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Friday, February 9, 2018

Black Panther Movie & Dysfunctional Negro Frenzy


  1. Shawn, you are off base on this one.

    Negroes just excited to see some brothers and sisters potrayed in a dignified way on screen.

    Plus the character is cool.

    Nothing to do with all that other stuff.

  2. The modern Negro (and especially the Negro woman) is beyond stupid.

    You coons do realize that you're the monkey show right? The Yids in charge know that you jigs will blindly throw your cash at them if they give you a movie that lets you congratulate yourselves. But nope, you don't see that. As long as you see a black face on screen, you will throw money at the Jews.

    Shawn is absolutely right here.

    1. U are wrong. The post powerful tool in the arsenal of propaganda is the movie screen image.

      Hence, these images Black Royals kicking butt will ignite a new wave of Black butt kickers. Millions of Black kids are going to see this movie andnits going to inspire a bunch to reach for maximum. Sorry. Get over it.