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Friday, May 27, 2011

A Work in Progress...

Wanted to have an article ready for the weekend, but it needs tweaking. (More Like Shawn didn't write it!) So here’s a Work  In Progress  pic of a John Haynes custom I’m working on. I’m hoping he’ll be joining the Isis action figures soon.

I was so pleased with the work on Winged E’steem I decided to tackle a bit more complicated for my next custom. A former Famous Covers Mr. Sinister, This custom of John Haynes was years in planning and things are still rough. Lot of sanding, shaping and sculpting left to do. I’m taking everything I learned about action figure customizing and trying to utilize it to get this figure just right. Sanding down joints, working on rebuilding the body to something a bit more natural looking and the face into something more like the character. I have a long way to go.

In between the sculpt work I’m trying to iron out the fleshtones (African-American skintones are a challenge.) Might go for a drybrush over a fleshtone basecoat. Still working things out…

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  1. Hey, I like this. Please give us more -- and soon. This is not the time to get lazy Shawn:)