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Friday, April 13, 2018


I just saw a picture of Starfire on CW’s New Teen Titans show. And I haven’t seen anything that looked this bad since Halle Berry’s Catwoman Costume.

Damn. Just Damn.

What so sad about Teen Titans is Raven looks like Raven. Beast Boy looks like Beast Boy. Robin looks like Robin. But Starfire? In between that dollar store wig from the Halloween store and that 99-cent store dress, she looks like the hooker version Barney the Purple Dinosaur turning tricks on Times Square.

I don’t know who this is, but it’s NOT Starfire. Koriand’r is supposed to be Cute. Sexy. Fun and vivacious. Model GOREGOUS. The girl who can make a guy’s dick hard just by walking down the street.

When I look at this picture I don’t get an erection. All I want to do is vomit.

Seriously, what’s the budget for this Teen Titans show? Food Stamps? I’ve seen Cosplays that BLOW THE DOORS off this hot mess.

I don’t see anything resembling the character Marv Wolfman and George Perez created back in the 1980s. This actress looks like she has none of Kory’s sweetness, bubbliness, personality or heart. She doesn’t look anything like the girl who could make Dick Grayson fall in love with her.

Yeah, DC and WB want to add diversity to The Teen Titans by giving us a Black Starfire. But it’s clear they didn’t want to make her more attractive than the White women on the show. So they trotted out the fattest, darkest, ugliest woman they could find and found ways to make her look even more hideous. And then say this is a positive step in the name of diversity.


This Black Starfire is an INSULT TO BLACK PEOPLE. A passive aggressive slap in the face to Black people by White Supremacists at WB. The very image of her isn’t true to the source material, it just breathes brand new life into old stereotypes about Black women. Instead of casting the sexiest Black woman you could find to play one of DC’s sexiest women, WB cast a mammysaurus. And the reason why the White Supremacists at DC and WB did this was to make a Black woman not appear to be sexually attractive to the audience.

 Because Heaven forbid an iconic character like Dick Grayson can’t be shown being attracted to a sexy Black woman. No, we can’t have the #3 Character at DC Comics getting a boner at the sight of a beautiful sexy Black woman.

Because in WB’s attempt to promote so-called Diversity they just practice old-fashioned racism. Just like Rose Tico in Star Wars, we have a character of color in a fantasy series. But the studio does everything to make her as unattractive as possible in comparison to her White counterparts.

What’s sad about this diversity hire is that it compromises the New Teen Titans story. Dick and Kory’s relationship is one of the essential parts of the New Teen Titans history. And there’s no way I can see Dick Grayson wanting to have a relationship with a hungry hungry hippo like this. The whole point of Dick and Kory’s relationship was that Kory appeared to be WAY out of Dick’s league. But in spite of their differences, they found love for each other And it was Kory’s love for Dick that helped him get through the tough times as he was transitioning from Batman’s sidekick to leading The Titans and becoming his own man, Nightwing.

If WB is making compromises with Starfire’s look, then it’s clear to me they’re gonna make compromises with their love story. And if they make a compromise with Dick and Kory’s story then I know I can’t expect much from this Teen Titans show. After seeing this Starfire, I’m seeing another disastrous DC Comics adaptation from Warner Brothers.  


  1. let them do it Shawn and then watch it fail.

    these jews dont get it. aint nobody buying they bullshit anymore.

    if they want to waste money - go ahead.

    1. what the acutal fuck it have to do with jews you dumbass bitch.
      stupid black person.

  2. That actress is actually gorgeous. She was FINE as the main character Dre from Straight Outta Comptons Wife. If you haven't seen that last season of 24 it was good. in 24 last year or so. She IS being made up to look like a streetwalker which is typical mainstream media racist signaling. She CAN be fine as fuck though.

    1. Theres other beautiful black women that will fit the role 100% better

  3. Honestly, I've just looked her up and she is absolutely gorgeous. I can't believe they made her look this horrible, she's a babe and they dressed her to look like a very low budget hooker?? DC, darling get your shit together. I mean what the actual fuck is that wig?? And the dress?? The Descendants props look better than this bs

  4. U cant be more right dude, just f*cking right bro, wtf is going on with DC/WB, no wonder why Disney/Marvel is making the big bucks.

  5. i was a bit WTF when i first saw her, but this isnt TEEN TITANS, its TITANS, and artistic freedom is here. so , i looked at her with different eyes and forgot about the old starfire and just went with it, and now i kinda like her.

  6. shaniquafire more like it.

    also "f**k batman"