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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Coming soon- YA Ebook Exclusives For the Summer reading season

I’m going to be offering some eBook exclusive titles for Young Adult and tween readers for the summer reading season. These are stories I really believe in, but can’t afford a print run for. In between 12-80 pages they’re just too short to print as single volumes. Maybe as a collection someday, but right now I just want to get them out there to readers.
What’s going to be great about these exclusive e-books is the price. Two will be just 99 cents. Two will be FREE. That’s right FREE. I’m hoping those low prices will give people an incentive to try my writing and take a risk on buying a paperback later on.

Three of the titles will be Isis related. I feel that’s easy-to-read action packed fantasy anyone from eight to eighty can get into. I really want to get more African-Americans reading fantasy and science fiction and I feel these short books will get more people excited about the genre.

One title will be an Urban YA story set in the Bronx. It’s based on an old story I wrote back in 1991 when I was in high school. I turned that story into a 12-chapter novella in 2003.

These eBooks will be available on Nook, Kindle, and Smashwords. I’m working on the formatting right now, and I hope to start having them up by June. Links, covers and synopses will be up soon!


  1. Congratulations on this accomplishment, Shawn. You're way ahead of the pack again. So few AA writers are willing to take a chace on themselves and join Book Crossing or do as you're doing and distribute online or both.

    I believe this will do it for you and you will see your name and your fortunes surge in record time. Then, too, you're showing compassion for us all in this sad econmic time. That means something to more of us than you may think.

    I don't think you need luck with this venture because you're on top of it. I just wish you my best!

  2. I was asked about YA books at the Harlem Book Fair last year and I felt it was time to offer some YA books to readers. So many kids use the nook and the kindle to get their books and I feel these smaller stories would do well there.