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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Science can Prove Black women are Ugly- The Nonsense People write for Grant Dollars

According to an article in Psychology Today written by Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa it’s a scientific fact that Black women are ugly. In his article he states he can scientifically prove that Black women are less attractive than other races.

Wow. I didn’t know opinion could be proven a fact. The nonsense passing as science these days.
I didn’t know beauty, a relative concept which varies from culture to culture and person to person could be clearly stated as a fact.

 Black women ugly? Less attractive than other races?

Man please.

In my eyes, the most beautiful women in the World are Black. Strong, intelligent, articulate and charming, nothing beats a Beautiful Black Sista. Sistas have courage character and a heart that are second to none. There’s no love like that from a Black woman can give and there’s no one else I’d rather have on my arm.

For over a century, people from the Darwinists to the writers of The Bell Curve have tried to pass off their racist opinions about African-Americans as scientific fact. At the colleges and laboratories, they use intellectualism and logic as a way to justify turning their racist ideologies into policies designed to keep African Americans oppressed and degraded. This article is just another intellectual racist projecting their opinion as fact.

Here’s the truth Brothers and Sistas: Anyone can find information to make their point of view appear to be a fact. Hey, I could cull together a bunch of data and statistics that proves Black women are more beautiful than White women. Unfortunately, writing that article won’t make me any money. And that’s what this hustle all about.

Oh the things people write to get grant money. Mix a little racism and psedoscience together between some statistics formulated by some half-assed research study and BAM! Instant article generating controversy, and lots of press. Then some funder (usually some anonymous racist with fat pockets) somewhere to pays for their bills for the next five years. That’s how the con is run in academia.

And that’s if they haven’t paid for it already. These pseudoscience hucksters like Kanazawa work at every college and when they’re under pressure to produce results that will keep their funding going, they come up with nonsense like this to generate controversy. It’s how universities pay their bills, a dirty little secret they don’t want the rest of the world to know about. Kanazawa used a dataset from a study of teenagers to prove his facts. That’s hardly a representative group for a case study where facts are to be proven for such a relative concept.

I’m guessing he promised them $5 and a ginger snap for participating in his study.

And the things editors publish to get people buying magazines. Generate a little controversy, get some suckers to plunk down $8.99 (Yep, these journals are so OVERPRICED to take advantage of Library budgets) for a magazine no one usually cares about. The only reason Kanazawa has a platform like Psychology Today is because these journals NEED controversy to make people pay attention to them because the libraries that usually buy Psychology Today are kinda strapped for cash these days. They don’t care about dehumanizing black women, they want to antagonize the gullible Black masses in the hopes that many will be duped into running out and buying this poor selling magazine to read Kanazawa’s turgid psychobabble.

What deeply saddens me about this situation aren’t the opinions of the racists hucksters like Kanazawa or the greed of a racist publication like Psychology Today. No, what deeply disturbs me is the apathetic response from the leadership of the Black community. Where’s Jesse Jackson? Al Sharpton? Cornel West? The NAACP? Urban League? Tyler Perry? Oprah?

The fact that that there were no Black leaders or Black intellectuals to come out and denounce Kanazawa and his nonsensical ideas speaks volumes about the indifference swirling around in the African-American community. Twenty years ago there were protests regarding the publication of The Bell Curve for its racist opinions regarding black intelligence. Even a couple of years ago hundreds of Black women protested on a college campus when Nelly swiped a woman’s butt crack with a credit card. Yet not a soul has spoken out about this racism being published in Psychology Today as “scientific fact”. Not a soul in the Black Community has come out to denounce Kanazawa. Not a soul in the Black community has demanded an apology from this publication.

What’s truly sad is that the actions of the black community speak louder than words. If Black men and women valued our sistas they’d be standing up to defend our sisters from fools like Kanazawa.

But I guess the Black woman really isn’t regarded with value in the eyes of Black society. Scary how we prove these racists right without even trying.

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