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Friday, February 23, 2018

The Legendary Mad Matilda Is Now on Kindle Unlimited!

The second part of the Spinsterella Trilogy The Legendary Mad Matilda is now available on Kindle Unlimited! So if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription you can read this Legendary Goth story for free!

I’m trying to get new readers to try the Spinsterella trilogy, so this is the first novel I’ve put in the Kindle Unlimited program in three years. If things work out I plan on putting a few more titles in the program. I’m hoping to get Isis: Bride of Dracula into the program and some of the new SJS DIRECT 2018 titles too!

And in other book news I finally figured out how I want the E’steem: The Sands of Time Cover to look like. Since it’s a teen time travel Romance I want E’steem and John to be posed in as they stand in front of the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt. 

 I’m gonna try to see the Black Panther Movie next week. If I do there will be a blog and a review!

I’m trying to get back into writing regular blogs, but writing John Haynes: Taking Care of Business is a LOT of work!

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