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Monday, April 9, 2018


 On a recent episode of Arrow John Diggle got his Nigger wake up call.

After Diggle asked to take back the hood of Green Arrow, Oliver told him that the hood was a part of him and he couldn’t let him be The Green Arrow again. Because the Green Arrow allowed him to be the best version of himself.

But John Diggle couldn’t be the best version of himself as Green Arrow. He couldn’t be the equal of a White man like Oilver Queen.

Now after Oliver told him this, John was wondering what had happened to make him feel so angry. To think that something was wrong. And as he went to discuss this with his White wife, Shawn knew what was going wrong with John Diggle.

John Diggle just had a Nigger Moment.

And after having his Nigger Moment, he was realizing how little value he had to his Slave Master Oliver Queen.

Don’t you just love how Good White Liberal Oliver Queen has been shown for the Paternalistic RACIST and HYPOCRITE he truly is?

Earlier in the sixth season of Arrow, John Diggle was offered the hood of the Green Arrow by Oliver Queen. And being faithful butler to Oliver Queen for so many years, John Diggle thought he was going to finally be seen as the equal to Oliver. Be his own man. Be his own kind of hero. Lead Team Arrow.

That’s not something a Black man can do wearing a White man’s costume. Or on a Berlanti Productions show. Just as soon as John Diggle put on the costume, he wound up with an arm injury. And having to take drugs to deal with it. Then as he dealt with his injury, Oilver put the costume on and went on missions again. After Diggle got better, and Oliver continued to deal with his problems as Mayor of Star City and a father, Diggle thought he could go back to being Green Arrow. And as he was buckdancing and bojangling begging Boss Queen to put on his hand-me-down Green Arrow Costume again he got his NIGGER wake up call.

Now I’ve said that Diggle wasn’t qualified to be Green Arrow. And I stand by that. He doesn’t have the skills with arrows, nor does he have the motivation to be Green Arrow.

But I can understand his anger. He thought that having that mantel being passed on to him meant that he was going to be equal to Oliver. That he would be a leader and not a follower.

But a White man is NEVER going to let a Black man be his equal. In White Supremacist AmeriKKKa, The White man is Supreme. The Leader. The Boss. And With Oliver being the leader, John Diggle had to be put back in his place as Spartan the Butler.

Only John Diggle wasn’t having it this time.

John Diggle’s biggest mistake was believing that he could be a man on Oliver Queen’s terms. Believing that he could be a hero if a White man accepted him. Begging to put on a White man’s costume to be a hero on a team a White man made.

Not seeing how WEAK he was by being a hero on Oliver Queen’s terms. Diggle spent so many years being Oliver’s BOY he never became his own MAN. He gave his BEST to someone who didn’t APPRECIATE IT and NEVER would appreciate it. The best he could ever be on Team Arrow is Oliver’s butler, not a man on his level.

On that episode of Arrow, John Diggle just finally realized the emasculated position he was in. Diggle thought after years of being a faithful servant Oliver Queen would finally let him be the shot caller on Team Arrow. But a Black man can NEVER call the shots even if a White man gives him his position of power.

Because he never owned anything from day one. If a man isn’t putting money on the table for something he has no say on anything.

A Black man can’t be a hero to his community wearing a White man’s hand-me-down costume or fighting a White man’s mission. No, in order for a Black man to be a hero, he has to establish his own mission and set his own course. What makes a Black man a hero is him being the best version of himself for himself. Standing up for what he believes in and fighting for the cause he’s passionate about.

John Diggle got his Nigger wake up call. And I’m hoping many Blerds and Black comic fans understand the lesson being taught in this episode. Be the best version of a Black Man for YOU, not the attention and approval of a White person. 

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