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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June's YA eBook Exclusives

June’s Young adult  EBook Exclusives are going to be:

The Saga of MastiKatious

The Rise and Fall of the Greatest Nation in the World.

In the first prequel to Shawn James’ Isis, The Saga of MastiKatious details the history of Bolan and Katia, two kingdoms established eons before Egypt came to be. In this story we learn how MastiKatious rose to power establishing Katia, “Land of the Underground Sun” and how he ruled for thousands of years with his “Gem of Omnipotence”. Once considered the greatest nation in the world, a land of “milk and honey,” learn why Katia rose and fell as a piece of unrecorded history is revealed for the first time.

A 3-episode sneak preview of my upcoming paperback All About Nikki- The Fabulous First Season.

She thinks it’s her world.

Unfortunately, we have to live with her.

Sixteen year old Nikki Desmond is the product of Too many, Too Much and Too little. Too many boarding schools, too much money, and too little discipline. After being expelled from the fourth prestigious New York boarding school, her mother sends her to Los Angeles to live with her father. In the screenplays for the first three episodes of the Fabulous First Season of this teen sitcom, Nikki adjusts to life on the west coast as her father works towards correcting her surly, racist, and rude behavior with a combination of tough love, humor and life lessons.

Readers who like shows like Hannah Montana, Zack & Cody,  True Jackson VP and the sitcoms on Disney and Nickelodeon, then you’ll love the sneak preview for All About Nikki.

And the best part about these eBooks:

They’re both FREE on Smashwords.

Get em’ both for your nook, Kindle, ipad, ipod, tablet PC or for your PC today!

1 comment:

  1. Ah Shawn, you're getting there. I think it's really commendable that you're writing for the YA's in this vein. They're savvy people and badly need this type of writing.

    Egypt and its people have always been favorites to read about.

    Marilyn is fun too, even when she's in trouble. So, I'll look forward to reading further about all these superbly drawn characters. And it doesn't get any better than free:)