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Thursday, June 16, 2011

All About Marilyn Summer Paperback Sale

I’m cutting the retail price on All About Marilyn's  paperback edition for the summer reading season. It’s a great book for the beach, the plane, the train, or reading before bed. If you love reading about Hollywood and the entertainment industry, you’ll breeze through this fast-paced screenplay in no time.

I really want to get more people reading over the summer, and I’m doing all I can to offer a variety of products to readers in every price range. From 99 cent eBook novels to free eBooks for tweens and teens, I’m hoping I can provide a story for every reader who wants one.

I’m also cutting the price on Marilyn because I want to get more African-Americans reading screenplays and reading about screenwriting. There’s a desperate need for more African-Americans behind the camera and I’m hoping this summer some brothers and sisters check out All About Marilyn or All About Nikki and learn how easy it is to write their own screenplays or even make their own movies and TV shows.

So pick up a copy of All About Marilyn at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or other Online retailers today!

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