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Saturday, July 7, 2018

ETERNAL NIGHT-New Goth Fiction Coming From SJS DIRECT

I’ve been itching to do another vampire Story. And another Goth Story. And I plan on fusing those concepts together for a new story set in the SJS DIRECT UNIVERSE.

In Isis: Night of the Vampires I introduced Lilith Graves. And I left some hints to how she became a vampire. Now I want to do an origin story featuring Lilith so I can expand on the Vampire Lore of the SJS DIRECT Universe and explore the Black Goth Subculture in it.

Eternal Night is the story where I’ll show how Lilith Graves became a Vampire. With this story I’m gonna try to answer a few questions as related to the vampire lifestyle. How does a new vampire adjust to the major change in their lives? How does a day person get used to being a night person? How do they deal with the psychological trauma related to becoming a vampire? Where do they get a job? Where do they get blood from in Modern Day America? How do they deal with their cravings? How do they deal with the new predatory nature that’s manifesting itself inside them? How do they get around during the city that never sleeps for only 8 hours in the day?  How do their friends and family adjust to it? What happens to their goals in life? What happens to their hopes and dreams?

There’s a major learning curve to being undead. And I plan on going in depth on that learning curve in Eternal Night. What makes this story such a fascinating one for me is that there are so many questions I’d love to answer in this story and that’s what makes this a fun subject to explore.

 Set in the 1990’s, Eternal Night shows how hardworking Goth Grad student Lilith Graves has a future so bright she’s gotta wear shades. Celebrating getting her MBA from NYU and the new job she’s going to start on Monday Morning at a major fortune 500 company, she attends one of Mad Matilda’s raves. It’s at that rave that she meets a handsome vampire who gives her the bite that changes her life.  

Spinsterella is coming to the SJS DIRECT Universe. So get ready.

While everyone knows how Lilith got back on the road to Salvation in Isis: Night of the Vampires, I thought it’d be interesting to see how she would up on the road to Eternal Damnation years ago. In this story I hope to explore how she got caught up in the world of New York’s Brood. Over the course of the book I want to explore New York’s Vampire culture and show how it relates to its Goth subculture.

I’m going for a contemporary take on Vampires in Eternal Night. It’s gonna be Part Lost Boys, Part Vampire in Brookly, Part Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but from the Vampire’s perspective. Lilith didn’t ask to become a vampire, and is trying to adjust to a culture she doesn’t want to be a part of. A woman caught between the politics of the Brood and Loretta Van Helsing, a relentless Vampire Hunter who works for the NYPD she’s fighting to try to find some sort of life as she gets used to being undead. 

Right now I’m just brainstorming and outlining on Eternal Night, but I’d love to get to work on this book sooner rather than later. Goth and Vampire stories are a boatload of fun for me and I’m looking forward to writing this book!

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