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Monday, October 3, 2011

OOSA Online Book Club's Five-Star Review of All About Nikki

All About Nikki-The Fabulous First Season is available now at and online retailers!

"All About Nikki" is a spin-off of sorts of Shawn James' 2009 release "All About Marilyn." "All About Nikki" is written in teleplay form. If you've never read a teleplay don't let that deter you. Mr. James does clarify everything in the book by giving you Television Episode Basics before the book even begins.
Readers are introduced to the title character, Nikki Desmond. Nikki is a spoiled rich girl who has the world at her feet and is a little mischievous. When she gets kicked out of boarding school, yet again, her mother Leslie wastes no time and ships her off elsewhere. Leslie is a successful businesswoman and she doesn't need any distractions or interruptions, her only child included. So it's off to another boarding school for Nikki. In this instance, Nikki's father decides to step up to the plate and have Nikki live with him. When Nikki moves in with her father, the whole household turns into utter chaos. Nikki is rude, arrogant, and has great disdain for anyone not like her. She treats the family maid like she's beneath her and she often uses racial slurs when talking to her or about her.
With Nikki not being the most pleasant person to be around most of time, her father Donald wants to see if he can change her attitude by enrolling her in the local public high school. He wants her to appreciate the things she has, and he definitely doesn't want her to grow up expecting everything to be handed to her on a silver platter.

The concept is brilliant the way he intertwines both books - "All About Marilyn" and "All About Nikki." It was a pleasure. I highly recommend readers purchase both books. It is truly a unique reading experience. Shawn James is an author to keep your eyes on. Kudos, Shawn, for the wonderful job you've done.

Reviewed by: Anna

This is the second book this year I've written to get a five-star review. I'm urging everyone to pick up a copy of All About Nikki and it's sister book All About Marilyn, because they're not just great screenplay books, they're great stories too!

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