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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Black Community Reaps A Bitter Harvest

The Bible states we reap what we sow. That the seeds we put into the ground grow into the fruits of our labor. After twenty years of Thug Life, Gangstas and coonery I’d have to say The Black community is reaping a Bitter Harvest.

It’s no secret that the problems in the Black community have actually gotten worse over the past twenty years. But looking back at what went on in the late 1980’s and throughout 1990’s I realize that Brothers and Sisters are reaping what they sowed.

In the late 80’s 1990’s The Black Community allowed Hollywood and Madison Avenue to plant the seeds of Gangsterism in our kids by allowing them to watch fools like Biggie, Tupac on MTV and supporting gangs like the Crips and Bloods allowing them to go from the West Coast to the East Coast corrupting everything Black in its path. They promoted a propaganda of Thug Life to our kids through hip-hop charlatans and they persuaded many to walk away from the tradition of education and hard work denouncing them as “acting white”. Following the cult-like ideologies of Thug Life they renounced their traditional Black values and imbibed the teachings of false Prophets like Tupac Shakur, Ice Cube, Biggie Smalls Nas and Jay-Z  as religion.

And twenty years later after those seeds were planted we now The Black Community now has a 70% dropout rate among Black Men, an 80% unemployment rate and most brothers under 30 who survive  can barely read their own name if it were put in front of them. Because The Black community believed the false propoganda of Thug Life as a mantra of truth it no longer produces Doctors, lawyers, civil service workers or entrepreneurs who can build and support the Black community's economic base.

Instead our communities produce inmates, weed smokers, alcoholics, and an assortment of BUMS and NIGGERS who don’t possess the basic skills to take care of themselves. Sometimes I wonder if these negroes can wipe their asses in a straight line.

In the late 80’s early 90’s The Black Community allowed the degradation of our sisters through the misogyny in hip hop and film to go unchecked. We went from strong sistas like Queen Latifah and Monie Love talking about the strength and empowerment of Black womanhood to Women like Lil’ Kim proudly proclaiming “She’s a Ho”. Being sexually promiscuous soon became the standard for the black woman and that jezebel stereotype was legitimized when Halle Berry won the Oscar for Monster’s Ball.

And years after planting those whorish seeds in the minds of our sisters, the Black community no longer produces strong, intelligent Black women but new age prostitutes. Most Black women who grew up imbibing the racist stereotypes in the racist media promoted by Madison Avenue and Hollywood now think it’s okay to act and dress like a tramp. Worse, they think it’s okay to abuse their bodies like a prostitute like Karrine Steffans instead of treating it like the temple God intended it to be.

Further corrupting the future of the Black community are the values programmed into the Black woman’s mind since the Vietnam War. A second generation of lost confused Black women think they can do things “on their own and they are “strong and independent.” When really they are “weak and incompetent.” These wrong thinking sistas think it’s okay to have a baby out of wedlock, as 7 out of 10 children in the black community are now born to single mothers. Our community has gone from producing the types of sistas who would make supportive and caring wives to producing whores who value money over morals. Young Black women now spend more time baring their bodies instead of showing how they can be a help meet to our brothers.

I see an even more bitter harvest coming for the future of the Black community if it doesn’t start taking corrective action. The Coonery of Tyler Perry, The thuggery and whoreishness promoted in Street Lit and Victim Mentality of films like Precious and For Colored Girls along with the prison culture disgused as hip hop by clown rappers like Lil’ Wayne and Gucci Mane our children and grandchildren imbibe today could further corrupt the next generation of Brothers and sisters if we don’t pull up these weeds and briars and burn them.

One generation of fruitful Brothers and Sisters has been lost because the last generation weren’t responsible husbandmen and didn’t take good care of our vineyards of our communities. Most of the fruit we’ve grown over the past twenty years is spoiled, rotten and is good for nothing but to be cast into the draught.

I’m urging brothers and sisters to think about what seeds they plant in their minds. Because the seeds of weeds and briars we sow today may grow up twenty years later into an even more bitter harvest that will continue to choke the life out of Black community.

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