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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Racism Comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

A couple of weeks ago Kevin Fiege and Marvel Studios announced that Captain Marvel would be the new flagship character of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And with that announcement he slapped the shit out of all those Black folks who thought Black Panther was going to be the game changer for the Black image and Black people. 

 All those Black folks spent all that money making Black Panther a Box office hit. But at the end of the day Kevin Fiege ain’t givng you SHIT.

Black folks spent a billion dollars hoping wishing and praying that Disney and Marvel Studios would acknowledge the power of the Black dollar. But at the end of the day Kevin Fiege walked away from the power of the Black dollar to promote White Supremacy.

A black hero makes a billion dollars at the box office FASTER than ALL the white heroes but the the flagship of the company is going to be a White woman who can’t sell her own comic series and is universally HATED by comic fans.

In their attempt to promote diversity, Kevin Fiege and Marvel Studios practices
White Supremacy. Don’t you just love the irony?

And don’t you just love the blatant discrimination? Captain Marvel who wasn’t even able to sell her own comic or her own Marvel Legends Action figure (You can still get her CHEAP in many retail outlets like Target) gets to leapfrog over Black Panther, a character who has PROVEN he can open a movie and had every piece of licensed merchandise SELL OUT. A character with direct connections to The Fantastic Four and X-Men. A character who could easily build bridges in expanding a broader richer Marvel Cinematic Universe that stays true to the spirit of the Marvel Universe.

But we need diversity. Where the White folks are in charge. With Tony Stark leaving they need to give power to a White Woman.

Affirmative Action 101. Because that government program gave more grossly unqualified white women jobs than qualified Black men.

With the announcement that Captain Marvel being the flagship character of the MCU after Phase 4 we see that the Black dollar has no value to Kevin Fiege and Marvel Studios. In their push for diversity, they WIPED THEIR ASS with the Black dollar.  

It’s clear that when it comes to Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe it’s all about pushing the narrative of White Supremacy to the next generation of Americans not a diverse universe of characters like they tout. Programming an idea in their mind that White folks are gonna be on top no matter what.


Kevin Feige says that the future of the MCU after phase 4 is going to be female. But I find it funny that the future is going to be led by a WHITE FEMALE.

Fiege also says that he has plans for MCU Movies featuring Kamala Kahn Ms. Marvel, Miles Morales Spider-Man and America Chavez.

I just love how all the minorities are following the lead of the White female in phase 4. But not the lead of the Black man who proved he could open big at the box office.

Er…What happened to all those plans for Black Panther 2?

Funny how that movie just disappeared off the radar for the MCU’s plans for Phase 4. Even though Black Panther made a billion dollars and was a worldwide phenomenon.

Because the future is Female. And White Supremacist female from the looks of the All New, All-different MCU’s third wave feminist lead Brie Larson. Has anyone read this woman’s tweets on twitter lately?   

If anyone can’t see the racism at Disney and Marvel Studios they must be blind. The only reason they don’t want Black Panther to be the flagship character of the MCU be the lead hero of a movie in the MCU is because the White Supremacists at Disney don’t want to show White folks following the lead of a Black King who runs his own country and takes care of his own business. The image of a Black man having that kind of power makes White folks uncomfortable and since they control the money, the media and the narrative of the media, they ain’t spending a dime pushing Black Panther.

No, They’d rather lose billions of green dollars and tank the MCU with Captain Marvel. All to preserve the same kind of Racism of the Old Southern Tradition. It’s all about preserving the ideals of white superiority. Even if those ideas lead to a billion dollar company going broke. That’s how insane racism is. And that’s how insane the decision to make Captain Marvel the flagship character of the MCU is.

Yeah, I wasn’t a fan of the Black Panther movie. But I’m completely disgusted at the racism that Disney is participating in all in the name of diversity. Black Panther has proven by MERIT in TWO MOVIES that he should be the new flagship character of the MCU. With Chadwick Boesman you have a charismatic performer who can open a movie and carry the universe in the same way Robert Downey Jr. has for the last decade. I may not like the movie. But Marvel should not deny this brother his chance to shine all because they want to push an agenda.

Marvel Studios movies should be about well-crafted action adventure stories that stay true to the spirit of the characters Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created in Marvel Comics. When it becomes about social agendas, identity politics, or political narratives, it’s clear Marvel Studios has lost its way in the same way the Marvel publishing brand lost its way three years ago. Plain and simple if the MCU continues to go on this direction the end of the MCU will come sooner rather than later.

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  1. Look pal, just because MCU churned out yet another B- to C-Film that involves blacks doesn't mean you get to blow a fuse over the whole matter.