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Friday, July 13, 2018

E’steem: The Sands of Time Cover By Bill Walko

Just got the cover art for the E’steem: The Sands Of Time by Bill Walko and it looks AMAZING!

I was FLOORED when I first saw this piece! It looks just like an animation Cel for a Disney movie! I love how bright the colors are and how everything POPS! IT FEELS ALIVE!

Bill did an excellent job conveying teenage love with this cover! I love how 14-year-old E’steem and 14-year-old John Haynes have these looks of youthful innocence of two kids who are just finding out what love is for the first time. The body language is perfect for two KIDS, denoting their curiosity, not their sexuality.

There’s a great theme of optimism and hope in this cover. From the bright blue background to the golden looking pyramids to the hopeful looks on the character’s faces everything just feels so inspiring and uplifting.

The first pieces of Bill Walko’s art I ever saw online were his versions of the X-Men, the Teen Titans, and Young Justice. And he brings all that youthful energy and heart from those early pieces to this MASTERPIECE of a cover.

For this story I wanted E’steem to have the look of an Ancient Egyptian Disney Princess. And Bill’s art definitely captures the spirit of Disney’s Princesses like Belle, Ariel, Jasmine, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Could E’steem hang with Disney’s Princesses? With Bill’s running the animation department I believe she could.

In E’steem: The Sands of Time I take readers back to the time when E’steem was a Princess in Ancient Egypt. This was a time when E’steem was young, optimistic and hopeful, and Bill captures that youthful optimism in Egyptian E’steem.

And Bill’s version of teenage John reminds me a lot of Marty McFly from the Back to the Future movies. Even though he’s out of place, the 14-year-old John from the dark, grim n’ gritty 1980s provides a great contrast to the bright Ancient Egyptian theme with his realism. John’s olive BDU pants, faded jean jacket, and black mock neck are dark enough for the rough streets of 1980s New York, but bright enough to fit right in Ancient Egypt.

You’ll definitely want to pick Up E’steem The Sands of Time this October when I kick off Fantasy Flashback Fall. It’s an action packed Time Travel Fantasy romance reads just like a Disney movie. It’s filled with lots of action adventure and fun, and gives you a unique perspective on Ancient Egypt you won’t find anyplace else.

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