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Monday, February 12, 2018

Isis: All That Glitters Concept Cover

Spent most of my weekend running errands and writing John Haynes: Taking Care of Business. But I Had a Sunday night free so I decided to sketch up the Isis: All That Glitters Concept cover. This image is based on the opening chapter of Isis: All that Glitters and features Golden Shine, the blonde bikini clad bank robber roughing up a surprised Isis just before she throws her through the bank window. I wanted to show the knocked out bank guard laid out on the floor in the background, but I can’t draw for crap. A lot of action goes on in this image and I think a pro would really do a great job telling the story I lay out here.

Isis: All That Glitters will be out…Sometime in the future. However, you can get caught up on the adventures of the goddess next door in paperback and e-reader by heading over to today!

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