourself when you feel your life is in danger.

And Rayon McIntosh shouldn’t be in jail for it.

I ran into a lot of ex-offenders like this when I worked at STRIVE. And a lot of them were good people who made a mistake. As I see it Rayon McIntosh is trying to start his life over, working at the bottom to get to the top. I don’t feel some heifers looking to run a game with a possible P-note should cost him his second chance at life.

McDonald’s shouldn’t be giving Rayon McIntosh a cold shoulder. They should be giving him the full power of their legal team and demanding the District Attorney drop the charges.


  1. I agree with the blog. This gentleman, I feel, was well within his rights. I hope Mcdonalds steps up to help him.

  2. Agree with this 100%, and I've reached out to this McD's and requested that they step up their game.