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Monday, April 16, 2018

Substandard Should NOT Be The Black Man’s Standard

When it comes to relationships and dating, Black men have the lowest expectations of women in the dating scene. And because they don’t establish a standard for themselves before they get involved with a woman, they wind up settling for far less than a woman’s best. 

Thanks to the single mother households and households and Simp males in the Black community, many Black boys learn from an early age to settle for less. And because they see the Black men in their community taking what’s given to them, they set this low bar as their standard. Not understanding that when you accept less, you never get the best. This is how substandard becomes the Black man’s standard. 

Most Black boys grow up believing that they have to take what’s given to them. Unfortunately, when a man takes what’s given to him he winds up dealing with people on their terms, not his. Due to the dysfunctional way many Black boys saw relationships modeled for them by their mothers and the men in their lives, they believe that any attention any woman gives them is good attention. And because he has no standard for what kind of woman he deals with or how she treats him, he often deals with a woman on her terms. Unfortunately, when a man deals with a woman on her terms, he usually winds up not getting anything he wants out of a relationship. Meanwhile the woman he gets involved with gets what she wants at his expense.

When a man does not have a standard for how women will treat him and what he expects of them in relationships, women often will give him garbage and tell him to appreciate it. This is why 40-year-old single mothers believe that they can get a “good” Black man after having bastard kids with Pookie and Ray-Ray. This is why single Black women go looking for decent working class brothers after being the side piece to a White guy at work and being run through by half the guys on the block. This is why broken down busted down White, Hispanic, and Asian women believe that they can get a Black man when no one else in their community wants their used up asses anymore. Because the Black man settles for whatever table scraps of attention and leftover pussy women throw at him, he gets less than the best from women in relationships and gets treated like a joke by society.

When Black men accept substandard as their standard they send a message to the women in the world that they have no value. That the attention of a female is worth more than who he is as a person. And that than the intangibles of his manhood such as his dignity, his self-respect, and his self worth are not things she needs to regard or respect. No other man on the planet accepts less than THE BEST from the women they involve themselves with. If White, Hispanic Arab and Asian, men won’t accept less than a woman’s best then why shouldn’t Black man insist on their best as well?

Black men need to stop being the world’s garbage man and establish a standard for themselves with women. They need to set a boundary for how they will be treated and what they require from women in a relationship from day one. Once a man sets a bar for his standard, then he can start having relationships on his terms, not accept whatever a woman offers him. Women insist a Black man bring his BEST to the table. So Black men should INSIST that the women he involves himself with bring their BEST to the table as well.

No Black man should accept substandard as their standard. If Black women can insist on having long laundry lists of requirements of what they want in a relationship with a Black man, then Black men should insist on having a list of standards that they want from the women who want to get involved with them. A man’s time is precious. And he shouldn’t waste it dealing with females that are far below par.


  1. Good article. I'm pretty sure we didn't accept worn out females with high mileage in the Biblical times. When I hear brothers try to guilt financially successful black men or black men with stable employment who have moved out of their ghetto neighborhoods to accepting black females with children I think it's pathetic. Shouldn't have to accept scraps. I would never have my seed with a whore.